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PROBESEVEN - The 10th Anniversary celebration, winged to more evolution!

It’s the 10th Anniversary and it’s the right time to express gratitude to our stakeholders. The blooming preparations started with the Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude. The 10th Anniversary celebration, winged to more evolution!

Yes! We did know there were many ways of celebration and we wished to use something with togetherness, disconnected with computer and sit back with pen and paper. The day events were planned although the days were short, the team was overwhelmed to get everybody on hook of something interesting.

Here again wish to present the gratitude to all stakeholders.

10 years and Growing Stronger! We are Grateful! Thank you Customers, Patrons, Vendors & Associates. Ample Appreciation expressed for the endless association. Your valuable association and wish, prevails all the challenges faced and geared us up with much more to offer our customers.
As we express our gratitude and appreciation, we are bound to live by it in much better way for years to come. Thank you again!
P7 anniversary - slider
The day draped itself in the bright weather of 20th August 2016 at 8.30 hours the team spirit bloomed in unification, each of us blossomed to show appreciation and the grandeur 10th Anniversary Celebration began with the keynote.

The key note again was holding strong in what and how things happened this decade and looking forward for the way to go. An introduction with the remarkable excellence of leadership in PROBESEVEN that a high inspiring thoughts shared.

Glad and happy was the welcome note to the delegates, as the move of the day was a surprise or sounded forgotten, the overwhelmed compering team got us closer to move the day on.

The key again is holding strong in what we are and looking forward the way to go. The story of Probeseven travel was incredible and when you get to know each details and each stages it helped to understand with Power Point Presentation to support the experience presented and it did give a comparison.

The more were felt that every day was the talk about the milestones and am not sure how many people are willing to inculcate in their lives.

The inspiring talk by the management team with the questionnaire session, the interrogators excited and came up with many questions.

p7 anniversary

What we understood?
Finally, we did realize that working with PROBESEVEN is always being a one-step ahead!

With the great responsibility of always doing more for our stakeholders we work towards the well-being of the stakeholders. Focusing on innovation and with the continuous learning which relevantly articulates our sustainability over the competitiveness.

In this inter connected world we adhere to the technological changes and make every business process easier for the each of the industry which addresses to the new reality of the digital world. In our theme over not just working ordinary we hone excellence and adequacy each time and in every way from consulting, operations, processes, sales to delivery among people, processes, infrastructure, technology and systems.

Coming back to celebrations!

Occupying the stage was spectaculars and the moment turned cheerful with the Cake, presented to realize the multi-fold success of turning to 10th year celebration.

Many appreciations to the team members!

Thoughtful and wonderful enough that the bunch were represented by Madesh, Karthika and Goweri Sankari – Congratulated PROBESEVEN in a big way with a Song that Raps the Success. Blowing, Thumping the whole span of the song which was admired and appreciated by all with a great applause. Okay, I should say it is not all but the surprise began all over again as the team on whole presented a wonderful video adding values with sentiments, opinions, happiness, pleasure and contentment, this again was the best of the day events which won great admiration from the team of Management. Great applause and appreciations was extended to each of them.

The break resonated but no difference and the excitement continued.

P7 anniversary 2

Events added fun to the day and as the organizers presented forth a set of events. The team pitched through the Tech-Dumbsharads as quick as pros. The Just-a-minute also took place and made the team add laugher and giggles with wonderfully co-ordinated questions by Jayaraj and Pushparaj.

The Anniversary Prize Distribution:

Something about outdoors that allowed to play and stay fit. Beyond that it is noticed that they are more productive and happier at the end of the gaming and wining experience were shared by Team A congratulating Boominathan the team caption along with BalaSundaram, Madesh, Pushparaj and Vignesh. The indoor game Chess that exhibited each of their talents and over a series of rounds the winner Yogeshwaran was awarded.

Lunch out, Yeah it’s the Team Lunch!

The wonderful ambience of the restaurant described the celebration and as the team relished the buffet at Le Pebble, the day turned to be fruitful.

