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PROBESEVEN - The Optimized Level of Content for your Website

The Right Amount of Content for your Website:

As being in business for quite some time and handling handsome number of website development and maintenance, we are experienced to research and judge the amount of content that is required for the website to go good. Yes! You’re right the content I am talking about is the good quality content. Although the answer can just be a single word, it is not just easy as that and it is quite apparent the strategically change always plays a major role.

This is something which cannot be answered directly but I can keep you updated with few points that gets the consideration for the optimized content level in the website. Still again you might stand to argue stating your website strategy goes the best. Hold On! Let’s work it out together and come up with a solution.

Meet the User Requirement:

The prime target to bring in visitors to your website and that it perceptibly points to the information content. The driving of visitors is of course the ability of SEO but retaining the visitor relevantly in the website is the mere job of content. You become the host and you are responsible to engage them in an interesting manner. Yes! This can be achieved when you view the website in the visitor’s shoe. So, now ask yourself, “How much amount of content will you be willing to read?” I am sure you would not permit a read for more than three to five minutes. Now you might think you have the answer but do not fix on it as we have still more to go.

Quality of Content:

By change you tend to give ordinary and average content in your website it can become more harmful rather than bringing any good. In most cases you might think for time being the website can stay with this content and later you could work on its improvement. This is a great mistake and a blunder that is caused to the website. The damage to the website done initially can never heal later, hence do not attempt to repeat this again.

Content per Page:

Generally this is considered in SEO as for the page optimization and the page ranking, efforts and implemented on which it gets competitive. Google allows you to index all your important content that helps to bring in results. The SEO has to put much efforts to index all the information and help the website to come to the forefront. The updates in Google algorithm and strategically changes are much around the performance of the website.

To Conclude:

Always ensure quality content and not quantity. It is important for the user to enjoy staying in the website and have a clear insight about the search. If you want a direct answer to the question, most of the research talks on about 300 words per page for the page optimization and to being a decent page ranking with the efforts of SEO. Still the answer is not complete as the probabilities are ample. So always ensure high quality and up to date information along with a good SEO strategy can keep your website rocking. I guess this article a 3 minutes read and so thanks for staying here this long. Good Day and Good Luck!


A reliable advertiser of your business is just your website. Many new variations of websites in terms of design has arrived such as responsive, parallax and more, yet one criteria is unchanged, yes, the trust factor of the website. The trust factor so-called is actually the trust factor of the business built over the website. Here in this article, we help you recall the six most essentials of website which proliferate the reliability of the visitors.


Reviews or testimonials is central for business success. Fact is that Testimonialany individual would like to spot a review of the material before investing. Hardly, some people ignore the testimonials. Such a valuable element of business is obligatory for any website to increase the trustworthiness and induce visitor to covert as a customer logically. The best page of your website where a testimonial should be is on the homepage. Make your business lively, more with a video testimonial. Your visitor’s are already searching it!


Pretty available page on almost all web pages on the internet but  privacywhy is it should be re-considered? Well, the privacy policy of website is common but the question is how frequent the page is updated. Certainly, this part of the website stays intact and all businesses take no notice of the privacy policy after its creation. Also, many businesses create privacy policies which frighten the readers. Do not ever try to lose the healthy connection you established between the company and the readers by writing strict terms and conditions where you could actually use the magic of mutual convincing words. With all that said, using an up-to-date privacy policy is crucial to increase the credibility of the website among the visitors.


In any medium of business, awards and endorsements play a vital roleAwards and it serves as an impetus to take the business to its next level. Showcase the awards and recognition of your business and highlight right on your homepage to drastically improve the credibility at the first visit. The mode of recognition may vary from businesses to businesses but is available for all. Portray your achievements on the right part of your website which simply takes your sales high.


Contact form is general but learning how to improve the contact contactform can add the trust factor of your business. Real physical address, contact number along with the contact person information gains trust rather than providing a simple one-way contact form with no contact information published. This page, any business can use it to the fullest and should actually design in user’s perspective to understand and include information he/she may actually look for. Next time, be sure to include valid address, a google map, and respective person’s name and contact information.


Though website is a place to list the service/sales you do, it is the Teamplace where you actually speak to the customer. At this point of juncture, adding real photos of the management and their team photographs adds the credibility of your business. You convey your readers that you are real and certain to service what your customers are looking for. Do not hesitate to include photographs in your website, it visually talks to your visitors.


Say for example, if you sell an Email Marketing software, point the Relevancehighlight of your business and also how the software address the current marketing need. Including statistical data will support your data and prove the points are not just a prediction. Relating your content to relevant current facts of the industry increase the credibility of the website greatly.

From small to large businesses, research and handle the website to increase the customer credibility as the customer perceives the business in a similar manner as how the web page is actually perceived and help user reduce the uncertainty of starting a business talk.

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PROBESEVEN - Evoke Better Web Visibility with Better Web Contents

It is rather a most essential and important task to give your website better visibility and traffic. You may be a glib designer, a consummate concept thinker and above all a congenial developer but have you ever thought, there is something more which would gain value and traffic to your website. It is doubtlessly the content that takes the concepts to the prospects the right way and it is the prime aspect where the search engines filter or value the website.

Let us get into more detailing on how to focus on the quality content. To prove the statement of the importance of website content, try to list out the top ranking site and make a short study which emits the truth of staying ahead is the drive force of the content quality. Just a glance of the top ranking site, you may realize that the design is not so attractive, it may not be a conceptual website but have you wondered about the reach and stand of its rank position, it is doubtlessly the content of the website.

Want to feel a star? Deny not that ‘Content is King’ and it is the mantra in the web world. It is necessary for the content to be original, contextual, unique in style and well  in architect. Apart from these, the website needs to be refreshed improvising the content constantly. Never let your site stay with rusted contents as the efforts to take it high would gain no fruit. Websites demand quality contents with frequent updates meeting with all parameters.

Betterment of content needs to be a strategy for all web masters and it involves high quality and unique contents which the search engines desire for. The relevance is another non-denial aspect taking into account for the hyperlinks and making it SEO friendly. More so the keywords techniques can be a part of content development but it also needs to take pace with the content development which creates interest to the visitors. It needs to comprehend much on knowledge and skill of the content writer that gets to be considered as an art rather than mere skill.

It is indispensable to hire a profound content writer who is able to produce well on even technical aspects as per the website demands. Clear understanding, useful and relevant information, strong language and unique style are the essential aspects. The process involved are content development, editing, proof reading and formatting which a proficient content development will able to bring them to being.

Now comes the wholesome revolution, once your content writers develop the required contents with the keywords and the choice of keywords based on its density it is possible to see the website ranking up. The value of content again speaks here as once the visitor and the reader get involved in reading the content, they automatically tend to spend longer time which increases the credibility of the website that reflects in the search engine result page. In conclusion, Content Writers are the key contributors not just for the website development but for the growth of business and for the betterment of web visibility.