“Create Awareness, Plant Trees, Protect Nature, Educate the Unaware! Can be the mere initiate which would help the environment protection.”

It was a “Don’t miss it” day – 21th March 2015

Green Plantation - poster

The day was to answer to 3 questions enriched with the thought of global protection. Kindling the young minds to be blown up with the social spirit and to help transforming to become the natures best friend.

The best hours of daytime catered with wholesome discussion on helping to protect nature. The exercise was to tell in simple friendly language as to

How I am responsible to protect the nature?

What I do or dream to do every day for the environmental protection?

Why the society can count on me for the social cause?

The observers and the audience of this great day with great zeal experienced a wonderful style of delivery which was wildly different from each individual of the team. Few were very practical and shared the realistic facts about the day. Some of them made a big picture about it with the global sense. Rather when on discussion it also gave each one the opportunity to fill the gap with informative interactions.

The day’s exercise enabled us to realize that we are expected to contribute to the society and has ignited the responsibility for this bunch of youngsters willing to do more each day.

Saving Earth means saving on water and energy, things work out well when it done with great interest.

Team realization was appreciated and encouraged by the management!


As souls across the globe inspires with prayers, social deeds, guarding the greens, creating awareness, our management strongly joins the hands with many and has contributed to the nature with much appreciations, explaining the facts the showed 97% of the global threats were caused by humans and hence we need to take up the responsibility to the extent possible.

Saplings were gifted to the team and also encouraged them to donate a few to their acquaintance, plant a many that enriched the day with great spirits of togetherness to protect the green world.

Applause to the brilliant organizers Mr. Kesavan and Mr. Yogeshwaran, many thanks to the pro creative poster art by Mr. Venkateshwaran Narayanasamy, our creative professional, gratitude to the vivid HR team for this striking day making us a part of global protection.

We proved to be a part of global minds striving to protect nature by planting more trees.