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PROBESEVEN - The Next Great Step-up in Design 2016

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Design is a joyful, imaginative act. It provides the designer with huge gratification to look at a thought move from the primary explorative lines on a sheet of paper through totally different stages of development. so, is the next great step-up in design 2016 at a glance.

When coming up with the user expertise of an application or website, the stakes are typically high–due in part to the very fact that unusable applications and websites seldom convert users. As such, UX designers are accustomed to the persistence and they perform a critique after each single feature.

User expertise design most often defines a sequence of interactions between a user and the system, virtual or good condition, designed to fulfill or support user desires and goals primarily, whereas additionally satisfying systems needs and structure objectives.

User expertise is that the central focus of the foremost relevant design trends. Making content that’s responsive, accessible and straightforward to use enhance user satisfaction.

The next massive feature in UX  goes to step outside of the technology dominant realm, unfolding across alternative areas.

So, what’s next for UX? Collectively as one strategy goes to the depth, another begins. Clearly states that it’s an honest time to replicate on queries like this.

Here is the discussion on the 4 design trends in 2016.

1.Designing beyond apps and screens:

“In 2016 and ahead of, post-app and post-screen design will become more projecting.”

Designing for complicated services is both a prospect and a challenge for web and mobile designers.

Great experiences are the peak of a user’s daily label engagement, experiences that stretch on far side the screen. Becoming associate professional at going from observation to insights to action is vital. However, information and analytics don’t assist you to perceive “why” behind a user’s actions. Thus, get to understand your users through their eyes and their experiences — not through simply what the info says.

Designing on far side the screen is that the results of constant collaboration, keeping designers and customers beyond the curve.

Designing beyond the screen begins even before a sketch – with associate integration and deeper understanding of customer’s goals, trajectory and weaknesses. Rather than looking forward to our customers to come to us with a prompt, we must always be regularly thinking of the impact our experiences have or might have, ahead of the screen that they were designed. Our customers are usually too busy juggling their part of the business to forever see the potential within the dilated expertise and so lean on us to consider the broader read.

Executing on a ‘Thinking on the far side the Screen’ strategy advantages everybody concerned, not simply the users.

The lot of users incorporate mobile school into their everyday lives, lot of information measure they sink into wondering their applications.

The applications that stand out among the group like Airbnb and Grub Hub, minimize the quantity of thought that goes into using them, thus users will pay longer multi-tasking and doing and fewer time wondering a way to get to the choice or screen you would like.

Moving ahead of the exposed ‘Design bigger’, it’s vital to consider how users are going to hold their devices whereas they use them meaning creating the foremost vital navigation elements simply accessible to a person’s thumb, that in all probability won’t be able to reach the highest corner opposite it.

2. Storytelling by design

“User ambitious mythology give gradually be recognized as the ideal way to deliver a pitch.”

One of the most important flubs that product group build is confusing design styles that look nice with design styles that really work well. It’s a straightforward mistake, however it will have grave consequences, in case your product doesn’t work well, nobody will even care however it is. The best mean I’ve found to induce around this confusion is a technique known as story-centered design.

The best product designers follow story-centered design. They start by crafting stories that show however customers move with a product and only when they’ve accomplished they do the design screens as how to inform that story of interaction.

Stories create use of ideas referred to as ‘tropes’ that repeat across genres and through time.

If your story can be told with a only image, then do not use twenty. Though if your story desires twenty visuals to work well and be understood, then certainly don’t attempt to do it in eight. It’s all regarding creating your story as elaborated or straightforward as it desires to be: no more, no less.

Whiteboard stories

Start design projects by white boarding the client interaction together with your team. Making it takes a short while, however once the team agrees to the story the remaining of the design method can go a lot of quicker, with less churn and waste.

Change your tools

Most design tools were created for making posters or books, so that they don’t provide you with the tools required to design interactive stories with dozens of frames.

Never critique single screens

If you would like to design, then sketch your ideas on paper and paste it on your wall. This keeps everyone to see your designs and give their respective comments.

3. Design as a core skill

“In the coming years, more programs will put an appreciation design skills”

For specific varieties of products or services, the stress on specific aspects of UX design varies. For example, for many applications, interaction design is that the first skill a UX designer must have; while, for information-rich Web sites, info construction is the key.

A general, multi-disciplinary concept to the preparation of user interfaces for digital products, process their type, performance, and content. User capability design integrates interaction design, streamlined design, information construction, info design, graphic interface design, user-assistance design, and user-centered design, making certain coherence and consistency across all of those design dimensions.

