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PROBESEVEN - The Next Great Step-up in Design 2016

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Design is a joyful, imaginative act. It provides the designer with huge gratification to look at a thought move from the primary explorative lines on a sheet of paper through totally different stages of development. so, is the next great step-up in design 2016 at a glance.

When coming up with the user expertise of an application or website, the stakes are typically high–due in part to the very fact that unusable applications and websites seldom convert users. As such, UX designers are accustomed to the persistence and they perform a critique after each single feature.

User expertise design most often defines a sequence of interactions between a user and the system, virtual or good condition, designed to fulfill or support user desires and goals primarily, whereas additionally satisfying systems needs and structure objectives.

User expertise is that the central focus of the foremost relevant design trends. Making content that’s responsive, accessible and straightforward to use enhance user satisfaction.

The next massive feature in UX  goes to step outside of the technology dominant realm, unfolding across alternative areas.

So, what’s next for UX? Collectively as one strategy goes to the depth, another begins. Clearly states that it’s an honest time to replicate on queries like this.

Here is the discussion on the 4 design trends in 2016.

1.Designing beyond apps and screens:

“In 2016 and ahead of, post-app and post-screen design will become more projecting.”

Designing for complicated services is both a prospect and a challenge for web and mobile designers.

Great experiences are the peak of a user’s daily label engagement, experiences that stretch on far side the screen. Becoming associate professional at going from observation to insights to action is vital. However, information and analytics don’t assist you to perceive “why” behind a user’s actions. Thus, get to understand your users through their eyes and their experiences — not through simply what the info says.

Designing on far side the screen is that the results of constant collaboration, keeping designers and customers beyond the curve.

Designing beyond the screen begins even before a sketch – with associate integration and deeper understanding of customer’s goals, trajectory and weaknesses. Rather than looking forward to our customers to come to us with a prompt, we must always be regularly thinking of the impact our experiences have or might have, ahead of the screen that they were designed. Our customers are usually too busy juggling their part of the business to forever see the potential within the dilated expertise and so lean on us to consider the broader read.

Executing on a ‘Thinking on the far side the Screen’ strategy advantages everybody concerned, not simply the users.

The lot of users incorporate mobile school into their everyday lives, lot of information measure they sink into wondering their applications.

The applications that stand out among the group like Airbnb and Grub Hub, minimize the quantity of thought that goes into using them, thus users will pay longer multi-tasking and doing and fewer time wondering a way to get to the choice or screen you would like.

Moving ahead of the exposed ‘Design bigger’, it’s vital to consider how users are going to hold their devices whereas they use them meaning creating the foremost vital navigation elements simply accessible to a person’s thumb, that in all probability won’t be able to reach the highest corner opposite it.

2. Storytelling by design

“User ambitious mythology give gradually be recognized as the ideal way to deliver a pitch.”

One of the most important flubs that product group build is confusing design styles that look nice with design styles that really work well. It’s a straightforward mistake, however it will have grave consequences, in case your product doesn’t work well, nobody will even care however it is. The best mean I’ve found to induce around this confusion is a technique known as story-centered design.

The best product designers follow story-centered design. They start by crafting stories that show however customers move with a product and only when they’ve accomplished they do the design screens as how to inform that story of interaction.

Stories create use of ideas referred to as ‘tropes’ that repeat across genres and through time.

If your story can be told with a only image, then do not use twenty. Though if your story desires twenty visuals to work well and be understood, then certainly don’t attempt to do it in eight. It’s all regarding creating your story as elaborated or straightforward as it desires to be: no more, no less.

Whiteboard stories

Start design projects by white boarding the client interaction together with your team. Making it takes a short while, however once the team agrees to the story the remaining of the design method can go a lot of quicker, with less churn and waste.

Change your tools

Most design tools were created for making posters or books, so that they don’t provide you with the tools required to design interactive stories with dozens of frames.

Never critique single screens

If you would like to design, then sketch your ideas on paper and paste it on your wall. This keeps everyone to see your designs and give their respective comments.

3. Design as a core skill

“In the coming years, more programs will put an appreciation design skills”

For specific varieties of products or services, the stress on specific aspects of UX design varies. For example, for many applications, interaction design is that the first skill a UX designer must have; while, for information-rich Web sites, info construction is the key.

A general, multi-disciplinary concept to the preparation of user interfaces for digital products, process their type, performance, and content. User capability design integrates interaction design, streamlined design, information construction, info design, graphic interface design, user-assistance design, and user-centered design, making certain coherence and consistency across all of those design dimensions.

