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PROBESEVEN - Greening the Workplace! Where to Start?

“What does it mean to Go Green?” is the pretty common question that engages any conversationalist who are keen on environment protection. Well, as a HR the concept of Greening the workplace ignited my interest and so was my exploration on it. I take this platform to share my learning, so am sure you would stay interested and comment your views on glancing the below article.


“Going Green” clearly states the knowledge and practices that can lead to more environment friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles. These decisions can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for present and future generations. A green workplace is the one that is environmentally sensitive, resource-efficient, and socially responsible.

On conversing about going green, the word sustainability is often thrown in relating to different concepts. Sustainability has many definitions but it is most commonly described as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” according to Wikipedia. You can see how this closely relates to the concept of going green.

Environmental conservation in office

 Go Green, Stay Eco-friendly

 It’s about small steps. The perception that it costs an arm and a leg to “go green” keeps many small nonprofits from even trying. Most believe that going green is for private businesses but it’s actually all about saving money and resources. These green-related savings do not necessarily take years to kick in either. Sure, many eco-friendly improvements do require some initial capital. But they also can yield significant cost savings in the long run.

 Not about transforming your workplace overnight!

 “The recycling of toner cartridges reduces the rate at which this supply’s price increases, and the auto-shutoff on the monitors reduces electricity bills.” Safeguard employee health and improve attendance and productivity.

 Where to Start?

An environmental policy provides a unifying set of principles that guides the actions of the employees and management. This is not unlike your mission statement, whereby providing the overall operating goals that are considered in the organizations decision-making process as well as its daily activities. Keep this policy simple, straightforward and doable. Don’t overpromise to make a global impact or big splash.

 Best Practices for Greening the Workplace
  •  Reuse and Recycle as much as possible.
  •  Provide plenty of well-marked, conveniently located recycling bins or paper, plastics, aluminum and glass.
  •  Shred unrecyclable paper and use for packaging material.
  •  Have reusable mugs, plates and silverware on hand for employees instead of disposables.
  •  Use refillable pens and pencils.
  •  Recycle in and toner cartridges.
  •  Save Power, Save Energy – Turn off computers, monitors and printers when leaving for the day and hibernate when out of desk.
  •  Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) instead of Incandescent light bulbs. According to CFLs cost about 75% less to operate and last about 10 times longer.
  •  Install occupancy sensors, or manually turn off lights and other equipment when rooms and offices are not in use
  •  Keep room temperatures at 68 degrees in the winter and 55 degrees at night.
  •  Purchase energy efficient appliances for the office.
  •  Reduce Emissions and Toxins.

If it makes sense, let your employees telecommute rather than waste fuel driving to and from work. This also allows your organization to minimize the amount of office space that is needed, cutting down your overhead costs. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools make effective telecommuting a reality.

Promote walking, cycling, carpooling and public transit. American workers spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic. This adds up to 3.7 billion hours and 23 billion gallons of gas wasted in traffic each year. We can ease some of this strain by carpooling, taking public transit, biking, walking, or a creative combination thereof. Set up a bulletin board where employees can arrange carpools and check bus and train schedules.

A natural Air Purifier – Fill the workplace with potted green plants, which emit oxygen and absorb pollutants. Keep work areas clean using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning supplies. A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work, and good news for the bottom line.

Small actions can create big change, especially when it comes to the environment. Coloring your company green will inspire your employees, your donors and those that you service. Why not start today?




PROBESEVEN - Boomerang Concept in Recruitment, Gains a Red Carpet Welcome!

In the recent days, I came across the concepts of Boomerang Recruitment. One of its theory rather a few of them was impressive, it just got me into the feel of experiencing life again backwards. Hey hold on! But it was actually as experiencing ten times better. This would mean a laugh, a chuckle or a smile of wonder. No doubt but I was struck positive with the idea and now am experiencing tenfold. Whether or not? The debate stands in a pause as I would say our conversion was highly attuned to the fact that it was sensible to invite the focused and smart ex-employees.

So, now I wish to give anyone an experience that was received ten-fold on Boomerang Recruitment. Here is a short practice to know the insight of the concept.


In simple words, Boomerang Recruitment is hiring back the former employees for better positions. This gets a big hit on few of the many aspects which can be discussed on.

