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PROBESEVEN - Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists!

Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists! You are the one who should be keen in productivity and destined to inspire your work group. How do you wish to inspire your work group, may be a big question now, you can be surprised to agree with this great productivity tool to support your career. 

 By and large most people just declare themselves to believe that their personal habits and capabilities are what defines their life but give it a pause, then think when you are enlightened with some positive tool you can challenge to adhere and put them to action. Shortly, your will be able to report the finding being positive and how valuable these ideas bring to your personal experience.

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Let me emphasize this is not just for your job or career but it is a personal awareness to your life purpose for a visionary success in all endeavours.

These techniques generate huge positive transformation, gives your ample satisfaction and generates abundance success. Most successful business men have been working on this and which gives them the right holistic mindset and profound success. The concept may be simple but it does inspire many readers and it is important for anyone to possess better process and better performance to deliver good and competitive output, ineffective output gets the team frustrated and in order to avoid these pitfalls comes the essential of improving your efficiency. The great way to start is to create a list in your style. The style which I mean here is the to-do list or anti-to-do list.

Before I get into to explain the difference of both the styles let me brief out the habits of accomplishing people in everything they do. It is no surprise that such people are more productive, more successful and managed stress. Getting to know their habits will inspire you as well.

Productivity Tool 2

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Most of them are Morning people:  They know what they have to do and rise as early as possible with sustainable working timings.

Good planners in Time Allocation:  Most of them are good planners and they know how long each of the task takes for them to complete and they are able to fix with the specific time to carry out the work.

Efficient to Distract the Distraction:  Strong enough to dust the distractions and focus on the planned work. Your mindset and self-control are simple terms but what here needs to be practiced is the ability to promptly distract the distraction.

Planning with Appropriate Window:  Work with the time limitations, tasks may be pouring and most successful people work to the context of the day. Literally, it means when your day agenda is filled with meetings and project co-ordination which is in priority it becomes impossible to handle the scheduled task and instead of going vain over it they do not plan other tasks in such days.

Work on Momentum and Delegate: It should be considered a pleasure to work in momentum as it gets overwhelmed on the accomplishments. Most of the successful people just don’t wait to complete in a hard day but rather delegate and get the task completed if even under supervision. Here it demands you to be a quick thinker.

Having had a feel of the habits the successful people adhere and with enough motivation I am willing to state the long discussed productivity tools.
  • Adhering to To-do list
  • Adhering to Anti-To-do list

Productivity Tool

To-do list:  Maintaining To-do lists is psychological, derives productivity benefits!

Seamlessly adhering to the To-do list is just not a physical exercise but it takes plenty of planning and has some psychological influence. As the day gets busier and it becomes essential to plan a to-do list. Let me tell you when you start to practice and practicing to create the list your mind starts to summarize the points, it would automatically eliminate the hindrance, it helps you decide upfront the importance of the task and the time consumption.

It also should be clearly understood that the concrete goals whether based on the days, weeks or months has some molecular goals which are the ones that needs to be achieved on the daily basis. The step by step process thinking to meet the objectives makes it sooner for the achievement of the desirable goals.

Anti-To-Do List: Psychological, yet feel the difference instantaneously!

Strategically, this suits the person who is more inclined towards the frustrations when the tasks are left unfinished. Although the ultimate goal is to improve the productivity and stay motivated over the task completion. The planner has the ability to feel accomplished and it is also sneaky when you notice the list left unfinished.

Not being sure that if you are familiar with the concept of Anti-to-do list, which is just the reverse of the to-do list where you would list the jobs completed instead of the list of to be completed tasks.

End of the day you would be glad to see the amount of work accomplished and it would not let you wonder as what the hell has been done for past 8 hours! By implementing this strategy, you would spontaneously feel the difference and would certainly learn to focus on the positives that would help you adhere to your productivity targets.

Celebrate the Win:

Ultimately, moving about with the lists be it ‘To-do’ or ‘Anti-to-do’ it turns out to be significant and would certainly roll out with the best accomplishments. With the promise of wrapping up the day with positivity and celebrating wins, it concludes to say give it a try, not later but now.