In any digital medium, none of the design skills stand solitary. All rest with one other. If you can’t realize it, you can’t scan it, if you can’t scan it, you can’t use it.

Visual interface designers can play an vital role on a UX team and create important contributions to a team UX design effort, however they’re not UX Designers.

UX Designers need not solely be masters of design tools, however should even have a robust understanding of and talent to understand attribute human behavior.

The UX designer must have all the talents of any designer, but additionally must target people, the users, just not simply on business goals, skills or techniques.

Along wit the Research systems and the elements related to the complete understanding of the project the skills that shows importance are:

  • Ethnography and innovation—user ideals, inspirations and work patterns
  • User modeling—persona and situation creation; role-playing
  • Product design—product-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Interaction design—function-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Interface design—component-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Information style and information design—content structure and performance ideals
4. Virtual Reality

“Virtual reality is the introduction in an outstanding take a chance into the topographical of the inspiration”

Everything that we all know concerning our reality comes by manner of our senses. In different words, our entire expertise of reality is solely a mix of sensory data and our brains sense-making mechanisms for that data. Virtual reality is that the term to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated atmosphere which can be explored and interacted with by an individual. Virtual reality technology must take our physiology under consideration.

If associate execution of virtual reality manages to get the assortment of hardware, software and sensory synchronization good it achieves one thing called a way of presence.

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and given to the user in such simplest way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a true atmosphere. On a computer, virtual reality is primarily accomplished concluded two of the five intellective-sight and sound.

Virtual reality is a booming field consortium along a range of job titles every requiring a awfully specialized skill set.

The core of the mission is the same, however to get you from purpose A to B there are some attention-grabbing things to understand.

Sketching, is, again, at the core of everything. Throughout any brain dump or design part, sketching is as quickly as it can get.

Any design skills as diverse as they are will be a large benefit.

Photography knowledge can assist you because you will interact with ideas such as field of read, depth of patch, sharps, experience and so on.

The additional you know 3D and tools, the little you will have to catch on. You might do design, character, scenery modeling, rigging, UV mapping, texturing, dynamics, particles and so on.

Motion design is very important. As designers, we know way to work with devices with physical boundaries. VR has none, thus it is a separate manner of thinking. “How does this element appear and disappear?” will be a redundant query.

Python, C#, C++ or any past coding expertise can assist you increase quicker. Prototyping has a massive locality because of the basic essential of redundant.

Be ready to be scared and get ready to embrace the unknown. It’s a brand new world that evolves a day. Even the huge industry-leading firms are still making an attempt things out.

Why would Facebook get a virtual reality headset maker? As a result of Mark Zuckerberg sees the future of Facebook as a ‘Meta verse’ that’s sort of social network where we all walk on virtual streets instead of tweeting text at each other, or even the primary billion-person game.

Organizations and systems should be redrawn thus being able to produce use of today’s technological capability in ways in which it facilitates humans, not hurt them. The sci-fi specter that outsmarts us or an Internet of Things that controls us can alone come true if human-centered design isn’t now at the mapping table. Bringing others to the party who feel identical manner simply makes us quicker, stronger and able to build things.

PROBESEVEN - Why all the popular Biometric Authentication is taken off by the successful body odour authentication?

Biometric Authentication_edit

The popularity of Biometric Authentication bridged to the many innovation seen in this field. Biometric systems like finger print, retinal scan, face, voice, iris, signature and hand geometry are much in use and are transforming to wear and tear, due to its several drawbacks. Thinking in the aspect of uniqueness which keeps 85% away from failure is defined to be the new innovation in biometric which is the human body odour based bio-metric.

Most of the business processes and the companies like financial institutions which deals with huge data and monetary system demands a high authentication with security like never before. This gave rise to the highly successful personal identification which is the body odour bio-metric authentication.

A brief and a glance over the prevailing biometric systems which are been in use extensively and the short comings experienced.

Finger Print authentication one of the early innovation…

The pattern of fingerprint of an individual gets mapped in this system by comparing the ridges and furrows within the template. The fingerprint accustomed to the device initially examines at the high level in the database and then better comparisons with evaluation are delivered as outcome.

Shortfalls when discussed are that when affected by skin conditions and association with forensic applications the system fails its recognition.

It you think of speed, it proves with Iris and Retinal Scan biometric.

This is discovered as the fastest forms of biometric system. The iris and retina are scanned by a low intensity light source and the image is correlated with hoarded patterns in the database.

The shortfalls of this system is its high difficult to use and very intrusive, many would find it sensitive over using it.

Compares with your digital face template!

Something that embroils the scanning of entire face and critical points, the areas are checked and compared with the database stored which is the facial biometric.

