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Official Releases from PROBESEVEN

PROBESEVEN - The Learning Day

The brand new day at PROBESEVEN, 9th May 2015 was a Learning Day. It was rather a splendid gift of the management that we possessed with massive interest. We understood that learning catered for the whole day.

Until we quenched ample information and knowledge the day continued. We were offered books, references, novels, magazines, tech studies in abundance along with the deep through of the relative websites.


What was more surprising was that we learnt stuffs in common with a detailed presentation and there by more space for individual interest to study, learn, clarify and share. The day also proved that learning interests many and it opened the flood gate to fill our minds with knowledge prosperity.

This powerful prudent programme created unlimited exploration of our potential. It cannot be called a crash course but an act of exploring concepts, working out on the mind fitness to check our awareness and fill the holes of ignorance.

We looked forward to sharing our study in the early evening sessions. Here is what we gained.

  • A perfect presentation of the behaviour science
  • A walk through of the 100 page Tech prediction 2015
  • Massive talk on how to use X code
  • 10 Minutes footage on Hacking Awareness and risk in use of USB
  • If’s and but’s of Personality Development and Role Model
  • Got to know talk on Responsive design and JQuery
  • Catch the new wave on SEO and SMM strategies
  • Cater to the food that serve as medicine
  • More on SAAS concept

The interaction and interface among the team was impressive which showed a promising attitude in many. This great day stands remarkable and it is indeed a rare opportunity for the youth of today with an impressive co-ordination by Mr. P. Subramaniyam. The conclusion was made by the senior members who were also over-whelmed with the basics and the details of the day learning event.

PROBESEVEN - Vitamin-C Day

The coolest day of the year-25th April 2015

Vitamin C records the most familiar nutrients and a cool one. Straightforwardly recognized source of this nutrients are the citrus fruits. It is a vital antioxidant. In order to make it prominent for the importance and the essential of Vitamin C, this day was initiated with enthusiasm. With numerous facts about the Vitamin C our team gathered for a distinguished presentation.


The details pooled were mind openers and each of the team member could feel the importance of this specific nutrient. Thought process were about the benefits as Vitamin C being antioxidants, prevents damages to cells and tissues, prevents damage to the eye, helps in blood circulation, aids to transform iron to better state, enhances the iron absorption and more to go.

Categorized with Vitamin-Rich foods which includes in the ranking basis of highly rich fruits and vegetables are Papaya, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Pineapple, Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Grape fruit, Parsley, Turnip greens, Beet Greens, Tomatoes, Lemons.

Appetizing and smashing salads with fruits and veggies, juices were served to optimize the Vitamin C nutrients in our immune system. A note of appreciation to the organizers Ms. Karthika and Mr.Immudi for this health oriented event. Vitamin C was truly energizing, refreshing, skin fresh and with happy mind the event ended with cheers and confidence to achieve more.

PROBESEVEN - A Challenge Day – Debate Tournament

“Each of the team member need to strategically rally and constantly progress in their confidence level, exposure, freedom of thought and fluency of language.”  

Today appeared to be a constructive day! Keeping the pace of staging and confidence level in each individual with constant development was the focus of this day where thoughts were exchanged experiencing freedom of speech in an unconditional manner. It is of course the Debate Tournament.

Going thoughtful with the youth of this generation who demonstrate to stay focused in the development at various fronts. Keeping the day in line with the concept the team of PROBESEVEN organized the Debate Contest in order to outsmart each other viewpoints supporting their team topic.

Topic: Traditional Thoughts Vs Modern Thoughts 


On account keeping the challenge high immense wishes and greets were exchanged. The signification of this start of the challenge was a wholesome winning attitude in each team member.

Getting on with the organizers Vignesh and Sakthivel, who enthusiastically organized the day show with the debate session.

The judgement was based on the presentation, language, ideas, logic, time management, attire and body language. In just few minutes of start the team members in turns sprung with valuable points against their peer. They spoke on customs, education, family, technology, business and administration, nature, health and food habits.

The tug of war was at par which made the eminent judges wonder to stage the judgement. Needless to say the judges Mr. Raja and Mr. Varun made the conclusion with the unbiased judgement.