In any digital medium, none of the design skills stand solitary. All rest with one other. If you can’t realize it, you can’t scan it, if you can’t scan it, you can’t use it.

Visual interface designers can play an vital role on a UX team and create important contributions to a team UX design effort, however they’re not UX Designers.

UX Designers need not solely be masters of design tools, however should even have a robust understanding of and talent to understand attribute human behavior.

The UX designer must have all the talents of any designer, but additionally must target people, the users, just not simply on business goals, skills or techniques.

Along wit the Research systems and the elements related to the complete understanding of the project the skills that shows importance are:

  • Ethnography and innovation—user ideals, inspirations and work patterns
  • User modeling—persona and situation creation; role-playing
  • Product design—product-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Interaction design—function-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Interface design—component-level interaction principles and ideas
  • Information style and information design—content structure and performance ideals
4. Virtual Reality

“Virtual reality is the introduction in an outstanding take a chance into the topographical of the inspiration”

Everything that we all know concerning our reality comes by manner of our senses. In different words, our entire expertise of reality is solely a mix of sensory data and our brains sense-making mechanisms for that data. Virtual reality is that the term to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated atmosphere which can be explored and interacted with by an individual. Virtual reality technology must take our physiology under consideration.

If associate execution of virtual reality manages to get the assortment of hardware, software and sensory synchronization good it achieves one thing called a way of presence.

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and given to the user in such simplest way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a true atmosphere. On a computer, virtual reality is primarily accomplished concluded two of the five intellective-sight and sound.

Virtual reality is a booming field consortium along a range of job titles every requiring a awfully specialized skill set.

The core of the mission is the same, however to get you from purpose A to B there are some attention-grabbing things to understand.

Sketching, is, again, at the core of everything. Throughout any brain dump or design part, sketching is as quickly as it can get.

Any design skills as diverse as they are will be a large benefit.

Photography knowledge can assist you because you will interact with ideas such as field of read, depth of patch, sharps, experience and so on.

The additional you know 3D and tools, the little you will have to catch on. You might do design, character, scenery modeling, rigging, UV mapping, texturing, dynamics, particles and so on.

Motion design is very important. As designers, we know way to work with devices with physical boundaries. VR has none, thus it is a separate manner of thinking. “How does this element appear and disappear?” will be a redundant query.

Python, C#, C++ or any past coding expertise can assist you increase quicker. Prototyping has a massive locality because of the basic essential of redundant.

Be ready to be scared and get ready to embrace the unknown. It’s a brand new world that evolves a day. Even the huge industry-leading firms are still making an attempt things out.

Why would Facebook get a virtual reality headset maker? As a result of Mark Zuckerberg sees the future of Facebook as a ‘Meta verse’ that’s sort of social network where we all walk on virtual streets instead of tweeting text at each other, or even the primary billion-person game.

Organizations and systems should be redrawn thus being able to produce use of today’s technological capability in ways in which it facilitates humans, not hurt them. The sci-fi specter that outsmarts us or an Internet of Things that controls us can alone come true if human-centered design isn’t now at the mapping table. Bringing others to the party who feel identical manner simply makes us quicker, stronger and able to build things.

PROBESEVEN - A Layman’s Application Design Approach

A Layman’s Application Design Approach – Today, using a cloud or mobile application is common for both personal and business needs. Millions of people experience at least a new application every day. An application has to well balance the business process as well as a personal comfort. Either for a business or personal, the app should behave to boost one’s productivity. Here are a few tips to start working out your next app, the creative process of designing it.


Architecting an application is a craft. Do not hurry.

Being experienced in 20+ Custom Software Developments, UIs, Web Experiences, I will say, architecting an application and it’s UI is a craft. Many growing architects and UI designers have the habit of jumping into the design tools right from the first hour. Remember you need not to hurry in this process. You are a creator and creating something here. Give  enough time to get inspired, visualize the experience. Simply put, just start dreaming about the application for few days and start slowly.

You will have to iterate for the features as the customers start using your app. It doesn’t need to be painful either. Believe me, it’s to become your art when you approach architecting the process step by step.

Get Inspired.

Get out of your design tools, you don’t need them at this stage. Inspiration has to be the first step before you dive into your application development. Watch some videos, interactive presentations of richly designed applications and websites. Watch how the big people have created their applications. It’s wise to get into some applications of your choice and use them.

Take screenshots, printouts of your inspiration features and stick to your walls. Use a mind mapping tool or a visual mood board to capture your thoughts when you plan your travel.

