PROBESEVEN - LI-FI, The Boom in Wireless Technology

The boom in wireless technology is the LI-FI (Light Fidelity) which is the latest of wireless technology. LI-FI transmits data through illumination that sends through the LED light bulb which is invisible to visible eye. When you set on comparison with WI-FI and LI-FI shows amazing and drastic speed in delivery and performance.


In the world of technology we see many electronic devices and as all these devices gets connected with internet then the transmission and communication is more. The wireless communication hits the every end as you could control your Air Conditioner with your smart phone, you get updates about the temperature of the refrigerator in your mobile phone, the gateway entry permission can be controlled with your smart phone and all such makes the internet of things which can be taken to next level with LI-FI.

Lifi wifi

The interesting facts about Li-Fi its use in electromagnetic sensitive areas like the hospitals, aircraft, power plants, inflammable areas as unlike Wi-Fi its does not cause any electromagnetic interference and hence safe to be applied. This technology proves to be superfast when compared to the normal broadband as it can be expected to stage more than 250 times in speed. This ultimate makes it much cost effective and gains much potential.

So, what next the internet of things is all set to play its game and you would soon start receiving alerts when the stock in your refrigerator goes down which will be sensed by the GPS of your car that reminds you to stop by the grocery and prompts a purchase. You GPS communicated to the security system at your entrance about your arrival which automatically opens up sensing your vehicle based on the GPS system and further as you enter the Air conditioners and lights gets auto-functioning. Yes! These internet of things makes your life simplified and lets you think futuristic. 

6 thoughts on “LI-FI, The Boom in Wireless Technology”

  1. You have given a good walk through of the concept, until I glanced through this article was not so adaptive to the concept of Li-fi.

    1. You have an a light on one end an LED, and a photo detector that means light sensor on the other. if the LED is on, the photo detector registers a binary one, otherwise it is a binary zero. Flash the LED enough times and you build up a message. Use an array of LED and may be a few different colors, and very soon you are dealing with data rates in the range of hundreds.and by the LI-FI is not without drawbacks.because it is dependent on light ,so the technology is not use in complete darkness.

  2. Nice Article Mr. Arun.

    I need some clarifications, As you see we can connect with Wi-Fi even we are in next room where all doors are closed and even room is not transparent. But here in Li-Fi technology we connect using light rays.So, here is my question will it works when we are in next room were all doors are closed and room is not transparent? Do we get a signal as like Wi-Fi?

  3. Agreed that LiFi does have limitations but it can get away using Smart Architectures (in which the light just follows the user space along with intelligent algorithms it spots the light and gives access to the data).
    Again yes, it does not pass through opaque medium like walls which is seen positive as the data gets secured and that it can be accessed only by being physically present.

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