Enjoy happy scheduling and accomplishments. Got some inputs or liked this article post your comments which will remain forever cherished.

PROBESEVEN - New-gen innovative approach to practice at work place!

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If you truly wish to learn and practice the art of innovative thinking at your work place which transform to support your dream career miraculously, you are at the right spot and here is your tips for the innovative practice.

If at all you wish to progress in your career and climb up the career ladder it may eventually take about 5 years to 10 years to get into the managerial position. There is something called work injury which may be experienced as you look up the top view and keep going which blinds the present flow of operation. Oh yes, may be I’m talking about common person and you could be an extraordinary intellectual. Let me tell you there may be quite something which I would share to you rather warn you I should say…You should know how to delegate, delegating to the team is something not so common as it required to meet the quality and the challenge is the task deadline. Coming again would you tell something other than, expecting the team to work as good as you, if yes then it might lead to uncertainty.

You would now prefer to play more safe and would you not wish to accomplish more as a team work, work in a more organised manner, deliver more than expected, build a high performing team then you may have to innovate things in more positive manner in your work place.

Here are few process you may have to practice to reinvent your abilities to optimistic work flow.


Forget “Can’t” seek possibilities to “Can”

Generally speaking we deliver a “can’t” note when things are not positive and when there is a block to penetrate, rather than walking off with it why not think in ways of possibilities to make it happen. You may also tend to justify your “can’t” statement saying so that the story might happen to be different if ….this had happened or ….that had happened, now let’s talk it the other way, try to figure out the “can if…” Scenario before confirming the “can’t” statement. You might ask an example over this but I would say that this is mere experience of each of us in our career journey or when we work towards our personal targets.


 Start to think as an entrepreneur, become an intrapreneur!

Think it your own success and deliberate the authentic concept in your work flow. Ownership to the access mode of your responsibilities in the most innovative manner requires a well-built thinking capacity of an entrepreneur. I would say the emerging trend of encouraging intrapreneur which calls for the complete functions of the entrepreneur but been applied within the existing organization.

Quite some time back when queried about the training on intrapreneur and entrepreneur, you might have thought a despite the fact about it but would it not be same as I wish to share, getting profound over this might let you set upfront to take charge over your responsibilities. This is what the innovative thinking that expects and much common difference would be that enterpreneurs would work on their own at their own will while intrapreneurs work out their ideas and proposals only on the management approvals.


Encourage ‘Impossible’ within you

I know it is weird but why not is my question, have you ever though this way that more innovations are happening only in the context of impossible. Wait! Now is not the time to conclude, as meant to handle the impossible seeks much inner strength and creativity. It would some time be like kicked off from the comfort zone and from the perspective of the experienced you may feel boozy, your perspiration to get to do the impossible is the step out impact of the impossible.

Explanation over this, may create a curiosity for example, when your minds are set to think on the impossible platform and the impossible ways of handling the existing problems then it is quite sure you are low in competition among your peers and when with the right match over the efforts and the foresight miracles happen which kicks up your spirits to the ultimate achievement. Easy impossible, this may sound an oxymoron but it carries much for achievement and innovations.


Break through to work on your own constraints

You may be or your mind been activated for innovation, if I rightly say the innovative chip in your brains will make more things happen. Now what I’d discuss is we are not free to explore always and might have to fight up on constraints. Take it up optimistically by putting the constraints on yourself. Such challenges are proven to slow the progress and delay the achievements but don’t you think it cannot be eradicated as well.

Work it on deliberately and keep the constraints as given by yourself to you, finding solutions are simple, create a momentum and work for the progress when the progress gets started to proceed it goes its own way to achievement.

Here you are with these wonderful modern talent thoughts. Remember that innovation cannot be a task but needs to be a habit. Nothing goes vein when practiced systematically and consistently.

You are now to challenge yourself for innovation and be a creative workforce who would rather have nothing to grumble but embrace the challenges and limitations.



PROBESEVEN - The rise of BYOA and BYOM from BYOD!