What you are going to do next, what is your next best achievement? Is the thought in the minds of each one present today and so was the cheerful winding up. 

PROBESEVEN - Green Plantation Day

“Create Awareness, Plant Trees, Protect Nature, Educate the Unaware! Can be the mere initiate which would help the environment protection.”

It was a “Don’t miss it” day – 21th March 2015

Green Plantation - poster

The day was to answer to 3 questions enriched with the thought of global protection. Kindling the young minds to be blown up with the social spirit and to help transforming to become the natures best friend.

The best hours of daytime catered with wholesome discussion on helping to protect nature. The exercise was to tell in simple friendly language as to

How I am responsible to protect the nature?

What I do or dream to do every day for the environmental protection?

Why the society can count on me for the social cause?

The observers and the audience of this great day with great zeal experienced a wonderful style of delivery which was wildly different from each individual of the team. Few were very practical and shared the realistic facts about the day. Some of them made a big picture about it with the global sense. Rather when on discussion it also gave each one the opportunity to fill the gap with informative interactions.

The day’s exercise enabled us to realize that we are expected to contribute to the society and has ignited the responsibility for this bunch of youngsters willing to do more each day.

Saving Earth means saving on water and energy, things work out well when it done with great interest.

Team realization was appreciated and encouraged by the management!


As souls across the globe inspires with prayers, social deeds, guarding the greens, creating awareness, our management strongly joins the hands with many and has contributed to the nature with much appreciations, explaining the facts the showed 97% of the global threats were caused by humans and hence we need to take up the responsibility to the extent possible.

Saplings were gifted to the team and also encouraged them to donate a few to their acquaintance, plant a many that enriched the day with great spirits of togetherness to protect the green world.

Applause to the brilliant organizers Mr. Kesavan and Mr. Yogeshwaran, many thanks to the pro creative poster art by Mr. Venkateshwaran Narayanasamy, our creative professional, gratitude to the vivid HR team for this striking day making us a part of global protection.

We proved to be a part of global minds striving to protect nature by planting more trees.


A globally celebrated day by companies to show their employees that they are valued by handing out certificates, or even gift cards, for a job well done. This way of encouragement to employees make them feel appreciated and that they stay more motivated and more inclined to deliver accurate work to boss who values them. Team-_AppreciationEmployee Appreciation Day encourages managers with an opportunity to incite their employees with warm feelings of gratitude, acknowledgement, a sense of camaraderie and pride. Today at PROBESEVEN, the day was celebrated as a way of recognizing all the employees of the company consisting of various activities that the deserved appreciation is shown to their employees.

Team Appreciation DayThe event of Team Appreciation went loud and long with many activities organized for employees to reap the fullest benefit of the day with some interesting moments while the

  • Director personally appreciated every one of the team with an Appreciation Card. To add onto the appreciation, every associate of the team is been acknowledged for their unique capability and their contribution to company which indeed inspired others and boosted their commitment to the organization.
  • Managers thanked their respective team members by handing out an Appreciation Card.
  • Employees publicly exchanged their appreciation within the team and registered their gratefulness on the public board of appreciation with their signature.

Overall, it turned out to be a great day at PROBESEVEN when every employees of the board are honoured for their effort along with a token of Appreciation.

Thanks to our organizers Mrs.Subashini & Mr.Manoj  for volunteering the supreme event.

DSC00142TEAM Appreciation Day is really a day where we can truly recognize and reward one another for our achievements!

PROBESEVEN - Floral Decoration Day Feb 28, 2015


Splendid yet pleasant was the emotions we experienced today while we celebrate the Floral Decoration Day Eve at our office. Flowers create a great atmosphere and floral arrangements stand to spread a great ambiance to its viewers.

They not only create aesthetic sense but spruce up the place they are used at. They cheer up the emotions and express love for all of us. This day for our team, flowers set a decorative tone as today is annually observed as Floral Decoration Day @ PROBESEVEN :)

It’s been wonderful to have flowers decorated alongside our bay making our day even more brighter & lovelier!DSC00097

PROBESEVEN - International Book Giving Day Feb 14th 2015

A day devoted to instil the habit of reading and emphasize the value of books across the globe, Feb 14th of every year!

When you give someone a book, you don’t give him just paper, ink and glue, you give him the possibility of a whole new life.”