  • Quick Process
  • Cost Effective
  • Familiar Talents
  • Improved Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Healthy Team Building
  • Self-Motivated and Autonomous

Well, among the above benefits you are also in a position of having chosen the right personality trait which aids to be Culturally fit and Autonomous which means the employee would be capable of getting the job done without any assistance and he get on with the execution directly.

Supports better in soft skills:

When you consider the important characteristics of good employee and employment, you would certainly list out points on honesty, hardworking, sincerity, passion, loyalty and dedication. The survey has quoted that these personal traits are present to a greater extend among the Boomerangs. The trust and loyalty can be seen to amplify when associated with the concern again. So, you keep away your hesitations as you would not be put to disappointments.

Why repeat the same recruitment procedure, Think Innovatively?

In the recent scenario, most employers are recognising the value of Boomerang recruitment exclusively for re-hiring those with excellent skills, valuable knowledge and dedication towards the organisation. Preferring boomerangs requires only little time & effort in getting to know about them, known culture and after re-hire they will be back with new skills & strategies to implement in the future business growth. Apart from referrals among top performing employees, it is really tough to find a corporate recruiting strategy with a higher quality of hire than Boomerang recruitment. Wonder not, the boomerang recruitment ranked second in bringing High – Quality resource.

Get on with the acquisition through Boomerangs!

Boomerangs are a high asset, best performers, quality talents through which their past and upgraded skills can be utilized for the betterment of various organisations.  Let us discuss on some benefits of quality hires through Boomerangs,

Hiring boomerangs gives the highest returns on recruiting Investment for an employer. Huge investments can be avoided for training and development of new employee. Boomerangs are much aware of the business core values, policies and platforms already used. Retraining consumes minimal cost, time & efforts. It creates an optimistic effects on morale of existing team if ex-employees are welcomed back. Boomerangs come back with new ideas, technologies to implement, knowledge to guide others. This helps the organisation to grow even better for future planning & implementations. They will be loyal to the organisation, and quickly follow up with the relationship of previous customers/Vendors.

Best of all with Boomerang Recruitment:

In short and best of all is that it has been reported that Boomerang recruitment can save about 30% to 60% less than the normal hiring. Well, sometimes it make look like the employee leaving the company is an unpleasant scenario but for the change of place or any improved reasons relatively gains the company if been in contact and keep pace with the updates. It would rather be a wonderful experience to rehire the same person with enhanced skills. He can be considered being out to gain more skills and ultimately will turn out to be best.  Know some strategies to keep in contact with the former employees.

Send a Smile for your former employees:

Alumni association is an enormous network of professional connections. Alumni are the base for foundation of talent networks. Re-hiring became very easy by recruiting through alumni networks. Social media- to support alumni groups, makes them even better to start the discussions on latest trend/technologies and upgrade them through various corporate alumni groups. Get connected on LinkedIn or Facebook group for alumni and make updates on organisation’s updates and recruitment. Many companies are realizing the credits of bringing back valuable boomerangs. Let’s put forward few ideas to get connected with alumni network,

Implement it to gain better, Plan & Organise alumni event, invite all alumni in an association. Post and keep informed on Organisation’s key products, initiatives, Successes and new job opportunities. Annual newsletter, online searches, webinars, invite for annual events like anniversary, award ceremony are some ways of approaching boomerangs. A dedicated corporate alumni groups, forums, blogs can be published in order to target the alumni.

So, you are now to welcome your Boomerangs, with much positive spirits. Happy Hiring!

PROBESEVEN - All New Programmatic Google Video MarketPlace, Partner Select!

Google’s Lab is one of the finest place on earth where experiments happen to redefine the future, and yes, perhaps the technological invention. In fact, Google has unleashed several unbelievable techno inverts before like the Google Glass, Self-driving car and Project Loon and many listed in the queue, not to forget all these turning a history in technological era. Thanks to Google for revolutionizing our lifestyle!

What Google Video marketplace is upto?

Though Google earlier introduced “Google Preferred” for video advertising, now arrives again with a new concept, certainly hope to be not a debacle. The other reason for the new idea to emerge is that $6 billion is Googles revenue figure in Video Ads. Let’s look at how Google is monetizing the medium further.


