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There has been always a debate on “Early birds vs Night Owls”. It is a phenomenal approach that seeks the comfort of each individual to gain extended hours at early before the dawn or late after the dusk. 

So far I was a “Night Owl” who did majority of things at night, so that I get extra time to sleep in the mornings. Even I used to get up in the morning only to switch off the alarm to get additional sleep. I loved alarms with snooze options. But the case is different with me now. I gradually turned from “Night Owl” to an “Early Bird” and yes! Early bird sounds not only sweet but with energetic too.

Everyone is provided with the same time frame in the earth i.e. 24 hours a day, but Early birds have little extra time. Not they have more than 24 hours but getting up early makes 24 hours a lengthy one. Here’s some points I put forward to defend me as an “Early Bird”.

1. Fresh Mornings, Fresh Starts

Mornings are always fresh. It’s the start of the day and right from flowers to our mind, everything is fresh. Only fresh mind can think fresh. If you wake up late, you will notice the lost time. Ultimately, you have to fasten your seat belts and rush to finish off that day works with less time.

 2. No Hurry, No Worry

The most irritating and annoying feel in the world is rushing and hurrying to work or to office or anything you have to. Hurrying drains your energy physically and mentally. Getting up early gives you extra time to make yourself relaxed, time to get yourself ready, relaxed and ‘complete’ breakfast, ride at normal speed to office or anywhere. Few worries starts where you have to hurry.

 3. Never get transformed “You be You”

Mornings are only time where you don’t need masks. You will be yourself and you don’t have to fake. First and best friend of you is yourself and spend time for u. Ask yourself what you want and spend little time for you and of course your life is yours.

 4. Prepare to Perform

Every activity needs preparation at first to perform it better. Better preparation needs creativity, fresh mind, fresh body and fresh energy. Interestingly early morning gives you all these as complete. Make a list of things that has to be done by evening.

5. Life wants you to enjoy evenings

No one wants to work evenings when your friends and family expecting your presence to enjoy with them. I always believe in Work-Life balance  which states that “work at morning and life at evening”. As the day runs along you will get tired and you can’t work with same energy as like morning. That’s one another reason for the Sun to settle down to leave you relaxed at evenings and enjoy life. Birds back to nests, friends to your regular hang out place and family members to your home. Finish off your work soon and live your life the way you want at evenings.

 6. Better Sleep, Better Health

Who does not love sleep? Every one need to sleep and the matter is how much time you get to sleep and how deep you sleep. Most of us have a common complaint that “ I am not falling asleep at once i go to bed”. To get sleep you need relaxed mind and a tired body. Early morning works will drain your energy and ultimately you will get tired. The more time you had made you to finish that day work and your mind gets relaxed. Better sleep means you ensure better health. Only deep sleep and good hunger indicates your health is getting along with you in right path. Early sleep ensures early morning get up and vice-versa.

Ring -A -Rosie

 So, what is the wait for? Get up early, have fresh start, don’t get hurry and worry, you become “you”, perform better, enjoy life at evening, get better sleep and get up early next day. This proved to be the success mantra to catch up the day long routines, success endeavours, family fun and friends rejoice.