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Do Search Engines read images? Yes, Google does – An Exploration!

by Jayaraj B

Generally, the SEO experts are in perception that the text in images are not read by Google and it does not support as keyword promotions. Yes, this has been the scenario till date and now the things have changed. Google… Continue Reading →

Google moved to Mobile First Index, Steps to optimize your website!

by Jayaraj B

Watch out webmasters, if you knew that investing some time and planning your website to optimize for mobile first index, you change your business for better and the process will energize your website presence. Go ahead and here we provide… Continue Reading →

Tremendous strategies on Google Search Results in future!

by Jayaraj B

Having built my career in SEO and as my work demands, been closely probing into the happenings and the behaviour of Google. This makes me say nothing in the world is so stringent, so dynamic, so complicated and so much… Continue Reading →

SEO Trend 2015 – 3 Field of Approach for Every Online Marketer

by Yuvaraj

If you are an online marketer or looking to know the new trends in SEO then this read will figure out what is expected. Be it a smart brain or a well experienced mind the tactics which goes with SEO… Continue Reading →

Google rolling out Penguin 3.0

by Yuvaraj

After more than a year, Google unleashed Penguin. On October 17, 2014 Google has rolled out and confirmed Penguin refreshment. Many online marketers, website owners and webmasters have been eagerly waiting for this update. This is the sixth Penguin release… Continue Reading →

How to use Google Disavow Tool

by Yuvaraj

The disavow tool introduced by Google is used to address the issue in website inbound links. Inbound links to a website are well-known indication to move up in search results and increase the page rank. If website builds unnatural back-links… Continue Reading →

How to do On Page Optimization in a day

by Yuvaraj

SEO process basically include ONPage and OffPage Optimization. The two are instrumental for any SEO projects. While Offpage consumes many days of time, Onpage take minimal time yet supports SEO process greatly giving better output. One important thing to remember… Continue Reading →

HighDay! – Completing a Successful SEO Campaign for AEDINDIA


After a 4-month of SEO process, AEDIndia secured top rankings on Google search results fetching valuable customers and a better return on investment for the business. SEO today is crucial for a website’s success, unless or until a website is… Continue Reading →

Google’s Hummingbird – All you want to know

by Yuvaraj

Hummingbird is a new search algorithm unleashed by Google. Google has celebrated its 15th birthday on September 27, 2013 and on the same day announced this algorithm release. The concept of this new update is to process the search via… Continue Reading →