Testing knowledge once in a while is a consistent practice believed to build a strong foundation on all peers. We at PROBESEVEN conduct a knowledge test periodically to let our employees test their expertise with a clear up-to-date syllabus of questions to recall the understood concepts and also to make aware of prevailing concepts which support our employee by all means.

20140121_103718Apart from Questioning, the Assessment Grading system is defined to mark the employee’s expertise level. Test of all departments at PROBESEVEN consist of both technical and non-technical questions to provoke technical, aptitude and verbal skills. The grading system and scores obtained in the test is retained private and disclosed individually as we respect privacy of our employee data and also to avoid comparison of skills.

The motto of our Quarterly test agenda is to motivate our employees on a regular interval which help improve their career and skills positively. By taking the periodical test, the team members can track their learning curve and spot the areas where an improvement is required. This test is thoroughly to ascertain level of competency in each associate and inspire continuous learning of concepts as every day the technology sees an update.

People at Probeseven involve in building unique and competent applications that turn a brand in the long run which is why we want every one of our team to be the Probeseven Amazers and we render essential support to our enthusiastic team and certainly, we do it!


Taking up a Self-evaluation test is vital to cultivate the career. We strive to pick most promising questions which is strongly related to respective domain and capable of spotting every associates’ potential and help track their learning curve. We organize in a periodical manner and assist the team throughout the test process.”

-          Abinayaa. A, Executive – HR

“ It’s a Probeseven dimension to enhance the employee technical skill and make a self-assessment. This help me to evaluate my own skill, not just in technical but also non-technical. Myself, I am working to achieve full 5 stars soon.”

-          Jansha, Associate Developer – Web

It’s always interesting to test our knowledge with an online test. I always keep my fingers-crossed on the day of the Assessment Test just for the reason that questions are exclusively prepared & contributed by Tech Heads. But yes, I love to participate!

-          Vijina, Strategic Analyst – Internet Promotions

“ The assessment test, from Probeseven was reasonable for self-evaluation. The Technical question pattern has covered all methodology of testing.

-          Gowri Shankar, QA Engineer

The assessment turned to be a motivating factor and a chance to prove myself as well.  Attempting test every time continued to boost my confidence and improved my way of tackling technical problems. Truly, awaiting for more such experience!

-          Kirubanandan.K, Associate Programmer – Web