Wear the user’s shoes.

Get as a consumer and wear their shoes. You need not sound as a top engineer when you design your application, rather, think of creating the app for your own business. Sit beside your customer team and observe their everyday difficulties.

You will understand there are different views from the bottom level to top level team. It’s quite natural not a single app interface can fit all the user levels. Don’t get panic to think of different screen layouts for different user levels. Everyone will want their desks to be theirs. Think of the app to look minimal and interact with the user. Choose a style that is clean and simple to understand for the users.

Think the experience. Go Lazy.

Being a lazy boy can help you in bringing your application well as a productivity tool. You have to understand the customer business and think of doing stuff with minimal efforts.

A tip to help you could be, go beyond the app screens in your monitor and think about integrating some real world systems. You cannot re-model your customer`s workflow and don`t try doing it. Just try finding a solution to everyday problems and reduce your user`s time. Listen to your customers – you will get clues on what to integrate.

Carry a Sketchpad. Organize and Deliver to your team.

This one I thought to add for new bees. Do Paper Work before going digital. Carrying a sketchpad will be handy when you want to try an idea besides your coffee outside. Roughly draw the screens and annotate with notes.

When going with digital creations index the screens with chapter numbers and proper titles. Illustrate those important interactions and user flows of your application. Showcase your thoughts and get feedbacks from your team. Deliver the files to your team with clear instructions.

Ready to Iterate.

As like a famous saying, Rome was not built in a day, your application will take its time to be really useful to your customer. Keep the foundation stuff to build on and watch your releases being used by your customers. Ask them feedbacks and prioritize them. Plan your release and do not hesitate to expand your application as a platform for your customer’s everyday routine.


Believing this as a good stuff, if this post has invoked some different thoughts in you. Good luck with your next application design!

At PROBESEVEN, we do modern, scalable, custom software developments for common businesses to enterprises in the globe. We are located in India at Coimbatore, Bangalore, Tirupur and USA

PROBESEVEN - New-gen innovative approach to practice at work place!

blog image

If you truly wish to learn and practice the art of innovative thinking at your work place which transform to support your dream career miraculously, you are at the right spot and here is your tips for the innovative practice.

If at all you wish to progress in your career and climb up the career ladder it may eventually take about 5 years to 10 years to get into the managerial position. There is something called work injury which may be experienced as you look up the top view and keep going which blinds the present flow of operation. Oh yes, may be I’m talking about common person and you could be an extraordinary intellectual. Let me tell you there may be quite something which I would share to you rather warn you I should say…You should know how to delegate, delegating to the team is something not so common as it required to meet the quality and the challenge is the task deadline. Coming again would you tell something other than, expecting the team to work as good as you, if yes then it might lead to uncertainty.

You would now prefer to play more safe and would you not wish to accomplish more as a team work, work in a more organised manner, deliver more than expected, build a high performing team then you may have to innovate things in more positive manner in your work place.

Here are few process you may have to practice to reinvent your abilities to optimistic work flow.


Forget “Can’t” seek possibilities to “Can”

Generally speaking we deliver a “can’t” note when things are not positive and when there is a block to penetrate, rather than walking off with it why not think in ways of possibilities to make it happen. You may also tend to justify your “can’t” statement saying so that the story might happen to be different if ….this had happened or ….that had happened, now let’s talk it the other way, try to figure out the “can if…” Scenario before confirming the “can’t” statement. You might ask an example over this but I would say that this is mere experience of each of us in our career journey or when we work towards our personal targets.


 Start to think as an entrepreneur, become an intrapreneur!

Think it your own success and deliberate the authentic concept in your work flow. Ownership to the access mode of your responsibilities in the most innovative manner requires a well-built thinking capacity of an entrepreneur. I would say the emerging trend of encouraging intrapreneur which calls for the complete functions of the entrepreneur but been applied within the existing organization.

Quite some time back when queried about the training on intrapreneur and entrepreneur, you might have thought a despite the fact about it but would it not be same as I wish to share, getting profound over this might let you set upfront to take charge over your responsibilities. This is what the innovative thinking that expects and much common difference would be that enterpreneurs would work on their own at their own will while intrapreneurs work out their ideas and proposals only on the management approvals.


Encourage ‘Impossible’ within you

I know it is weird but why not is my question, have you ever though this way that more innovations are happening only in the context of impossible. Wait! Now is not the time to conclude, as meant to handle the impossible seeks much inner strength and creativity. It would some time be like kicked off from the comfort zone and from the perspective of the experienced you may feel boozy, your perspiration to get to do the impossible is the step out impact of the impossible.