The days with the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) is transforming and far reaching to the corporates and IT companies as the BYOA (Bring your own apps).
It proves to make a great sense that they become an integral part of the individual and which defines the person in a better way.
In fact it is not astonishing to hear few eminent  to talk about the BYOM (Bring your own mind) which proves most essential for the enterprise to experience success.

Denied with these will be a charge of the concern as the top talents gets eliminated and so why not? Think it futuristic and join the moment with the spirit of individualism.

BYOD has proven as an acknowledgement to the need of individualism in the work space. This had taken a leap and seen encouragement over BYOA which progresses to bring your own apps to the work place in a way they use personally for their individual collaboration, thinking, tracking and managing stuffs. Although this seem to be undeniable it does not go that easy as it takes the concern of security and consistency.  If need to look into more details the recent enterprise are seamlessly into such concepts encouraging employees for BYOA which also means Build your own app.

The swift transformation are a part of today’s high tech world as the use and penetration of smart mobiles are much greater and it proves to be a multi-fold bloom when compared to the other devices such as desk top and lap top computers including the tablets. The billions of smart phones hitting the market are increasing in percentage and when it is 2017 the other devices like laptops would get stale.

So, when you think of what’s Next? As most companies have enriched their employees with the BYOA extending the ultimate freedom.

This has triggered another concept whichis buzzing in the IT industry which is the MDM system that justly is Mobile Device Management which is been designed to the security at both ends for the company and the workforces.  The company and the employees are driven by the system which detects the authentication, tracks the policy breaches and also alerts the unauthorised access if any. It protects the overall honesty as the consequences will turn to be costlier when deducted. The recent survey has deducted that the companies deny the use of own devices does not attract top talents which is one prime reason for the companies to get attracted to BYOD. Although the challenges are ample it does prove to be the wake up for the new IT spectrum. On the other hand it also transforms from Bring your own to Build your own which is easily possible to detect the benefits and the barriers in the practical scenario.

Transformation Technology, the end of restrictions!


This concept is simple to handle by the technology companies with their full-fledged talents and the ability to integrate more security that is reliable. It would soon land up in the concept of BYOM bring your own mind keeping you closer to your personal life and this may prove to out ridge the official and professionalism concepts but another reality what is been experienced in the developed countries are that they gain high potential output along with much more dedication and sincerity which supports in their business growth. The waves would quickly spread and expected to be a part of every company universally.

Cool and secure makes it enriching and why not when the concept of work from home gets popular this concept of Bring your own app and bring your own mind gets closely related to the ultimate and comfortable thinking process in their own way. Clearly it is just not bringing your device, apps or mind to work but for using them for the enterprise.

Keep in track for more to come related to the technology advancement and how this concept is been appreciated across the globe. Need your share of ideas and why not drop few words in this comments session.


PROBESEVEN - Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits!

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation directly implies the complete change in the way the business functions and when in it digital transformation it shifts from the existing mode of data to the complete digitalization.

Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits! Will this be a kind to heavy thing to think or adapt, the difficulty to understand the protocols and technology?  

Oh, yep! It may be so for many but the best part of the current scenario is the leverage of simplicity in technology and processes. The shift to the new platform is also consummate and the best implementation can be experienced with today’s technology.

The App world

This cannot be called meaningless and the evolving technology is highly business savvy which keeps you embrace your business all time. It is a known fact that a huge volume are business processes has been taken over by technology and most appropriate would be say the CLOUD.

The progressed concept which I would wish to quote is the XaaS (Anything/Everything as a Service) right from SaaS, Paas, Iaas, DRaaS, DaaS which has been prevailing and today it is more generically quoted application to anything and everything as a service.

This is definitely an inspiration and overwhelming that encourages all the business processes irrespective of its complication to get into digitalization.

Implemented for success & profits

Assertive over switching to the digital platform is the right thought without controversy. It is proven to betterment both internal in the organisation and external with the business stakeholders.

Most business experience swiftness, accuracy, profits and customer satisfaction which shows the measurable success on its best functioning.

The Challenges

The incorporated technology should mean to the success of the organization and well met with the company goals. It would be  measurable when it gets in place rightly as a glib professional.