Introduced as Google Partner Select, this most recent Hype on Google is the new programmatic Google video marketplace for brands, letting all marketers all over the world imagine what it adds for business. No wonders, it is something like viral video marketing. Google has been in long term partnership with DoubleClick and this time, the marketplace is an effort to connect the publishers and advertisers.

According to this program, Google let video publishers to determine their video ad sales on an exclusive marketplace for businesses who buy with Google. As of now, Google is concerned on the publishers and are letting only select video publishers to enroll and sell their video clips. Put it simple, it’s neither public nor private, the publishers sell their video and intimate the placements they sell through Partner select and on the other hand, advertisers tell their target audience and budget they look for which Google’s computer automatically find the best match and let the advertiser know. This platform let premium advertisers and sellers conduct reservation based ad sales.

Google Partner Select

What Clikz says is that “This new premium programmatic marketplace will connect a select set of publishers investing in top-quality video with the brands that want to buy against it.

Wondering how it actually works. Of course, several questions arise in mind out of curiosity to know how to get in and sell video especially for video ad creators over there but Google has not disclosed the complete architecture of this marketplace and no other go, we should stand watching to hear Google say by itself.

Here’s the video for your reference, presented by Neal Mohan:

PROBESEVEN - For Gmail & Google Apps Free Users: Boost Office Productivity by integrating Google Apps with MS Office Tools without any Third Party Sync tools.

Well, the world knows, Google and Microsoft are at a war now to give the best app service and increase their market share. I am a big fan of both the worlds : )

A setback for Google losing their market share is as they have stopped Google Apps Free Edition and disabled Exchange Active Sync for Gmail and Google Apps Free Edition.  On the other side, with its Office 2013 series and Microsoft is gearing towards clean, simple interface tools for boosting office productivity. Live Domains still free becomes a choice now for Start-ups and Growing Businesses.

To increase office productivity and smartly move over the tasks and meetings, we need to use Mails, Calendar, Document Storage & Notes across devices.

Google Apps is good, but lags behind MS Office Tools for productivity on a PC and Windows Devices which is still most preferred at work for enterprises and businesses.


Situations could be like,

  • You cannot migrate all your users from Google Apps to Microsoft Live Domains.
  • You may want to give the MS productivity tools to a only selected users while keeping others at Google Apps.
  • You adopt BYOD and may want to leave the choice to your users.


Here’s a working technique for people with Google Apps Free or Gmail to effectively use MS Office tools for Mail, Calendar, Documents and Meeting Notes with Office 2013 & using Exchange Active Sync. In this method, your Google Apps or Gmail setup are preserved while you use MS tools as your preferred applications.


Below is the setup you will get at the end of this workaround.

  • Mail  – at Google Apps/Gmail & (Microsoft makes it easy for importing mails directly from your Google account).
  • Contacts – at Google Apps/Gmail &
  • Calendar – at (Note: In this workaround your Google Apps/Gmail Calendar will be not synced but your android device gets synced with and Outlook).
  • Notes – at OneDrive.
  • Documents Storage – at OneDrive. (You have to manually move the Google Drive documents to OneDrive by downloading to your PC and then uploading to OneDrive. Note, there cannot be any sync between the 2 locations).
  • Documents Editing – at MS Office Desktop & Word, Excel, PPT online.

Here are the steps to follow. Though the list may seem long, they are easy to do.

Step 1: Setting up your Mails with

  1. Get a Microsoft Live account using your official email id. Eg:
  2. Login to with your new Microsoft account and add an alias like
  3. Login to your Official Google Apps Webmail or Gmail and set forwarding all mails to your new alias id,
  4. Back at login, Go to Options & Import mails from your Google Apps account. You need to authenticate MS Service at Google Apps to do the import. (Keep patience, the import may take few hours to a day depending on your mail count).
  5. If you are already using a desktop client like Outlook for your emails, has options to import them too using Internet Explorer.
  6. Optional: Last but not least, Setup your Mail Signatures properly at different devices.

Step 2: Setting up your Desktop Apps


  1. Install Office 2013 in your PC with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, etc.
  2. Configure your new account in Outlook 2013 with Exchange Active Sync. Repeat this process
  3. Your Outlook Calendar will be automatically synced with your account through EAS.
  4. Open your OneNote and create OneNote documents and store in OneDrive. You can then access your online notes in different devices.