Explanation over this, may create a curiosity for example, when your minds are set to think on the impossible platform and the impossible ways of handling the existing problems then it is quite sure you are low in competition among your peers and when with the right match over the efforts and the foresight miracles happen which kicks up your spirits to the ultimate achievement. Easy impossible, this may sound an oxymoron but it carries much for achievement and innovations.


Break through to work on your own constraints

You may be or your mind been activated for innovation, if I rightly say the innovative chip in your brains will make more things happen. Now what I’d discuss is we are not free to explore always and might have to fight up on constraints. Take it up optimistically by putting the constraints on yourself. Such challenges are proven to slow the progress and delay the achievements but don’t you think it cannot be eradicated as well.

Work it on deliberately and keep the constraints as given by yourself to you, finding solutions are simple, create a momentum and work for the progress when the progress gets started to proceed it goes its own way to achievement.

Here you are with these wonderful modern talent thoughts. Remember that innovation cannot be a task but needs to be a habit. Nothing goes vein when practiced systematically and consistently.

You are now to challenge yourself for innovation and be a creative workforce who would rather have nothing to grumble but embrace the challenges and limitations.



PROBESEVEN - Time Management, The right fit for each individual as good as their personal belonging!

Have you ever wondered that you are pending with stuffs which could be actually done rightly. Most of us at some point of time would have experienced this situation. Put a reason out statement on why you were not been able to do so long, what were the challenges faced for not been able to adhere.

It’s all about the Time Management which I had been talking about. It is one of the desirable skill and that could have no reason to neglect this skill. At the outset you enjoy complete freedom yet you could aim to meet the completion and have more time for betterment. This is one skill that walks along with your daily success and ultimately turns out to be a motivator.

time management2

You may be a proficient planner and what I wish to share here is that time management works different for each one.  Time Management, The right fit for each individual as good as their personal belonging. With the right fit for the individual as unique as their personal belonging which you choose with great interest and attention.

Here is the list which of strategies which would do magic and it works best for me that encourages me to share for your benefit.

Plan your day

The primary things that are available to plan your day would be to make a list and set deadlines.

Make a list

Making a list of things you wish to attain for the day needs to be penned. The idea here is you know the priorities, your capabilities, your SWOT analysis, your schedule. Then quietly list down the list with the idea of making it more practical for you to achieve. Since it is planned for you and by you there could all changes to win over it. Keep it better organised by listing the plan for the day based on personal list, home list and work list.

Set Completion

Well this is no child’s play or a mere show off, if there is a set to completion it is best to stick over it and get the task done absolutely the best possible way. The world changes every minute and the universal strategy is act immediately and instantly.

Act over the schedule

“Your thoughts, conversations and activities need to circle around your task” is the prime idea over the successful time management.

Here I wish to share few points which eases your commitment towards the set goals and promises over massive target achievement. Relatively let us focus more on the task completion and time management which goes hand in hand for the great profits.

Encourage delegation, having control over your responsibility and quality of delivery is one great talent and if you possess this you are all qualified to delegate the task. Try to use this strategy where ever required and you could soon see yourself saving on time.

Lead with Perfection

You might be all set and here is the stage which demands some balance. The clever part of the overall time management comes here which in other words you call it prioritization.

Set the task with the right priority – label each task in terms of ‘Important and Crucial’. Now you would find your list in the order of important and crucial. “The one in the list which is most important and most crucial will be the first task to be attended. Followed by it will be either important and most crucial / crucial and most important.” This strategy will be for the overall betterment in terms of time management and task completion.

time management1

These will help you transform your day successful with more cheer and joy. Yet is another aspect to carry out on daily basis. Yes! it’s Reward yourself.

Celebrate and reward yourself on your task accomplishment and when you do it you will get self-motivated and do give yourself the privilege to draw your day towards happy ending.

PROBESEVEN - The rise of BYOA and BYOM from BYOD!


The days with the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) is transforming and far reaching to the corporates and IT companies as the BYOA (Bring your own apps).
It proves to make a great sense that they become an integral part of the individual and which defines the person in a better way.
In fact it is not astonishing to hear few eminent  to talk about the BYOM (Bring your own mind) which proves most essential for the enterprise to experience success.

Denied with these will be a charge of the concern as the top talents gets eliminated and so why not? Think it futuristic and join the moment with the spirit of individualism.