Celebrating International Book Giving Day at PROBESEVEN with an interesting event organized by volunteers. On this day, people around the world gift their children with books, some to friends and some offer books to public all that to create awareness of book reading.

Accordingly, we celebrated it high by exchanging books among ourselves. We shared books of literature, ideas, businesses, technologies, languages and even on arts. This day definitely had kindled the reading interest in every one of our team.

Book Giving Day

Of all the events we celebrate, this International Book Giving Day is something special and the most awaited day here at PROBESEVEN. We are keen on selecting and subscribing to books and magazines from sources round the world to keep us informed of the latest technologies, innovations and urging news surrounded which keeps us stay motivated and help us power our knowledge and of certain supports us in our daily routine of tasks and let the team grow more knowledgeable. While the internet is populated with information and data, these subscriptions to magazines does the job of tailoring the best industry news and tell us the hot trends. We recommend all to take a while and research the best magazine in your arena and be subscribed!

Thanks to the organizers for making the event remarkable while also achieving the purpose of the day!


With the motto to encourage the act of reading and stimulate performance, we at PROBESEVEN conduct quarterly basis assessment compiled with questions of Aptitude which help our employees to test their knowledge and identify the strengths and weaknesses at regular intervals. These scores serves to be reliable predictors to understand their learning curve and knowledge enhanced in a course of time.

We found this as a viable method with the questions allowing employees to focus on competencies critical for success and this time, the assessment was based on verbal and logical aptitude to evaluate the knowledge on English language and skills. Each test will take 30 – 45 minutes to complete, insuring a streamlined testing process. Taking such test often let employees self-analyze the areas how well they perform and the areas they need to improve.

From HR’s point of view:

Keeping employees engaged and motivated is the key to ensure a successful, highly-productive workforce. Fortunately, our team constantly look for opportunities for betterment and we take immense pleasure in organizing such assessments to help each employees identify the areas of improvement and equip oneself in his/her career.

Probeseven Assesment

What the team says

The questions were bravely packed to think enough before answering one. I have had a good experience attempting it. Definitely, it was a good refreshment activity and also an opportunity to test my knowledge on my own.

-          Ganesh, Associate Programmer – Web

Collectively, the assessment had good series of questions in verbal and logical and was interesting to answer. It kindled my curiosity and am looking for more such test from the organization in future.

-          Yogeshwaran, Associate  Developer – Web

That was a thought-provoking idea, I find it really useful to test my knowledge and certainly helped me to spot the level of my logical and verbal skills. Thanks to the HR team.

-          SaravanaKumar, Associate Developer – Web

Qualifying an Aptitude test is normally a criteria for a fresher to get a job. Taking such assessment test often is an excellent idea to keep our logical thinking skills active irrespective of being fresher or experienced.

- Yuvaraj, Associate – Internet Promotions

PROBESEVEN - English is Your Motivator – Sharing Minutes of a Worthwhile Meetup @ PROBESEVEN

Today at PROBESEVEN, we enacted a brief seminar session for our associates to stop, think and kindle their interest on the Universal language, “English”, led by Mrs.Subashini, Content Architect of PROBESEVEN pivotal in analysis and modelling content for all sorts of ventures. Though this language is regularly used to communicate, the purpose of this seminar was to understand the nuances and unseen quality of English and apply it for the betterment in each of their profession.

Learning English certainly open door to wealth of information and wherein the scope of gaining knowledge is high. Coming across the days of schooling, we as an individual read across 10,000 words a year but hardly we use around 300 – 400 words in day to day life. This seminar was organized to take a break and go back to the days of education worthwhile with some activities to make the brain recall the words learned. This way, the language skills improve and the ability to communicate with confidence gradually increase.

“I welcome this session about English & Communication that will be helping to understand the importance of Good English Communication in IT industry. It’s essential for software engineers to be good in communication skills & habits. New comers from other language mediums of education has to aggressively improve their English skills to manage communications at their early career days that will benefit their growth later. Though technical skills is a different measure, the reality in IT field, there is an efficiency difference for people with and without this language skills. All the tutorials, documents will be in English only. This will be measured when they want to get promoted, lead a team or handle a client. Even Chinese and Japanese people have started to learn English. It’s that much required now.” says our Director, Mr.MuthuKumar.