Step 3: Setting up your Mobile/Tab Devices (Android)

People with Android can sync, OneDrive and OneNote effectively.



  1. Download and install Android App from Google Play Store. This app will sync Mail, Calendar and Contacts between your account and the Device.
  2. Still you need a Google calendar App to view and respond to calendar events. Android App will only sync the calendar events and has no feature to show the events.
  3. You shall now disable Gmail App to avoid repeated mail notifications.
  4. Download and install OneDrive & OneNote Apps from Google Play Store., 

That’s it!! Now you are equipped with MS productivity tools over Google Apps, synced to your different devices.

You shall also login to to access your Mails, Calendar, Notes, Documents through a browser.

Good Luck!!
Muthu Kumar Ar

Web, Brand & the Business.


PROBESEVEN - Interesting WEB Tools making things go Superfast & Automatic!

Smart work or Hard work, Which pays better? Certainly, the smart work!  To act smart, take advantage of brilliant tools already on the web.  Today, we here picked you a hand full of interesting tools which you may missed to check out in the past.

BufferappBufferapp is a famous tool to handle sharing of stuffs on social media. Brands use Bufferapp to make a consistent presence on social media all throughout the day as well as the year. With the use of Bufferapp, you can fill in multiple post at once and schedule your post anytime and wait to see the post going automatic on your social networks. One of the best social media management tools with over 1.3 million users reaping the advantage.

FancyhandsHere’s an interesting site to get your tweaks done by your local assistants. For a low membership fee, Fancy hands let you find someone who could help you get your little work done. You can place the request by call, website or by downloading their app.

DoodleDoodle is one of the best time management and event management tool to schedule a meeting/event and send automatic alerts as the schedule nears. Especially when you require to assemble and meet a huge gathering, Doodle is the trick and yes, it’s free. Check the availability of peoples and fix the appropriate time to conduct the meeting with Doodle.

ApolloMyPriority.jpgIf you look to collaborate and handle a project online with no email communication, switch to Asana. A smart online tool to take ahead conversations and task together. Teams get organized far better letting the workflow streamlined naturally.

preziPrezi is a beautiful presentation creator application for businesses to create multidimensional presentation online. The interesting feature of Prezi is that all slides are interconnected and your presentation is naturally meaningful for the users as all data you present is linked and stands to the core. This storytelling tool has virtual canvas pre-designed and also easy to customize.

powtoonFor excellent animated videos and presentation, Powtoon is the solution. Smart and easiest way to engage audience using website videos, product demos, explainer videos and social clips. Powtoon has exciting themes and easy user interface to design animated videos of your business in no time. Make the most out of this extraordinary tool!

Google Forms:

Google FormsAn unexplored yet valuable tool right in your Gmail which helps you greatly in many engaging ways such as a tool to understand your customers, send invitation to friends, organize events, collect feedbacks, conduct surveys in an individual or combined manner, integrate as a contact form in your website or for any purpose you would like to use it. This free and easy-to-use Google forms provides templates for better convenience in designing forms and also let users to create their own template. Owner of the forms gain complete control over the form entries and save the responses either public or private.

Well, Stay tuned! The list grows…….

PROBESEVEN - Google’s Project Loon

Project Loon – Day to Day, Many Scientist and Researchers put forth unimaginable experimentation and and contribute to the list of latest inventions now and again. One of the notable recent inventions introduced by Google called GOOGLE LOON(PROJECT LOON) is our topic for the day at PROBESEVEN.

Google Project Loon Introduction:

Project Loon

In the month of June 2013, Google introduced their dream project called Google Loon or Google Balloon aimed at providing internet rich atmosphere even in the unexplored places of the world. Nearly two-third of the earth populations do not get proper internet access due to the unavailability of network supplies. This unavailability is due to the lack of transport, improper or nil electrical facilities and ignorance of technology.

Google Wireless network (Project Loon) surpassed all discussed primary concerns and  carried internet to all locations with the means of Special balloons which travel steady on space up to 20 km from the ground level and spread wireless network to send/receive proper signals for clear coverage for a promising 24/7 uninterrupted internet access.