BYOD has proven as an acknowledgement to the need of individualism in the work space. This had taken a leap and seen encouragement over BYOA which progresses to bring your own apps to the work place in a way they use personally for their individual collaboration, thinking, tracking and managing stuffs. Although this seem to be undeniable it does not go that easy as it takes the concern of security and consistency.  If need to look into more details the recent enterprise are seamlessly into such concepts encouraging employees for BYOA which also means Build your own app.

The swift transformation are a part of today’s high tech world as the use and penetration of smart mobiles are much greater and it proves to be a multi-fold bloom when compared to the other devices such as desk top and lap top computers including the tablets. The billions of smart phones hitting the market are increasing in percentage and when it is 2017 the other devices like laptops would get stale.

So, when you think of what’s Next? As most companies have enriched their employees with the BYOA extending the ultimate freedom.

This has triggered another concept whichis buzzing in the IT industry which is the MDM system that justly is Mobile Device Management which is been designed to the security at both ends for the company and the workforces.  The company and the employees are driven by the system which detects the authentication, tracks the policy breaches and also alerts the unauthorised access if any. It protects the overall honesty as the consequences will turn to be costlier when deducted. The recent survey has deducted that the companies deny the use of own devices does not attract top talents which is one prime reason for the companies to get attracted to BYOD. Although the challenges are ample it does prove to be the wake up for the new IT spectrum. On the other hand it also transforms from Bring your own to Build your own which is easily possible to detect the benefits and the barriers in the practical scenario.

Transformation Technology, the end of restrictions!


This concept is simple to handle by the technology companies with their full-fledged talents and the ability to integrate more security that is reliable. It would soon land up in the concept of BYOM bring your own mind keeping you closer to your personal life and this may prove to out ridge the official and professionalism concepts but another reality what is been experienced in the developed countries are that they gain high potential output along with much more dedication and sincerity which supports in their business growth. The waves would quickly spread and expected to be a part of every company universally.

Cool and secure makes it enriching and why not when the concept of work from home gets popular this concept of Bring your own app and bring your own mind gets closely related to the ultimate and comfortable thinking process in their own way. Clearly it is just not bringing your device, apps or mind to work but for using them for the enterprise.

Keep in track for more to come related to the technology advancement and how this concept is been appreciated across the globe. Need your share of ideas and why not drop few words in this comments session.


PROBESEVEN - Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits!

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation directly implies the complete change in the way the business functions and when in it digital transformation it shifts from the existing mode of data to the complete digitalization.

Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits! Will this be a kind to heavy thing to think or adapt, the difficulty to understand the protocols and technology?  

Oh, yep! It may be so for many but the best part of the current scenario is the leverage of simplicity in technology and processes. The shift to the new platform is also consummate and the best implementation can be experienced with today’s technology.

The App world

This cannot be called meaningless and the evolving technology is highly business savvy which keeps you embrace your business all time. It is a known fact that a huge volume are business processes has been taken over by technology and most appropriate would be say the CLOUD.

The progressed concept which I would wish to quote is the XaaS (Anything/Everything as a Service) right from SaaS, Paas, Iaas, DRaaS, DaaS which has been prevailing and today it is more generically quoted application to anything and everything as a service.

This is definitely an inspiration and overwhelming that encourages all the business processes irrespective of its complication to get into digitalization.

Implemented for success & profits

Assertive over switching to the digital platform is the right thought without controversy. It is proven to betterment both internal in the organisation and external with the business stakeholders.

Most business experience swiftness, accuracy, profits and customer satisfaction which shows the measurable success on its best functioning.

The Challenges

The incorporated technology should mean to the success of the organization and well met with the company goals. It would be  measurable when it gets in place rightly as a glib professional.

The overall challenge is the implementation part that needs to take place perfectly without leading to any confusion and breakage. A defined digital transformation should be the goal plan and milestone to adapt.

Advantage over Adaption

When you think to confirm over the digital transformation which normally the companies and organisation would adapt it is quite impressive and would state to suit the business needs of any industry across the globe.

  • Don’t you think a professional and well defined Analytical tool would do a great job in the measuring of the customer reaction and the understanding the requirements based on the behaviour of the customers to make any marketing campaign a grand success.
  • The next big think which is supportive for the business process is the Mobile apps which aids the organisation to connect with their stakeholders and specially the customers as and when they need, in fact an all-round collaboration.
  • Remote working has become a positive trend and as popular as BYOD/CYOD usage. Companies look for platform which collaborates their customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. This gains them lavish time and energy to save on money too.
  • One another aspect to stay on cloud and online is the SEO leverage for match the efforts of sales and marketing. They include the social media which puts together for effectively using the web platform.
The changes experienced

When entering the digitalization it categories into the customer experience and the business success with its effective operations. The balance experienced creates value to the customers and it directly reflects over the ROI and customer satisfaction which are key expectations of any businesses.