Encounters few shortfalls and the prime drawback of facial scanning occurs between identical twins.

This does work good to prevent illegal authentication.

The accent, the rhythm and the stress differ from one person to another. The voice biometric is based on this concept.

Yes, does not serve with complete option as it requires large amount of storage and chances are the voice can change.

Something that has been improvised from finger prints is the Hand and Finger Geometry…

In affiliation with the fingerprint systems, the modern systems use this technique. It is based on the concept of overall dimensions of the hand, angle between the fingers and length, shape etc.

When talk about its drawback, it emits high equal error rate and does not prove good when applied on too young or too old people.

Here we are with the recent innovation and exploring the Odour Biometric System!

The most recent evolution in the biometric stream is the Odour Biometric System which is been brilliantly innovated based on the sniffing strategy. The so-called Electronic Nose or e-Nose is great to understand.

Recent analysis confesses the uniqueness of human odour. By then, like how dogs know several persons has exclusive and detectable body odour. When correlated with the other biometric systems it has the lower error rate of 15%. The main advantage is that it can never replicates human odour. Body odour exhibits strong authentication when compared with the other systems.

Due to the advancement in Sensor Technologies and improvements in the matching algorithms, make systems both secure and cost effective. Hence, the number of researchers has been identified as this the feasible system for personal identification.

Every Individual can be identified by their body odour which portrays the chemical composition. The Sensing System determines the odour from the environment. Gas chromatograph and spectrometer and array of chemical sensors are the types of sensing systems.

The National Institute for Medical research in London exposed as due to the natural body temperature, current of warm air surrounds the human body and it is relatively one third to one half-inch thick, and it travels up and over the body at a rate of 125 feet each minute.

So, the Researchers consider this technology could be used in airports, border checkpoints or anyplace where photo recognition is mandatory.  In this domain, Odour Identification system is a peculiar idea and when carried out will strengthen the security systems. The pupil will never know he is been monitored. Therefore, this type of new sensors that allow the capture of body odour can provide a less threatening solution because the identification could be simultaneously captured while crossing the system and it does not require any special contact with the device.

It is definitely novel idea it saves time, saves cost over password authentication and this electronic nose system would soon be seen a great welcome in various government and industrial sectors.

PROBESEVEN - Convenience Experienced with Internet of Things!

The coolest thing of today which is been widely conversing about and many IT companies actively building strategies are about Internet of Things. This technology is something that the convenience experienced in past can be seen with multi-fold enrichment as of today and will be far more advanced in future.
Internet of things

The question for the layman may be what is it all about and how it could be made possible?

Here is, what exactly IoT means… it refers to the connectivity and and internet, it might mean that connectivity is among humans but wonder not to know it has been expanded and the interactions are made possible even with objects which we encounter in our daily life. The reality today in most cities and the near future of the rest of the places are like ‘Internet Access’ is something that will not mean much as it internet would become omnipresent and available all time, connectivity works beyond humans passing on to objects. A topic was also discussed on Li-Fi which will supplement the understanding but we have traveled to still advanced developments.

When I say this you may realize better as anything that operates electronically and has an on/off action can be communicated remotely which will be a concept of Internet of things.

Generally, convenience in the past was meant something that is available in the neighbourhood and that which can be reached in few minutes. On contrary the convenience today is massively different which is expected is to have them at finger tips for access.

The prevalent implications are encountered in almost all field which does include the regulations, the government, the policies, technology and all others. You are now to get an insight of the implications IoT created for marketing.

It goes extensively to provide high consumer convenience that challenges the marketing to meet their expectation. The connectivity is so high and goes public that the start on this was by a marketing company who provided the products from the vending machine when it was tweeted.

This relevantly getting the data bigger and soon it is expected as the humans get social there can be an expected social interaction between the things.

When the feel of smart homes, smart watch which function with connectivity and streamlines the regular process it is also interesting that the marketers get beyond and more public about their customers. Imagine you move a product say a pair of  goggles to your shopping cart and this choice of yours is been used to influence many and when you seek to buy one, you are naturally taken to the insight of the product. It benefits both ways you seem to obtain the best while the marketer would certainly multiply the volume of sales.

The lights that gets on automatically switched-on the relatively sensing the reaching distance, which is communicated to the AC checks on the temperature, the refrigerator communicates to the car about the short of grocery, the car parks by the grocery store, the car communicates with the friends car in the social network understanding about the traffic and the signals, the road signals communicates with the vehicles which are heading towards the same lane. Yes! much more can happen think your fuel is on warning, designates to the fuel stations immediately.

