It has been a high time our team get introduced to the right way of punctuation. “Oh! It’s just a small serene thing to talk about” has been in the minds of many. Being tech-pros the use of special characters are not new but in an altogether different manner.

All of this started with an introduction mail to the team as to get aware and know when and where to use the punctuation.

“How? When? Where? Why?” – To use period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, semi-colon, colon, dash, hyphen, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophe, quotation marks, ellipses and much more. It turned out to be a self-realisation as how each of them had been struggling with the use and law of punctuation and the interest to learn the rules of punctuation has manifested the curiosity. This helped the team to turn out positive and have them assembled on time keeping their interest keen with the learning spirit of the punctuation.


The start of the event:

To justify and compensate to the keen interest of the team all our events are taken forward with better ideas and supported personnel to make the best of the time and results.

The start was an ice breaking session which deliberated each of the team member to notify and understand the psychological game that is been connected to the learning spirits. Sort of the end of the offer period and the respective places were occupied to the fullest giving no way for the others. The bunch of enthusiasts were seen seated optimistically and so were their performance.

The attitude thought provoking instance “Be Better than the Best” was the first phrase given for punctuation which gets predict the attitude and the success was for the majority.
The actions in the event:

The punctuation marks were categorized and all the 14 primary punctuation marks took place for the discussion. Yes! the quick report over the use of the punctuation which serves as a quick reference for the participants was a mere introduction.

It proceeded continuously with the ”If’s, but’s and if so? Why not? With many examples and exercise for the team to crack. Karthika, Yogeshwaran, Monaj Kumar, Arun Kumar, Sakthivel, Karthik Manikandan, Aswin and Jayaraj got the pace as quick runners who were spontaneous with the answers.
The Rewards:

Ample chocolates which were meant to be the earning points for the each individual kept the team on whole on board of discussion and answering. The steam of the tug of war was sensed as it proceeded with the evaluation session.

The busy bees were inquisitors over cracking the questionnaire and keeping in pace with the earned and learned concepts which can never be seen to go wrong. This brain storming session drawn to the end seeking for the overall winners and they were Prabhakaran and Ganesh who were close to the fullest. Many appreciations were deserved by them who were crowned for the event winners.

Congratulations Prabhakaran & Ganesh!

On behalf of the team Prabhakaran extended warm gratitude to the presenter Subashini.S for this interactive session.

Winding up:

The closing was the introduction to the practical use of the punctuation and the various differences over the British and American use of the punctuations. The general rules and the tips to eliminate the normal errors were discussed and dispersed.