This week at PROBESEVEN, the team has successfully completed their assessment test for the second quarter 2014. Questions for the assessment test is set in a way to test their knowledge on the latest technology trends and advanced programming skills, covering from HTML5 to Angular.Js, etc., which induce strong desire to learn more and update oneself all the time. The standardized test also include aptitude test to increase analytical skills of the associates.


The assessments test is structured to provide a valuable testing experience, in terms of question types and formats, of the tests they will be asked to complete. We have framed the questions limited by time to train employees analyze and justify the right one from a spectrum of choices at a faster pace. Perhaps, it helps employees to assess critical qualities for job success, such as solving problems, communicating effectively, and being innovative and creative and stay updated.

From the HR Desk

“Assessment June’ 2014 – Yes, its’ another challenging analysis for our team exactly to prove their competence and enrich their skills. This supports them understand the latest trends & technologies in their own domain along with non- technical questions to cover the importance of communication & logical skills. We, HR team always believe that an assessment test will motivate the team and help in their learning curve by arranging a self – evaluation program.” – HR Team, PROBESEVEN

What the team say?

“I would like to thank the team for creating useful assessment tests at regular intervals. The Quality of Questions are outstanding and provokes the appetite to learn more”
– Yuvaraj Arunachalam, Associate – Internet Promotions

“Very fine practice at PROBESEVEN encouraging the interest to self-evaluate periodically. I have practiced enough before attempting.”
- Kasirajan, Associate – Developer

“It’s really a good practice. Varied questions at varied point difficulties felt really competent to complete. Looking to know more test in future.”
- Rajeshwaran, Associate – Programmer

Nevertheless, comparative scores from one to other assessment test help employees to understand their learning curve and improve if required. Our team gains the confidence to move ahead in updating the trends & technologies.