It becomes a brave world as when the customer is seen to visit the store and bags with nothing, the sense of dissatisfaction is experienced which is automatically sensed and the marketer would work on the remedy to get the customer back. The world of internet would also be soon known as the chip world which lets anyone track on the desired things. There are wonders happening to safeguard the endangered animals as their move is well tracked and it gets automatically communicated to the forest authority for the safety. The trees are embedded with chips which protects them from deforestation and the list is on and on.

Technology is the big thing happening and the impact of IoT will soon become the widely inter-connected universe.



PROBESEVEN - Explore the Hologram Technology!

Amazing are the concepts and innovations based on the Hologram technology, it is something that the future gets dominated. Right from the schools to the business platforms hologram is used inventively for exploring. Here is the information shared about this technology and wonder not that there will be a time when things gets in its 3D shape and animate in front of you.

smiling female boss talking to business team

An Overview:

Hologram denotes to be a physical structure which diffracts light into the image and it refers to the encoded material and the resulting image. The holographic image can be seen in holographic print or through the laser by which the image gets projected in the screen.

Understanding its principles along with its inference a hologram records the difference between the two beams of the coherent light. The composed light will travel on all directions and at equal length. The laser beam gets split into two parts where it called reference beam which strikes to the photographic plate and the other second one strikes and bounces on the plate. This phase interference displays image in three dimensional with the help of the coherent light.

Understanding the Types:


It gets categorized into 2 types which are the Transmission hologram that captures image by transmitting beam of light through it. The laser is the light source which emits and hits the beam splitter into the object beam and the reference beam.

The reflection hologram captures the image by reflecting a beam of light. The reference beam light reflects off a mirror and shines on the photographic plate. The object beam and reference beam meets at the photographic plate and create the interference pattern that records the resulting wave.

Holography: Current and Future Applications


Holography technology stands to be a platform for the innovations in many areas such as medicine, scientific research and other industries.

Some Current Applications:

Holographic interferometry is used by researchers and industry designers to test and design many things example tires and engines, artificial bones and joints.


  • Supermarket and department store scanners use a holographic lens system
  • Holographic Optical Elements are used for navigation by airplane pilots.
  • Medical doctors can use three-dimensional holographic CAT scans to make measurements.
  • Holography are used in advertisements.
Future applications of holography include:


Many researchers believe that holographic televisions will become available within 10 years. Holographic memory is a new optical storage method that can store 1 terabyte of data in a crystal approximately.

The technology that bring the imagination to being, the reality that makes  a difference and proves to be the future of tech-world.  


Think of speed, Think of extended services, Think on saving money it applies to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform provides services as IaaS and PaaS. Azure offers hub of services in storage, cloud computing and networking. In my experience I found there was a new support system which is backed by the legend brand which is said to improve on service, speed and cost. It is been called the “Microsoft Azure”.

ms azure new

The widespread popularity is the improvement in services that benefits the users with the cloud based services. Azure offers various services like Cloud Platform for Linux, Windows VM.  It supports high Load Balancing which delivers high availability of the instance. It supports Website Hosting in PHP,, Python and Node.js. It does provision SQL Database with Cloud Storage.  Yet, another support and reliability provided are the Backup and Recovery support. It proves to be highly secured and well efficient in disaster recovery management.


Portal Benefits:

When you are a part of the Azure platform you would enjoy easy scalability which can be handled individually. Azure provides access to the registered users via Azure Management portal which is highly user friendly and well guided for assistances and remote services. This portal functions on cross platform and works device independent while it required no installation.

Microsoft Azure offer enhanced security and reliability as the endpoints used restricts the incoming ports and hence one cannot add any incoming ports and they can be added only in the Endpoint. Rather, it is possible to add users and groups to manage the portal and they can be the owners, contributors, backup admin and more.

More to Say:

Few other points on Azure which notifies its advantages and benefits which are the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with 99.95% availability. It also provides 24×7 Tech Support, round the clock service on health monitoring which allows us to post questions in the MSDN forums.

When we talk of so many distinguished features it is quite necessary to keep noted about the cost or pricing and for which I would say it is very economically and affordable. We would be paying only for the level of use and per minute billing is another highlight of this services which is very competitive.

To Sum Up:

Azure runs on a growing Global Network of Microsoft Management Datacenter. The Microsoft totally take care of our every individual services. We can access our services from anywhere across the globe. Overall, Microsoft Azure is very helpful for their customers from Small Scale business to Large Scale business. Feel fortunate to serve yourself and your customers powered with Microsoft Azure!



