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Am running in the track of recruitment, and when my Boss inquired me the smart way of retaining and recruiting the best talents, I could suggest EMPLOYER BRANDING which serves well in a wider perspective. I thought of sharing my answer through this article, and my thanks in advance for your time to read my observations :)


It is a simple process of promoting a company’s encouraging work atmosphere and its culture towards a talent pool. Thus it enhances the company’s ability in recruiting the right talents and retaining the valuable resources. The company uses this methodology as a tool to convey the positive workplace for the existing and future employees.

It focuses two audiences

  • Future ideal employees by making them to feel good to become the part of organization
  • Current Employees by making them to feel good for being a part of the organization

Serving as a Gateway, we the HR, are playing a crucial role in promoting the company. It’s a kind of branding the company with good stuff to process mature the potential candidates.  I could say this as an organization’s pride as an employer with the simple goal of HAPPIER EMPLOYEE – PRESENT & THE FUTURE.


The Key person of Employer branding is none but HR since we have in-depth experience at the recruitment & people management. HR holds a greater responsibility handling all aspects of an organization which involves both current and future employers.

The role of HR starts in recruitment. Help the organization in hiring long standing and skilled employees and don’t try to fill roles instead help the candidates to build their careers.

Have a strong analysis of company’s strategic objectives and set a unique identity to achieve the objectives.

Have a periodic review of the process and take steps to improve the performance constantly and the experts call this as EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITION.


Employer branding is not a rocket science to handle at. Here are the simple steps to carry out Employer branding for your organization.

  • Make your current employees who are the indirect brand ambassadors of the company feel valued by recognizing them. Give periodic performance reviews and award them.
  • Be a helper in facilitating professional development with room for improvement by organizing internal & external training sessions as and when required.
  • Engage and inspire the employees by enacting policies that show employer trust them and thereby fostering confidence with the employers.
  • Educate the company’s vision and mission and be a cultivator of positive spirit within the organization always.
  • Play a vital role in retention activities of the existing employees by acting as a bridge between the employer and the employee.
  • Be active on social media and promote your company’s goal, vision, mission and work culture and build a good network.

During Hiring,

HR has to portrait organization’s culture during the interview and this will be an indirect way to enhance the organization’s reputation, Hope the following will be helpful.

  • Build good relationships with the people and try to take the interview as casual as possible.
  • Provide good hospitality during the interview.
  • Update with the proper interview feedback.
  • Offer reasonable perks.
  • Encourage reasonable expectations.

Finally, before recommending a candidate, check if the candidate will fit your organization culture and give priority to this over anything even his skills and experience. A bad attitude personality can impact your good culture in the long run.

Hope these points helped you to gain some light and help your organization adopt a healthy positive working environment.

Am very proud to be a vital player in employer branding, Ain’t you? Come on! Share your tips.


Have you ever known what’s being discussed after you leave the interview?
Have you ever known the points noted in you by the interviewer?


Few valuable points which the interviewers infer from you without asking you are as follows:
Are you presentable?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

The interviewers notice about the way you present before them. Many qualified candidate miss out their job because of their poor, meaningless & casual presentation in the interview. One of the best attributes is the ability to respond according to the situation. Always remember that the interviewers judge whether or not you could fit the organization for EVERY SINGLE DAY and not only on the day of interview.

Here are some few tips which you can provide the impression to the interviewers that you are the best fit for the organization,

  • Arrive on time
  • Be thankful to the organization for providing you the opportunity
  • Remain positive at all times
  • Give Honest & Relevant answers to the question
  • Don’t talk monotonously
  • Don’t dress or behave too casually
Are you the Job Passionate?

“Nothing great was ever achieved without the Zeal”

The interviewers also determine how enthusiastic and interested you are . Provide the impression to the job providers that you have taken the job seriously by learning about the company, their culture & their services before you appear for the interview. Always be interactive in the interview. The interaction provides an impression that you are more interested & passionate in taking the opportunity & an active personality. This is how your interest level will be observed.

Are you Ethical?

‘Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty’

Even though the resume says in detail about your previous accomplishments, make yourselves present with the real examples that proved expertise in those accomplishments. . Always remember that the interviewer judges whether can you really do not only with what you say but have their own prediction. Don’t always give false promises . Provide accurate information. Be with the attitude of winning the job roles instead of interview.

Are you Consistent?

“Consistent action creates consistent results”

The multiple experiences working in various companies mentioned in the resume provides an impression that you are not stable. So try to establish your stability by providing the service as far as you can in the same organization. Incase of multiple experience, clarify the interviewer with the better explanation and always remember to add references of every organization you are accompanied with. Avoid being a ‘job jumper’.

The trend made the proverb ‘Don’t lie to doctors & lawyers’ change to “Don’t lie to Doctors, Lawyers & the INTERVIEWERS”.