“Each of the team member need to strategically rally and constantly progress in their confidence level, exposure, freedom of thought and fluency of language.”  

Today appeared to be a constructive day! Keeping the pace of staging and confidence level in each individual with constant development was the focus of this day where thoughts were exchanged experiencing freedom of speech in an unconditional manner. It is of course the Debate Tournament.

Going thoughtful with the youth of this generation who demonstrate to stay focused in the development at various fronts. Keeping the day in line with the concept the team of PROBESEVEN organized the Debate Contest in order to outsmart each other viewpoints supporting their team topic.

Topic: Traditional Thoughts Vs Modern Thoughts 


On account keeping the challenge high immense wishes and greets were exchanged. The signification of this start of the challenge was a wholesome winning attitude in each team member.

Getting on with the organizers Vignesh and Sakthivel, who enthusiastically organized the day show with the debate session.

The judgement was based on the presentation, language, ideas, logic, time management, attire and body language. In just few minutes of start the team members in turns sprung with valuable points against their peer. They spoke on customs, education, family, technology, business and administration, nature, health and food habits.

The tug of war was at par which made the eminent judges wonder to stage the judgement. Needless to say the judges Mr. Raja and Mr. Varun made the conclusion with the unbiased judgement.

What you are going to do next, what is your next best achievement? Is the thought in the minds of each one present today and so was the cheerful winding up.