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Official Releases from PROBESEVEN

PROBESEVEN - (No) Junk Food Day

This day 27th August 2015 we got the favourite episode of the year and it’s the Junk food day!

We are quiet crazy longing for the favourite junk food wrapped attractively and tastes great for taste buds. Every now and then all of us come across the talk on building health with nutritious foods and avoiding the junk foods.

It is not quite easy or gain control over the tasty, naughty snacks like pizzas, chaat, pav, french fries, rolls, burgers, cakes, packed snacks and much more. The craving for these have to be trashed permanently and hence the day (No-Junk food Day) was organised. The healthy and nutritious meal need to be considered for satisfaction of your cravings rather than the greasier and fattening food.

The team proposed a great initiative to bridge awareness so as to explain the causes, prevention and the remedies as well. Each of the team actively participated providing valuable information on different foods, so as to gain the complete awareness of the health or threat behind the particular food.

Surprising were the information when noted that the food we consume on regular basis does add to the unnecessary calories and some food fail to be nutritious. A great descriptive awareness posed as each of the volunteers can up with proven analysis.

Sometimes, the idea of being healthy, preparing a balanced meal, and snacking on carrot sticks isn’t too appealing. Junk Food Day is all about satisfying your cravings for something naughtier, greasier, and definitely more fattening than the nutritional but not-very-exciting meal you know that you really should be eating.

This awareness should be much intended to each and every one as on the other hand the junk food business gets flourishing and dominating in the food industry. The mission to avoid junk food and discourage the regular consumption we need to set principled rules and make it innovative by creating a slogan to be displayed in your food area.

No sugar-sweetened drinks in the house
Only whole foods brought into the refrigerator
Half of our grain servings will be whole-grains
Whole-grains will be the first ingredient on the nutrition label

Let us create a world free from junk foods and spread the word among our friends and acquaintance. Applause to the day co-coordinators Mr.Manoj, Mr.Saravanan & Mr.Suresh for this overwhelming participation and organising. Wish you could share this and also add your comments in the below comment session for further enrichment.

PROBESEVEN - World Jump Day

Today, we were filled with a couple of strategies which kept us participated in the globally recognized day. Although it is one of the prominent event at our office, this year the day was recognized on 20th July which happened to be on Monday, the start of the week. Frankly, our team were loaded up with tasks and the mission for the week seemed to be running in each one’s minds which resulted in keeping the event crisp that did end up a bit short.

Did it sound like quitting? No, it is not what the talk was about and quitting is something not been there at our end. The guess was right we did enjoy the day with the spirit of ‘Go do a Jump’ the ring or the buzz in our minds.

2015-06-Jump Day.cdr

Wonderful enough! Our co-ordinators Mr. Arun and Mr. Jeeva the thoughtful youths who reached us with the good cause that was created in the activity of jumping. The strategies were 2 different, one which spoke about the orbit rotation of earth and the other was the health benefits over the activity of jumping. Excuse me! Don’t mean it was intended to jump to conclusion. We really worked it out. Interestingly, hurdles were set in various pathways within the office premises which needed to cross with a jump, of course the maze was fully blocked so no way to escape. May be right it was a furious thing few hours in the mornings and believe it, the interest spread and every one would have jumped the floor a dozen or two times.

Applause for the organizers for the thoughtful transformation of the day with enthusiasm. Jump! Jump! Jump! …… As always looking out for your comments and encouragement. 


2015-06-08 - Math Day.cdr

Quite apparent that maths is the desirable skill of any task of any nature. The spirit of playing with numbers is what Maths mean, do you really agree over this? Another question would be is, whether you required a book and pen to work it out or explore maths? Not really again. Sooner, you would realize that maths is what present around us and we live with maths every day, it is not just about notebook workings or the mere numbers to play with.

In modest terms, the above is what each of the team members realized after the events of Maths day which was celebrated on 8th July 2015. Mathematics in simple terms is an activity and challenge which expects the process to be completed to get the desirable results. Like music or any other art Maths takes its own dimensions and need to be explained to enjoy at each point of time.


The Team Involvement

Remarkable was the day that enriched the quench of knowledge as a descriptive presentation was organized to talk about the maths legends and the concepts turning points, the presentation was well researched to gain the attention of the gathering.  The evolution, progress, inventions, scientists, researches and modern mathematics were discussed to heap up the awareness.

It cannot go without practical evaluation and we did have mind maths, speed maths, quick logics, calculations and assessing our brain ability. The practices and work outs felt like the brain gym which saw an enthusiastic participation from one and all.

Memories cherished and so goes the applause to the efficient co-ordinators Subramaniam and Yogeshwaran for the best concept delivery. As always thanks for supporting our blog, please stamp you visit by commenting on this post, we wait for your valuable comments and suggestion.