How Project Loon Works:

Google Balloons get its design complete with sheets of polyethylene plastic 15 meters wide and 12 meters tall with high pressure and stands at earth’s Stratosphere surface. Winds blow at stratosphere steady and slow at 5 to 20 MPH and perhaps scientists can easily determine the wind direction and change the direction of balloons at this surface by using software algorithm chip fixed at the bottom of the balloons.

Balloons communicate with specialized Internet Antenna blower from the ground to send signal from one balloon to other and to another balloons based on the location of internet unavailability and reaches to local Internet Services Provider at ground with high bandwidth so as to makes best internet communication at no time. User can easily access internet without any break and all this process consumes little time. Every balloons in space is under Loon machine controller which controls all balloons with the help of high technology Micro-Chips fixed at the bottom of balloons.

The Balloon is filled with Pure Helium-Gas which facilitates to move high on space. To avoid sun damage and heat issues, the electronic units and micro-chips are powered by Mini Solar-Panel fixed at the bottom of the balloon which absorbs the light and heat and produce 100watts of power which in turn is the primary source of electricity supply to all micro electronic units in the Balloon and during night, power is supplied through mini solar battery which again works to save enough power in the day time.

Loon’s Advantages :

  • Uncertain or Unexpected region of world gets Internet access through Wi-Fi.
  • Farmers if get used to technology can easily communicate with each other and multiply their cultivation techniques sharing ideas.
  • Doctors could reach rural patient’s to give proper medical advice at times of emergencies.
  • Teachers working towards tomorrow’s education certainly utilize it to teach poor rural village children.
  • All Major Universities from the world will introduce Online Degree courses to help people of rural areas and poorest part of the world to earn their degrees through online.

Loon’s Disadvantages :

  • Cost of the Internet is cheaper yet the internet equipments price high.
  • Micro-Equipments used in the loon may be subjected to hardware failure due to Sun’s IR ray exposure.
  • In case of any mishap, locating the Loon and bringing it to ground may face difficulties if it goes completely out of control.
  • Many Countries refuse to adopt this technology fearing for any security vulnerability.
  • Some Countries refuses it since the Loon being fixed in the stratosphere, chances exist to collide with Satellites. Even it is concerned for chances of accidents in rocket launch.

Loon at New Zealand:

Project Loon has successfully launched 30 balloons from NewZealand’s South Island to test Internet supply to a small group of pilot tester who are working towards to refine the technology and shape the next stage of project loon.

Latest E commerce Trends World to See in 2014

E-Commerce in revolution, current trend has driven huge profit in the e-commerce sector and this trend is expected to go huge in the upcoming years with space to blend with advanced technology to attract shoppers online. To stay competitive in the online retail marketing, innovation of e-commerce is an essential factor. Let’s see thoughts which are going to drive the global e-commerce trends for the future.

1. Quality content a knot for SEO

A lackluster images and poor product description will make people run away and ruin your website. To improve user experience, engage with genuine write-ups, images and videos to attract more people to online stores and this inturn increase the traffic and helps in taking your business to next level.

2. Beam to B2B

Following individual customers shopping online, Businesses of today too favor purchasing bulk products online. This depicts the importance and popularity of E-Commerce making a major difference in current trend.

3. Hook up with big data

Big data helps online business and retailers based on the collected data’s to predict the market trends. This personalize online shopping and convert viewers to customers.

4. M-Movement

Elite growth of smart phones and android based devices changed the purchasing behavior of online shoppers giving different channels of purchase. In the upcoming years, more and more channel boom to conduct transaction online and shoppers feel it easy to keep up to date delivery via mobile phones which indeed set aside Brick&Mortar shopping model.

5. User Friendly Experience

To create more user friendly ambiance, you have to break down the barriers between in-person and online shopping. Enabling to save the favorite products, smooth checkout process, recommending the product based on the browsing habits to set the bar for customer expectations together attract online customers. Remarketing and Retargeting is all set to make a big difference in advertising medium.

6. Associate to be Socialite

Social networks allows people to update what to shop, where to shop, how to share and let customer email to friend whenever a new product is encountered. Social media networks Twitters, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ are expected to optimize the search engine ranking in the upcoming year.

7. Same Day Shipping

E-commerce market as like any other business rich in supply meets tough competition and so strategies like Same Day Delivery is remarkable. This thought will set a standard in receiving goods in ordering online among the customers.

These emerging trends will dominate and allow e-commerce market trend to grow in the upcoming years.