It is also a great efficiency over the operations, better bonded customer relationship, better employee morale, share of effective collaboration to meet the vision of the company.

These indications make it more encouraging for many companies and organisations to be a part of the digital world.


The eye-opener here is that you don’t have to walk behind or follow any concept until you embrace the requirement. The requirements here is meant all your business priorities, your goals and vision. This would deliberate the greater impact on the digital operations.

Pretty sure that there are no organisation without an vision, all business will required the mobile convenience, popularity like the better online presence and would require anything that will assist in the success of the business.

When all these potential would promise success then is the power of the digitalisation will positively interact and meet the revolution.

PROBESEVEN - Explore the Hologram Technology!

Amazing are the concepts and innovations based on the Hologram technology, it is something that the future gets dominated. Right from the schools to the business platforms hologram is used inventively for exploring. Here is the information shared about this technology and wonder not that there will be a time when things gets in its 3D shape and animate in front of you.

smiling female boss talking to business team

An Overview:

Hologram denotes to be a physical structure which diffracts light into the image and it refers to the encoded material and the resulting image. The holographic image can be seen in holographic print or through the laser by which the image gets projected in the screen.

Understanding its principles along with its inference a hologram records the difference between the two beams of the coherent light. The composed light will travel on all directions and at equal length. The laser beam gets split into two parts where it called reference beam which strikes to the photographic plate and the other second one strikes and bounces on the plate. This phase interference displays image in three dimensional with the help of the coherent light.

Understanding the Types:


It gets categorized into 2 types which are the Transmission hologram that captures image by transmitting beam of light through it. The laser is the light source which emits and hits the beam splitter into the object beam and the reference beam.

The reflection hologram captures the image by reflecting a beam of light. The reference beam light reflects off a mirror and shines on the photographic plate. The object beam and reference beam meets at the photographic plate and create the interference pattern that records the resulting wave.

Holography: Current and Future Applications


Holography technology stands to be a platform for the innovations in many areas such as medicine, scientific research and other industries.

Some Current Applications:

Holographic interferometry is used by researchers and industry designers to test and design many things example tires and engines, artificial bones and joints.


  • Supermarket and department store scanners use a holographic lens system
  • Holographic Optical Elements are used for navigation by airplane pilots.
  • Medical doctors can use three-dimensional holographic CAT scans to make measurements.
  • Holography are used in advertisements.
Future applications of holography include:


Many researchers believe that holographic televisions will become available within 10 years. Holographic memory is a new optical storage method that can store 1 terabyte of data in a crystal approximately.

The technology that bring the imagination to being, the reality that makes  a difference and proves to be the future of tech-world.  

PROBESEVEN - Get a Quick Insight on Google Material Design


It was just as if I got out of everything I had been doing and jumped into the Material Designing, the fact is it has transformed to enrich the design concepts and it is been a welcoming concept to the creation of winning designs. You will discover what it is, Now!

Material Design being known as a design language which was created by Google and it has its first applied to Google I/O 2014 further with the Android OS.

About Material Design:

This visual language is a concept that aids the designers to design websites and applications in a friendly and more usable manner. Material Design in particular works with the set of principles that gets the target accomplished.


Goals and Principles:

All the principles of good design are applied with innovation that meets across the platforms and devices which includes smart phones to smart TV.

Principles like the basic design theory like the grids, use of space, scale, colour, images and motion should be in guidelines and should not affect the user experience.

Smart Paper

What you see below is the SMART PAPER which takes the shape of the real one and it can be animated meeting the rules of physics.

smart paper


When the flow of objects takes place it defines the motion, while the acceleration and the deceleration of the object replicates the moves in the real world. This attempt transforms and navigates without the surrounding barriers.



Colours are quite important for designing and it is directly related to the psychology of the users. It directly denotes the approach of being fun, loud, friendly  normal and much more. The highlight here is that in Material Design it gives a large palette of vibrant colours.

What is interesting and inspiring is that Google provides complete colour palette which is downloadable which makes it simple.



The recent trend in the typographic layouts are that it is made simpler to understand and it uses intelligent spacing and colours to highlight the font.