PROBESEVEN - Eat Vegetable Day


The dawn of 17th June somehow triggered the interest to survive on fresh vegetables and it was just not a mere co-incidence but the short gathering the previous day and the discussion about the proceedings of the vegetable day made a remarkable impression that checked through the positivism in the Eat your Vegetable day proving to be the good start of the healthy life transformation.

The day was going to give you some goodness and watch what went on, it was a team gathering, staying creative, sharing of information, the motivation to stay vegetarian that penetrated to the conscious of each one of us during the live event.


Agreed or disagreed on the innovative discussion over food habits which helped to settle down on the importance of the choice of food which was preferred to be organic. The day went on with massive co-operation.

Here’s the treats.


Fresh vegetable salads were shared, the difference it made was they hand-picked ones that were organic, servings were relished in intervals and seamlessly the benefits were experienced.

So, goes the day was enthusiastic that concluded with a great health awareness.

The enthusiastic co-ordinators for the day Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Sathish Babu worked out strategically to educate, entertain, enhance the day event successfully. Need your comments to keep us motivated, contribute one!

PROBESEVEN - Designers Day Thru Design Dexterity

The day at PROBESEVEN commenced to surprise the team with the pre-organized ambience elevated with the design crafts at the office premises.


It was a sort, if you are truly willing and ready to achieve some sort of knowledge and success in design concepts permitting you to readily wear the shoes of a designer, then of course it transformed to be the real gift which showed us what we were missing all these days in the concept of designing and gained us confidence to a much easier platform of accomplishments.

Just didn’t go away with the above say but read further to see how it benefitted the team. Being a design company we did know that Web design is the planning and creation of websites. This includes the information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colours, fonts, and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of design to create a website that meets the goals of the owner and designer.

Day in and day out we do work with perfection on the following:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Accessibility
  • Engaging
  • Branding
  • Professionalism
  • Security
  • Customer satisfaction

Here is the poll of all what is described and it does keeps keen on the flow of idea transmission to the completion.

Designers Day

Our professional Artist Mr. Venkie Narayanaswamy, worked out amazing and realistic art which were pinned in each our minds to get a feel of nothing but the design is the best part of everything. The concepts of the intricate design, complex transmission along with the gaming strategies pitched the hours of learning.

Flooded yet flourished with queries and answers which kept the section live to the core and our co-ordinator team member Mr. Arun Kumar did make the day interesting with the best hours. His presentation over the interesting and handpicked strategies added to the interest of the session.

Look out for more to learn, share, experience and experiment in our PROBESEVEN Events. Share your comments to keep it close to our memories.

PROBESEVEN - Macaroon Day steered to Orphanage Visit

By now many of you would have been aware of our event celebrations that outfitted the globally recognized and prominent days of enriched events. The same can be said to our recent event ‘Macaroon Day’.

Take a look at what really was organized and how the day was recognized. We are sure you would be inspired of our team performance which made a difference in each of our lives.

Discover What? & Why?

3Today we have something interesting for you as the day is been recognized as Macaroon day which the world celebrates. It generally cater to be a mind opener and does create a gateway to some collections and donations.

As a team we did have few fun events on sharing macaroons and few enthralling Tongue Twisters were staged by the team members, along with the laughter we were serious about being philanthropist.


Our team didn’t miss this great day and they created a platform to find out, what was believed to extend a helping hand. The simple installation of the concepts transformed the negatives to positives and we could see a bunch of humanitarians.

Being inspired by the philanthropist Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa our team took the opportunity to raise funds within ourselves for a social cause and the highlight is that all of us participated in contributing a handsome amount that came into reality the following week which led us to the Orphanage Day Visit.

At an Orphanage:

The dawn of the day with heavy heart the contributions were used to the purchase of new indoor games like Carom Boards which were carried to be donated to the children at the orphanage. A travel to reach the orphanage home few miles away was a journey generously taken by the volunteers.

“We raise by giving others”


The donors of Carom Boards, Clothes, School Goodies, Food, money etc., were our team who cherished each individual of the orphanage home. The humble hands accepted our contributions with cheer in heart and minds and frankly the journey back was with life realization that make each one count the number of blessing they possessed. Our enthusiastic co-ordinator Mr. Yuvaraj for the Macaroon Day and our enduring philanthropist Mr. Vignesh and Mr. Jeeva performed commendable during the orphanage visit.

We did feel the spirit of your involvement in reading through this article. Attention! Why not show how you wish to react by penning few lines in our comment section which we would love to read every now and then. We hope this inspired you too.

PROBESEVEN - Bike to Work Day

Bike here refers to the bicycle! The day, 15th May 2015 was something like leaving behind the comfortable travel, luxury vehicles and sophistication which are accustomed in our daily life. On account of the national bike to work day, we the team of PROBESEVEN did contribute to the initiative by observing the day without the usual commute.


Our team inclusive of the higher officials did sacrifice the luxury travel and were confident to take a bicycle or walk a reasonable distance. Yes! The day saw an empty parking space and it did catch up more stuffs by the volunteered co-ordinators who were on toes to receive the enthusiastic team who stepped into the office.