The overall challenge is the implementation part that needs to take place perfectly without leading to any confusion and breakage. A defined digital transformation should be the goal plan and milestone to adapt.

Advantage over Adaption

When you think to confirm over the digital transformation which normally the companies and organisation would adapt it is quite impressive and would state to suit the business needs of any industry across the globe.

  • Don’t you think a professional and well defined Analytical tool would do a great job in the measuring of the customer reaction and the understanding the requirements based on the behaviour of the customers to make any marketing campaign a grand success.
  • The next big think which is supportive for the business process is the Mobile apps which aids the organisation to connect with their stakeholders and specially the customers as and when they need, in fact an all-round collaboration.
  • Remote working has become a positive trend and as popular as BYOD/CYOD usage. Companies look for platform which collaborates their customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. This gains them lavish time and energy to save on money too.
  • One another aspect to stay on cloud and online is the SEO leverage for match the efforts of sales and marketing. They include the social media which puts together for effectively using the web platform.
The changes experienced

When entering the digitalization it categories into the customer experience and the business success with its effective operations. The balance experienced creates value to the customers and it directly reflects over the ROI and customer satisfaction which are key expectations of any businesses.

It is also a great efficiency over the operations, better bonded customer relationship, better employee morale, share of effective collaboration to meet the vision of the company.

These indications make it more encouraging for many companies and organisations to be a part of the digital world.


The eye-opener here is that you don’t have to walk behind or follow any concept until you embrace the requirement. The requirements here is meant all your business priorities, your goals and vision. This would deliberate the greater impact on the digital operations.

Pretty sure that there are no organisation without an vision, all business will required the mobile convenience, popularity like the better online presence and would require anything that will assist in the success of the business.

When all these potential would promise success then is the power of the digitalisation will positively interact and meet the revolution.

PROBESEVEN - Convenience Experienced with Internet of Things!

The coolest thing of today which is been widely conversing about and many IT companies actively building strategies are about Internet of Things. This technology is something that the convenience experienced in past can be seen with multi-fold enrichment as of today and will be far more advanced in future.
Internet of things

The question for the layman may be what is it all about and how it could be made possible?

Here is, what exactly IoT means… it refers to the connectivity and and internet, it might mean that connectivity is among humans but wonder not to know it has been expanded and the interactions are made possible even with objects which we encounter in our daily life. The reality today in most cities and the near future of the rest of the places are like ‘Internet Access’ is something that will not mean much as it internet would become omnipresent and available all time, connectivity works beyond humans passing on to objects. A topic was also discussed on Li-Fi which will supplement the understanding but we have traveled to still advanced developments.

When I say this you may realize better as anything that operates electronically and has an on/off action can be communicated remotely which will be a concept of Internet of things.

Generally, convenience in the past was meant something that is available in the neighbourhood and that which can be reached in few minutes. On contrary the convenience today is massively different which is expected is to have them at finger tips for access.

The prevalent implications are encountered in almost all field which does include the regulations, the government, the policies, technology and all others. You are now to get an insight of the implications IoT created for marketing.

It goes extensively to provide high consumer convenience that challenges the marketing to meet their expectation. The connectivity is so high and goes public that the start on this was by a marketing company who provided the products from the vending machine when it was tweeted.

This relevantly getting the data bigger and soon it is expected as the humans get social there can be an expected social interaction between the things.

When the feel of smart homes, smart watch which function with connectivity and streamlines the regular process it is also interesting that the marketers get beyond and more public about their customers. Imagine you move a product say a pair of  goggles to your shopping cart and this choice of yours is been used to influence many and when you seek to buy one, you are naturally taken to the insight of the product. It benefits both ways you seem to obtain the best while the marketer would certainly multiply the volume of sales.

The lights that gets on automatically switched-on the relatively sensing the reaching distance, which is communicated to the AC checks on the temperature, the refrigerator communicates to the car about the short of grocery, the car parks by the grocery store, the car communicates with the friends car in the social network understanding about the traffic and the signals, the road signals communicates with the vehicles which are heading towards the same lane. Yes! much more can happen think your fuel is on warning, designates to the fuel stations immediately.