Especially in the age of technology, English is a must tool to make yourself equipped with the confidence to communicate over phone, in emails, over video calls, in meetings and wherever your presentation is obligatory and in fact, a solution to forego embarrassment.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs.Subashini and the HR Team for organizing a well-timed seminar benefiting all members of the organization to a great extent.

Views on the Seminar:

“It was an excellent seminar and we’d thoroughly enjoyed attending it. Very much useful and as you said, it triggered the interest on the language English to a greater extent. Hope you conduct more such sessions in the coming days.”

Vijina, Strategic Analyst – Internet Promotions

Thank you for the seminar! This session was very helpful for us, we are enjoyed this session and learned lot of things from this session. A special thanks to Subashini for giving the excellent session. We are most welcome these kind of session for upcoming days.”

Yogeshwaran, Associate Developer – Web

The session we had today was amazing. The way handled to carry over the entire session was really wonderful. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to the HR Team,And, My Special and sincere thanks to Mrs. Subashini for her unbeatable and excellent class. Looking forward for the sessions as like this in the upcoming days.

Kirubanandan K, Associate Programmer – Web

“We had great time attending this seminar and was as useful as it triggered the appetite to know more on the language. My special thanks to Mrs. Subashini.”

Manikandan R, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the amazing session, it was an excellent seminar. Looking forward for the sessions as like this in upcoming days. Special thanks to Subashini for giving excellent class.”

Prabaharan R, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the excellent and useful seminar, equipped with some great thoughts and advices useful for the team.”

Sakthivel P, Associate Developer – Web

“Timely and Useful Session and it was worth listening to the tips and advises to improve oneself on the language, and made us realize the essentials of learning English nonstop to mark excellent growth in our profession. ”

Saravana Kumar B, Associate Developer – Web

Thanks for the useful session ,its really interesting and its give idea about short cuts to Learn english..Thanks to HR Team and Subashini.

Manoj Kumar P, Associate Developer – Web

“It was a great day at PROBESEVEN, a time to take a break in our schedule of works and rethink the ways to improvise our communication skills, certainly useful for the team.”

Jansha D, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the excellent and useful seminar, i hope it would extent upcoming weeks. My Special thanks to Subashini. “
Sakthivel P,  Associate Developer -Web.

PROBESEVEN - PROBESEVEN Assessments completed for June 2014.

This week at PROBESEVEN, the team has successfully completed their assessment test for the second quarter 2014. Questions for the assessment test is set in a way to test their knowledge on the latest technology trends and advanced programming skills, covering from HTML5 to Angular.Js, etc., which induce strong desire to learn more and update oneself all the time. The standardized test also include aptitude test to increase analytical skills of the associates.


The assessments test is structured to provide a valuable testing experience, in terms of question types and formats, of the tests they will be asked to complete. We have framed the questions limited by time to train employees analyze and justify the right one from a spectrum of choices at a faster pace. Perhaps, it helps employees to assess critical qualities for job success, such as solving problems, communicating effectively, and being innovative and creative and stay updated.

From the HR Desk

“Assessment June’ 2014 – Yes, its’ another challenging analysis for our team exactly to prove their competence and enrich their skills. This supports them understand the latest trends & technologies in their own domain along with non- technical questions to cover the importance of communication & logical skills. We, HR team always believe that an assessment test will motivate the team and help in their learning curve by arranging a self – evaluation program.” – HR Team, PROBESEVEN

What the team say?

“I would like to thank the team for creating useful assessment tests at regular intervals. The Quality of Questions are outstanding and provokes the appetite to learn more”
– Yuvaraj Arunachalam, Associate – Internet Promotions

“Very fine practice at PROBESEVEN encouraging the interest to self-evaluate periodically. I have practiced enough before attempting.”
- Kasirajan, Associate – Developer

“It’s really a good practice. Varied questions at varied point difficulties felt really competent to complete. Looking to know more test in future.”
- Rajeshwaran, Associate – Programmer

Nevertheless, comparative scores from one to other assessment test help employees to understand their learning curve and improve if required. Our team gains the confidence to move ahead in updating the trends & technologies.