A welcoming presentation along with the brain storming session about the greener environment, the global warming, and the health benefits on exercise and bicycling were discussed. A remarkable participation of valuable points by the youths of this day took over the session with much spirits and increased our energy levels.

We would say this is just not another day at PROBESEVEN, the experience shared motivated few others and being tightly taken over by luxury travel was avoided with interest. We did save on fuel, gained a good work-out and of course gained in presentation. Special mention to the efficient co-ordinators for the day Mr. Bala Sundaram & Mr. Ganesh who were the motivators and mind openers on this day which the world celebrates.

PROBESEVEN - The Learning Day

The brand new day at PROBESEVEN, 9th May 2015 was a Learning Day. It was rather a splendid gift of the management that we possessed with massive interest. We understood that learning catered for the whole day.

Until we quenched ample information and knowledge the day continued. We were offered books, references, novels, magazines, tech studies in abundance along with the deep through of the relative websites.


What was more surprising was that we learnt stuffs in common with a detailed presentation and there by more space for individual interest to study, learn, clarify and share. The day also proved that learning interests many and it opened the flood gate to fill our minds with knowledge prosperity.

This powerful prudent programme created unlimited exploration of our potential. It cannot be called a crash course but an act of exploring concepts, working out on the mind fitness to check our awareness and fill the holes of ignorance.

We looked forward to sharing our study in the early evening sessions. Here is what we gained.

  • A perfect presentation of the behaviour science
  • A walk through of the 100 page Tech prediction 2015
  • Massive talk on how to use X code
  • 10 Minutes footage on Hacking Awareness and risk in use of USB
  • If’s and but’s of Personality Development and Role Model
  • Got to know talk on Responsive design and JQuery
  • Catch the new wave on SEO and SMM strategies
  • Cater to the food that serve as medicine
  • More on SAAS concept

The interaction and interface among the team was impressive which showed a promising attitude in many. This great day stands remarkable and it is indeed a rare opportunity for the youth of today with an impressive co-ordination by Mr. P. Subramaniyam. The conclusion was made by the senior members who were also over-whelmed with the basics and the details of the day learning event.

PROBESEVEN - Vitamin-C Day

The coolest day of the year-25th April 2015

Vitamin C records the most familiar nutrients and a cool one. Straightforwardly recognized source of this nutrients are the citrus fruits. It is a vital antioxidant. In order to make it prominent for the importance and the essential of Vitamin C, this day was initiated with enthusiasm. With numerous facts about the Vitamin C our team gathered for a distinguished presentation.


The details pooled were mind openers and each of the team member could feel the importance of this specific nutrient. Thought process were about the benefits as Vitamin C being antioxidants, prevents damages to cells and tissues, prevents damage to the eye, helps in blood circulation, aids to transform iron to better state, enhances the iron absorption and more to go.

Categorized with Vitamin-Rich foods which includes in the ranking basis of highly rich fruits and vegetables are Papaya, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Pineapple, Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Grape fruit, Parsley, Turnip greens, Beet Greens, Tomatoes, Lemons.

Appetizing and smashing salads with fruits and veggies, juices were served to optimize the Vitamin C nutrients in our immune system. A note of appreciation to the organizers Ms. Karthika and Mr.Immudi for this health oriented event. Vitamin C was truly energizing, refreshing, skin fresh and with happy mind the event ended with cheers and confidence to achieve more.

PROBESEVEN - A Challenge Day – Debate Tournament

“Each of the team member need to strategically rally and constantly progress in their confidence level, exposure, freedom of thought and fluency of language.”  

Today appeared to be a constructive day! Keeping the pace of staging and confidence level in each individual with constant development was the focus of this day where thoughts were exchanged experiencing freedom of speech in an unconditional manner. It is of course the Debate Tournament.

Going thoughtful with the youth of this generation who demonstrate to stay focused in the development at various fronts. Keeping the day in line with the concept the team of PROBESEVEN organized the Debate Contest in order to outsmart each other viewpoints supporting their team topic.

Topic: Traditional Thoughts Vs Modern Thoughts 


On account keeping the challenge high immense wishes and greets were exchanged. The signification of this start of the challenge was a wholesome winning attitude in each team member.

Getting on with the organizers Vignesh and Sakthivel, who enthusiastically organized the day show with the debate session.

The judgement was based on the presentation, language, ideas, logic, time management, attire and body language. In just few minutes of start the team members in turns sprung with valuable points against their peer. They spoke on customs, education, family, technology, business and administration, nature, health and food habits.

The tug of war was at par which made the eminent judges wonder to stage the judgement. Needless to say the judges Mr. Raja and Mr. Varun made the conclusion with the unbiased judgement.

What you are going to do next, what is your next best achievement? Is the thought in the minds of each one present today and so was the cheerful winding up.