PROBESEVEN - LI-FI, The Boom in Wireless Technology

The boom in wireless technology is the LI-FI (Light Fidelity) which is the latest of wireless technology. LI-FI transmits data through illumination that sends through the LED light bulb which is invisible to visible eye. When you set on comparison with WI-FI and LI-FI shows amazing and drastic speed in delivery and performance.


In the world of technology we see many electronic devices and as all these devices gets connected with internet then the transmission and communication is more. The wireless communication hits the every end as you could control your Air Conditioner with your smart phone, you get updates about the temperature of the refrigerator in your mobile phone, the gateway entry permission can be controlled with your smart phone and all such makes the internet of things which can be taken to next level with LI-FI.

Lifi wifi

The interesting facts about Li-Fi its use in electromagnetic sensitive areas like the hospitals, aircraft, power plants, inflammable areas as unlike Wi-Fi its does not cause any electromagnetic interference and hence safe to be applied. This technology proves to be superfast when compared to the normal broadband as it can be expected to stage more than 250 times in speed. This ultimate makes it much cost effective and gains much potential.

So, what next the internet of things is all set to play its game and you would soon start receiving alerts when the stock in your refrigerator goes down which will be sensed by the GPS of your car that reminds you to stop by the grocery and prompts a purchase. You GPS communicated to the security system at your entrance about your arrival which automatically opens up sensing your vehicle based on the GPS system and further as you enter the Air conditioners and lights gets auto-functioning. Yes! These internet of things makes your life simplified and lets you think futuristic. 

PROBESEVEN - The Emergence and Future of 3D Printing Technology

Talking about Recent Technology – The 3D Printing Technology:

It was just a few days back while I was preparing on Technology updates, met few interesting people who seem to have caught up with all the latest buzzwords in technology. With a wonder did I start to converse with a few out there about the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data and much more till the recent tech slang Selfie, it was when the moment the discussion was moved to the future of 3D Printing Technology which was about 4D Printing. It was a bash for me as when the concepts were driven so much with blasting participation from the many contemporaneous gave me a thought to imagining the World of Manufacturing Independence.3d-printer-voor-consumenten-2Sort of I’m all set to feed the inputs to keep you watching over the technology happening in 3D Printing. Just imagine it’s a kind of genie at your service. You are been able to print out objects in the desired material. Oh! Yes now as you are I too was keen on noting the materials used and got to know that it can print in the chosen materials among the plastic, nylon, iron, clay, dough, wax, glass, alloy, chocolate, gold, silver, rubber and over about 100 types of 3D Printing Materials.

It’s a great go to see the requirements getting handled in a single go and that it can be printed any time. Say you might need to nail an object or require a spare to fix your furniture just go deciding to 3D print to get the required part. Of course there are many additive technologies and concepts in manufacturing but the idea is when you can 3D print the product, you are almost in hand with it. It creates the objects by adding the materials in the required place and making it complete. On the other hand, you would also have come across the concepts of subtractive manufacturing which is in the way the blacksmith works by removing the unwanted parts to make the objects complete.

How it all works?

Well, we have been talking about its creation and the additive process but let us also know how it is possible to create the required object virtually and bringing it to reality. The Computer Aided Design file is used for the 3D printing. You would also be able to scan the image in 3D and bringing the file to be transformed as 3D objects. The various methods of manufacturing which you would come across includes the Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modelling and the most commonly used is the Stereolithography. All of these are known as SLS, FDM, SLA and they aid to integrate the visualised object in the 3D platform. These professionals are known as 3D Printing Manufacturers who gain momentum. Just as you click your cherished moments and the more selfies would be jaw dropping experience it if you realize that it is possible to 3D scan yourself and print a 3D miniature with the endless memories.Selfie


Now you would attentively see that other than the commercial 3D printing they are also used in the Personal 3D printing which goes interesting day by day. The use of these are also experienced in the industries of designing, architecture, casting, education, medicine, healthcare, retail and simple for other personal enthusiasm. There has been remarkable revolution in the medical industry which has meant for the organ printing, tissue engineering and much more. There is also awareness about the 3D printing cost and you would also note that there are simple methods to access without purchasing a 3D printer but with the online 3D printing service providers.


The Future:

Computerized manufacturing is possible with any specification, customization, and remarkable endurance and in no time the product comes to being in your hands. Just as how the pictures and portraits are popular for the current generation, sooner it would be to have a 3D printed miniature of yourself for the display and decorative. This is an interesting field and the most demanded technology. Soon you would be to release the happening and enrichment in the 3D printing which has now stepped its foot in the 4D printing concept and much more.

“New Technology creates better opportunities and always expects you to stay updated and competitive”