The Celebration continued…

Back together at the premises where a surprise Movie Streaming was arranged for the team. The movie – Jobs, the American biographical film inspired by the life of Steve Jobs. As the day drew closer to end the team got organized to an outdoor activity of games and yes, more happening and more excitements added for the day stood out to be a perfect celebration and memorable.

Wish to gather soon for more achievements which is a forecast for PROBESEVEN as we breeze through the progress, success and accomplishments each day. 


The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

We are located in India at CoimbatoreBangaloreTirupur and USA. Interested in associating with projects Contact us, to become a part of the team get in touch with our HR Professional.


PROBESEVEN - A Professional Development Workshop

One-day Professional Development Workshop by Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan, Mastering Mind Academy.

Workshop-professional development

How it all started?  The blossom day of 30th June (Thursday) was a quick gathering with the team and it was like with no clue there was some chatter here and there, all were gathered in few minutes. Heard the general greetings and hope you all are doing well and in just few minutes we were revealed how our professional skills would get transformed and promising to see a smarter soul within us and get lot more from the ….. was a silence.

Yes! it was about hosting a Professional Development Workshop by a profound and eminent personality Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan, Mastering Mind Academy.

It was a privilege offered by the company during which we as a team could have an opportunity to understand ourselves, leverage our intelligence to generate a greater impact on our career and hoping to know the dates was the insight of each minds in the gathering.

Swiftly, was the move from the team and with rather no questions was the hands raised symbolically showing a great interest and acceptance to be a part of the workshop. More than words the body language had greater impact and the eager minds were cherished. Sooner were the team reacted to show interest to know more.

The dates were officially announced for 2nd July 2016 at a prominent venue the meeting hall of Le Pebble. Lavish space and alluring interiors cheered us.

More specifically we would say the interest and the devotion was exceptional towards the event was to the mentoring from Mr.Sivakumar Palaniappan, the Professional Speaker, Author, Career Coach and Corporate Trainer. Highly inspiring are his works towards the society, the students, the job seekers, the young employees, corporate and entrepreneurs. Ample number of workshops and with many accolades made us feel privileged to get associated for a day.

The day of the workshop:

Gathered with fresh minds and bright eyes to seek for the professional development skills and so did the event start by 9.30 am with a quick ice-breaking session. All the pondering noise got settled and keenly concentrated over the presentation. The morning session started with a virtual walk through of the principles and disciplines of the personalities and corporate across the globe, in a meager layman understanding we were driven to know actually what are the possibilities and capabilities we are built upon for the massive achievement.

Keeping the environment cool and composed we were confidently led to the enlighten of the corporate world and the desired professional skills. Most of them were awe-struck so as to have been amazed of their hidden capability and with the regret of not having been used skilfully. This transformation boosted the spirits and the team was looking for more to gain.

Just as we shuffled a couple of times with the seats was the time that took us for a relishing and refreshing lunch at Le Pebble Restaurant. After all the muttering and burbling was over and landed to the floor.

Plenty of information and more questions for clarification we gathered to the second half of the session. Dashing though all new concepts and what was immensely learnt were Time management, ethics, creativity, decision handling, communication, dedication, responsibility, smart thinking and hard work, policy adoption, team work and much more. This gave a clear thinking and there were many who realized and thanked the company for creating such workshops and helping in the career of each individual.


The saying of few personalities brought to light. “I am not here to be average, I am here to be awesome”. Few other felt, “Got to be stubborn about the goals and flexible over the methods”. Yet another group with, “Focus on your goal, don’t look in any direction but ahead”, this in turn meant the productivity killer social connectivity like whatsapp, facebook, twitter. More voices promised over the time management, knowledge enhancement and practically following the techniques learnt.

As initially stated the workshop was something like the infinite in benefits allowing each one to gather as much as they wish. The presenter Mr. Sivakumar proved to excel and had won our huge respects. It was something to feel a best friend in him. The vote of thanks was presented in this note and we are looking forward to most such experiences.