Roboto is the standard Android font but has been improvised to meet the requirements where Noto typography works to fill the gaps in Roboto. This is applicable for all major languages.



Better understanding is been implemented with the elevation of the elements that grabs the attention and also add to the interaction of the design.

Understanding the axis which occupies the positions it demonstrated the material design language which has heights and thickness. It is not merely the 3D which manipulates in the Axis-Y but in Material design the Z-axis does its alignment to the plane which means adding elevation.



Icons are one another aspect which is represented in material design, its qualities includes thin lines, crisp edges along with shadows and lightings.



Of course imagery makes it happen to stand out from the usual, it goes with bold images, graphics with vibrant colours.



The guidelines for the layouts in the material design is interesting.

The layout has to be created with the baseline grid and the mathematical structure which defines the placement of elements. It again aims to break down in regions to place icons and the page details.

Common Elements

Here we are with the elements in material design which includes 19 components goes with bottom sheets, buttons, cards, chips, dialogs, dividers, grids, lists, list controls, menus, pickers, progress and activity, sliders, snack bars & toasts, sub-headers, switches, tabs, text fields and tooltips.

Glance at few application inspired by Google Material Design


Here is another example.


It is really encouraging and Thank you for being here a while, hoping you to add your thoughts as comments on this post.

PROBESEVEN - Greening the Workplace! Where to Start?

“What does it mean to Go Green?” is the pretty common question that engages any conversationalist who are keen on environment protection. Well, as a HR the concept of Greening the workplace ignited my interest and so was my exploration on it. I take this platform to share my learning, so am sure you would stay interested and comment your views on glancing the below article.


“Going Green” clearly states the knowledge and practices that can lead to more environment friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles. These decisions can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for present and future generations. A green workplace is the one that is environmentally sensitive, resource-efficient, and socially responsible.

On conversing about going green, the word sustainability is often thrown in relating to different concepts. Sustainability has many definitions but it is most commonly described as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” according to Wikipedia. You can see how this closely relates to the concept of going green.

Environmental conservation in office

 Go Green, Stay Eco-friendly

 It’s about small steps. The perception that it costs an arm and a leg to “go green” keeps many small nonprofits from even trying. Most believe that going green is for private businesses but it’s actually all about saving money and resources. These green-related savings do not necessarily take years to kick in either. Sure, many eco-friendly improvements do require some initial capital. But they also can yield significant cost savings in the long run.

 Not about transforming your workplace overnight!

 “The recycling of toner cartridges reduces the rate at which this supply’s price increases, and the auto-shutoff on the monitors reduces electricity bills.” Safeguard employee health and improve attendance and productivity.

 Where to Start?

An environmental policy provides a unifying set of principles that guides the actions of the employees and management. This is not unlike your mission statement, whereby providing the overall operating goals that are considered in the organizations decision-making process as well as its daily activities. Keep this policy simple, straightforward and doable. Don’t overpromise to make a global impact or big splash.

 Best Practices for Greening the Workplace
  •  Reuse and Recycle as much as possible.
  •  Provide plenty of well-marked, conveniently located recycling bins or paper, plastics, aluminum and glass.
  •  Shred unrecyclable paper and use for packaging material.
  •  Have reusable mugs, plates and silverware on hand for employees instead of disposables.
  •  Use refillable pens and pencils.
  •  Recycle in and toner cartridges.
  •  Save Power, Save Energy – Turn off computers, monitors and printers when leaving for the day and hibernate when out of desk.
  •  Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) instead of Incandescent light bulbs. According to CFLs cost about 75% less to operate and last about 10 times longer.
  •  Install occupancy sensors, or manually turn off lights and other equipment when rooms and offices are not in use
  •  Keep room temperatures at 68 degrees in the winter and 55 degrees at night.
  •  Purchase energy efficient appliances for the office.
  •  Reduce Emissions and Toxins.

If it makes sense, let your employees telecommute rather than waste fuel driving to and from work. This also allows your organization to minimize the amount of office space that is needed, cutting down your overhead costs. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools make effective telecommuting a reality.

Promote walking, cycling, carpooling and public transit. American workers spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic. This adds up to 3.7 billion hours and 23 billion gallons of gas wasted in traffic each year. We can ease some of this strain by carpooling, taking public transit, biking, walking, or a creative combination thereof. Set up a bulletin board where employees can arrange carpools and check bus and train schedules.

A natural Air Purifier – Fill the workplace with potted green plants, which emit oxygen and absorb pollutants. Keep work areas clean using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning supplies. A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work, and good news for the bottom line.