It becomes a brave world as when the customer is seen to visit the store and bags with nothing, the sense of dissatisfaction is experienced which is automatically sensed and the marketer would work on the remedy to get the customer back. The world of internet would also be soon known as the chip world which lets anyone track on the desired things. There are wonders happening to safeguard the endangered animals as their move is well tracked and it gets automatically communicated to the forest authority for the safety. The trees are embedded with chips which protects them from deforestation and the list is on and on.

Technology is the big thing happening and the impact of IoT will soon become the widely inter-connected universe.



PROBESEVEN - The Emergence and Future of 3D Printing Technology

Talking about Recent Technology – The 3D Printing Technology:

It was just a few days back while I was preparing on Technology updates, met few interesting people who seem to have caught up with all the latest buzzwords in technology. With a wonder did I start to converse with a few out there about the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data and much more till the recent tech slang Selfie, it was when the moment the discussion was moved to the future of 3D Printing Technology which was about 4D Printing. It was a bash for me as when the concepts were driven so much with blasting participation from the many contemporaneous gave me a thought to imagining the World of Manufacturing Independence.3d-printer-voor-consumenten-2Sort of I’m all set to feed the inputs to keep you watching over the technology happening in 3D Printing. Just imagine it’s a kind of genie at your service. You are been able to print out objects in the desired material. Oh! Yes now as you are I too was keen on noting the materials used and got to know that it can print in the chosen materials among the plastic, nylon, iron, clay, dough, wax, glass, alloy, chocolate, gold, silver, rubber and over about 100 types of 3D Printing Materials.

It’s a great go to see the requirements getting handled in a single go and that it can be printed any time. Say you might need to nail an object or require a spare to fix your furniture just go deciding to 3D print to get the required part. Of course there are many additive technologies and concepts in manufacturing but the idea is when you can 3D print the product, you are almost in hand with it. It creates the objects by adding the materials in the required place and making it complete. On the other hand, you would also have come across the concepts of subtractive manufacturing which is in the way the blacksmith works by removing the unwanted parts to make the objects complete.

How it all works?

Well, we have been talking about its creation and the additive process but let us also know how it is possible to create the required object virtually and bringing it to reality. The Computer Aided Design file is used for the 3D printing. You would also be able to scan the image in 3D and bringing the file to be transformed as 3D objects. The various methods of manufacturing which you would come across includes the Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modelling and the most commonly used is the Stereolithography. All of these are known as SLS, FDM, SLA and they aid to integrate the visualised object in the 3D platform. These professionals are known as 3D Printing Manufacturers who gain momentum. Just as you click your cherished moments and the more selfies would be jaw dropping experience it if you realize that it is possible to 3D scan yourself and print a 3D miniature with the endless memories.Selfie


Now you would attentively see that other than the commercial 3D printing they are also used in the Personal 3D printing which goes interesting day by day. The use of these are also experienced in the industries of designing, architecture, casting, education, medicine, healthcare, retail and simple for other personal enthusiasm. There has been remarkable revolution in the medical industry which has meant for the organ printing, tissue engineering and much more. There is also awareness about the 3D printing cost and you would also note that there are simple methods to access without purchasing a 3D printer but with the online 3D printing service providers.


The Future:

Computerized manufacturing is possible with any specification, customization, and remarkable endurance and in no time the product comes to being in your hands. Just as how the pictures and portraits are popular for the current generation, sooner it would be to have a 3D printed miniature of yourself for the display and decorative. This is an interesting field and the most demanded technology. Soon you would be to release the happening and enrichment in the 3D printing which has now stepped its foot in the 4D printing concept and much more.

“New Technology creates better opportunities and always expects you to stay updated and competitive”

PROBESEVEN - The Optimized Level of Content for your Website

The Right Amount of Content for your Website:

As being in business for quite some time and handling handsome number of website development and maintenance, we are experienced to research and judge the amount of content that is required for the website to go good. Yes! You’re right the content I am talking about is the good quality content. Although the answer can just be a single word, it is not just easy as that and it is quite apparent the strategically change always plays a major role.

