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Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists!

by Subashini.S

Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists! You are the one who should be keen in productivity and destined to inspire your work group. How do you wish to inspire your work group, may be a big… Continue Reading →

New-gen innovative approach to practice at work place!

by Subashini.S

If you truly wish to learn and practice the art of innovative thinking at your work place which transform to support your dream career miraculously, you are at the right spot and here is your tips for the innovative practice…. Continue Reading →

The rise of BYOA and BYOM from BYOD!

by Subashini.S

The days with the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) is transforming and far reaching to the corporates and IT companies as the BYOA (Bring your own apps). It proves to make a great sense that they become an… Continue Reading →

Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits!

by Subashini.S

Digital Transformation directly implies the complete change in the way the business functions and when in it digital transformation it shifts from the existing mode of data to the complete digitalization. Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits! Will… Continue Reading →

Convenience Experienced with Internet of Things!

by Subashini.S

The coolest thing of today which is been widely conversing about and many IT companies actively building strategies are about Internet of Things. This technology is something that the convenience experienced in past can be seen with multi-fold enrichment as… Continue Reading →

The Emergence and Future of 3D Printing Technology

by Subashini.S

Talking about Recent Technology – The 3D Printing Technology: It was just a few days back while I was preparing on Technology updates, met few interesting people who seem to have caught up with all the latest buzzwords in technology…. Continue Reading →

The Optimized Level of Content for your Website

by Subashini.S

The Right Amount of Content for your Website: As being in business for quite some time and handling handsome number of website development and maintenance, we are experienced to research and judge the amount of content that is required for… Continue Reading →

Evoke Better Web Visibility with Better Web Contents

by Subashini.S

It is rather a most essential and important task to give your website better visibility and traffic. You may be a glib designer, a consummate concept thinker and above all a congenial developer but have you ever thought, there is… Continue Reading →