Small actions can create big change, especially when it comes to the environment. Coloring your company green will inspire your employees, your donors and those that you service. Why not start today?




PROBESEVEN - Boomerang Concept in Recruitment, Gains a Red Carpet Welcome!

In the recent days, I came across the concepts of Boomerang Recruitment. One of its theory rather a few of them was impressive, it just got me into the feel of experiencing life again backwards. Hey hold on! But it was actually as experiencing ten times better. This would mean a laugh, a chuckle or a smile of wonder. No doubt but I was struck positive with the idea and now am experiencing tenfold. Whether or not? The debate stands in a pause as I would say our conversion was highly attuned to the fact that it was sensible to invite the focused and smart ex-employees.

So, now I wish to give anyone an experience that was received ten-fold on Boomerang Recruitment. Here is a short practice to know the insight of the concept.


In simple words, Boomerang Recruitment is hiring back the former employees for better positions. This gets a big hit on few of the many aspects which can be discussed on.

  • Quick Process
  • Cost Effective
  • Familiar Talents
  • Improved Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Healthy Team Building
  • Self-Motivated and Autonomous

Well, among the above benefits you are also in a position of having chosen the right personality trait which aids to be Culturally fit and Autonomous which means the employee would be capable of getting the job done without any assistance and he get on with the execution directly.

Supports better in soft skills:

When you consider the important characteristics of good employee and employment, you would certainly list out points on honesty, hardworking, sincerity, passion, loyalty and dedication. The survey has quoted that these personal traits are present to a greater extend among the Boomerangs. The trust and loyalty can be seen to amplify when associated with the concern again. So, you keep away your hesitations as you would not be put to disappointments.

Why repeat the same recruitment procedure, Think Innovatively?

In the recent scenario, most employers are recognising the value of Boomerang recruitment exclusively for re-hiring those with excellent skills, valuable knowledge and dedication towards the organisation. Preferring boomerangs requires only little time & effort in getting to know about them, known culture and after re-hire they will be back with new skills & strategies to implement in the future business growth. Apart from referrals among top performing employees, it is really tough to find a corporate recruiting strategy with a higher quality of hire than Boomerang recruitment. Wonder not, the boomerang recruitment ranked second in bringing High – Quality resource.

Get on with the acquisition through Boomerangs!

Boomerangs are a high asset, best performers, quality talents through which their past and upgraded skills can be utilized for the betterment of various organisations.  Let us discuss on some benefits of quality hires through Boomerangs,

Hiring boomerangs gives the highest returns on recruiting Investment for an employer. Huge investments can be avoided for training and development of new employee. Boomerangs are much aware of the business core values, policies and platforms already used. Retraining consumes minimal cost, time & efforts. It creates an optimistic effects on morale of existing team if ex-employees are welcomed back. Boomerangs come back with new ideas, technologies to implement, knowledge to guide others. This helps the organisation to grow even better for future planning & implementations. They will be loyal to the organisation, and quickly follow up with the relationship of previous customers/Vendors.

Best of all with Boomerang Recruitment:

In short and best of all is that it has been reported that Boomerang recruitment can save about 30% to 60% less than the normal hiring. Well, sometimes it make look like the employee leaving the company is an unpleasant scenario but for the change of place or any improved reasons relatively gains the company if been in contact and keep pace with the updates. It would rather be a wonderful experience to rehire the same person with enhanced skills. He can be considered being out to gain more skills and ultimately will turn out to be best.  Know some strategies to keep in contact with the former employees.

Send a Smile for your former employees:

Alumni association is an enormous network of professional connections. Alumni are the base for foundation of talent networks. Re-hiring became very easy by recruiting through alumni networks. Social media- to support alumni groups, makes them even better to start the discussions on latest trend/technologies and upgrade them through various corporate alumni groups. Get connected on LinkedIn or Facebook group for alumni and make updates on organisation’s updates and recruitment. Many companies are realizing the credits of bringing back valuable boomerangs. Let’s put forward few ideas to get connected with alumni network,

Implement it to gain better, Plan & Organise alumni event, invite all alumni in an association. Post and keep informed on Organisation’s key products, initiatives, Successes and new job opportunities. Annual newsletter, online searches, webinars, invite for annual events like anniversary, award ceremony are some ways of approaching boomerangs. A dedicated corporate alumni groups, forums, blogs can be published in order to target the alumni.

So, you are now to welcome your Boomerangs, with much positive spirits. Happy Hiring!