This is something which cannot be answered directly but I can keep you updated with few points that gets the consideration for the optimized content level in the website. Still again you might stand to argue stating your website strategy goes the best. Hold On! Let’s work it out together and come up with a solution.

Meet the User Requirement:

The prime target to bring in visitors to your website and that it perceptibly points to the information content. The driving of visitors is of course the ability of SEO but retaining the visitor relevantly in the website is the mere job of content. You become the host and you are responsible to engage them in an interesting manner. Yes! This can be achieved when you view the website in the visitor’s shoe. So, now ask yourself, “How much amount of content will you be willing to read?” I am sure you would not permit a read for more than three to five minutes. Now you might think you have the answer but do not fix on it as we have still more to go.

Quality of Content:

By change you tend to give ordinary and average content in your website it can become more harmful rather than bringing any good. In most cases you might think for time being the website can stay with this content and later you could work on its improvement. This is a great mistake and a blunder that is caused to the website. The damage to the website done initially can never heal later, hence do not attempt to repeat this again.

Content per Page:

Generally this is considered in SEO as for the page optimization and the page ranking, efforts and implemented on which it gets competitive. Google allows you to index all your important content that helps to bring in results. The SEO has to put much efforts to index all the information and help the website to come to the forefront. The updates in Google algorithm and strategically changes are much around the performance of the website.

To Conclude:

Always ensure quality content and not quantity. It is important for the user to enjoy staying in the website and have a clear insight about the search. If you want a direct answer to the question, most of the research talks on about 300 words per page for the page optimization and to being a decent page ranking with the efforts of SEO. Still the answer is not complete as the probabilities are ample. So always ensure high quality and up to date information along with a good SEO strategy can keep your website rocking. I guess this article a 3 minutes read and so thanks for staying here this long. Good Day and Good Luck!

PROBESEVEN - Evoke Better Web Visibility with Better Web Contents

It is rather a most essential and important task to give your website better visibility and traffic. You may be a glib designer, a consummate concept thinker and above all a congenial developer but have you ever thought, there is something more which would gain value and traffic to your website. It is doubtlessly the content that takes the concepts to the prospects the right way and it is the prime aspect where the search engines filter or value the website.

Let us get into more detailing on how to focus on the quality content. To prove the statement of the importance of website content, try to list out the top ranking site and make a short study which emits the truth of staying ahead is the drive force of the content quality. Just a glance of the top ranking site, you may realize that the design is not so attractive, it may not be a conceptual website but have you wondered about the reach and stand of its rank position, it is doubtlessly the content of the website.

Want to feel a star? Deny not that ‘Content is King’ and it is the mantra in the web world. It is necessary for the content to be original, contextual, unique in style and well  in architect. Apart from these, the website needs to be refreshed improvising the content constantly. Never let your site stay with rusted contents as the efforts to take it high would gain no fruit. Websites demand quality contents with frequent updates meeting with all parameters.

Betterment of content needs to be a strategy for all web masters and it involves high quality and unique contents which the search engines desire for. The relevance is another non-denial aspect taking into account for the hyperlinks and making it SEO friendly. More so the keywords techniques can be a part of content development but it also needs to take pace with the content development which creates interest to the visitors. It needs to comprehend much on knowledge and skill of the content writer that gets to be considered as an art rather than mere skill.

It is indispensable to hire a profound content writer who is able to produce well on even technical aspects as per the website demands. Clear understanding, useful and relevant information, strong language and unique style are the essential aspects. The process involved are content development, editing, proof reading and formatting which a proficient content development will able to bring them to being.

Now comes the wholesome revolution, once your content writers develop the required contents with the keywords and the choice of keywords based on its density it is possible to see the website ranking up. The value of content again speaks here as once the visitor and the reader get involved in reading the content, they automatically tend to spend longer time which increases the credibility of the website that reflects in the search engine result page. In conclusion, Content Writers are the key contributors not just for the website development but for the growth of business and for the betterment of web visibility.