PROBESEVEN - Improve your Office Day ‘2015


The month of October proved substantial for Improve your office day. The key note delivery about how the time and space at office implies in each of our lives and clearly shows the maximum of day hours are completely spend at the office premises and at work.

Would it not be wonderful? To serve the place with the attitude of recognition and more so the privilege taken to endure happy and energetic times which means an overall success for the life and career. This is completely owned and non-debated while the minds worked on how to and what to deliver to make the day significant.

Get Organised:

One may think why is the task assigned for the day but the realisation has acknowledged by the team. Ample overflowing tray for some, assorted paper work, confused documents in desktop, files that were age old, raided on the stationery requirements and yet was an opportunity to get with all the lost stuffs like the staplers, markers etc. few shuffling of places, re-organising the office furniture and of course welcoming the new assets made it sparkling.

It was something like the nature light has brightened up the space and fresh start was experienced. The walk into the place enriched the spirits of the team and happy was the team.

At the Meet:

A wholesome time is spent at office and this huge time frame keeps us bonded with the company, work station, team mates but how about the others. Getting to know the team on whole with a small get-together which was organized and served a platform to connect with other team players and new comers as well.

A good knowledge share may be an awareness of workplace organising method was discussed to the team. This is a popular 5S strategy holding Japanese words. Quite popular but for those who thinks it is new and first heard.

  1. Seiri – Keep the workplace clean and not distracted, remove, segregate & dispose.

  2. Seiton -Set handy with things, in order, streamline for smooth workflow.

  3. Seisou -Complete clean and hygienic work station pleasing work place.

  4. Seiketsu -Standardized process of work maintenance, everything in the right way.

  5. Shitsuke -Goal oriented work process, improved performance, training and discipline.

 End of the day! It created a Better Routine!

General say would be like need to feel fresh and natural get outdoor. But, it was the kind experienced for the team inside with brighter ambiance new wall dressing, better lighting and rearranged closer to nature.

It created a better routine and enjoyable at work with the perfect priority setting and delivery. It sounded ridiculous but the mentoring with the good work culture created a perfect work environment.

Seamlessly organised was this event by the co-ordinators  Arun & Prabhakaran who proved to lead the show with the perfect work culture and the environment. Many cheers for this efficient and organised show. Wish to know more, add your comments and we would be glad to respond and stay connected.

PROBESEVEN - Designers Day Thru Design Dexterity

The day at PROBESEVEN commenced to surprise the team with the pre-organized ambience elevated with the design crafts at the office premises.


It was a sort, if you are truly willing and ready to achieve some sort of knowledge and success in design concepts permitting you to readily wear the shoes of a designer, then of course it transformed to be the real gift which showed us what we were missing all these days in the concept of designing and gained us confidence to a much easier platform of accomplishments.

Just didn’t go away with the above say but read further to see how it benefitted the team. Being a design company we did know that Web design is the planning and creation of websites. This includes the information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colours, fonts, and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of design to create a website that meets the goals of the owner and designer.

Day in and day out we do work with perfection on the following:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Simplicity
  • Accessibility
  • Engaging
  • Branding
  • Professionalism
  • Security
  • Customer satisfaction

Here is the poll of all what is described and it does keeps keen on the flow of idea transmission to the completion.

Designers Day

Our professional Artist Mr. Venkie Narayanaswamy, worked out amazing and realistic art which were pinned in each our minds to get a feel of nothing but the design is the best part of everything. The concepts of the intricate design, complex transmission along with the gaming strategies pitched the hours of learning.

Flooded yet flourished with queries and answers which kept the section live to the core and our co-ordinator team member Mr. Arun Kumar did make the day interesting with the best hours. His presentation over the interesting and handpicked strategies added to the interest of the session.

Look out for more to learn, share, experience and experiment in our PROBESEVEN Events. Share your comments to keep it close to our memories.