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PROBESEVEN - Innovative Idea Contest ’2017 – At a Glance!

 Life was ticking away to hit 2017, Time to perform…

Are you a player or spectator? Actually puzzled!
It all started here, as we were grateful for the wonderful happenings in 2016 and with the creativity to march forward was the introduction of the event. We did prepare to hike forward into the new year with all the years of composed motivation, quality of life and work and discover our impact to innovate.

As New Year Celebration blasted and at the dawn of 2017, we did launch a contest to our teams. It was an opportunity to exhibit their innovative ideas. Some may be like the long-awaited moment has now began and it’s time to perform.

It cannot go with a concept or the title and we know the best to be called as the ‘INNOVATIVE IDEA CONTEST’.

It was not just to share ideas and we did not believe in the usual slogan ‘Participation is better than winning’, it was something that each individual possess about the social culture, organization culture and the human synergistic. Quite often as each system gets implemented we give out our opinions and arguments over the betterment. Why not? Use this opportunity to snatch out those hidden thoughts and let you minds free with no more entombs.


The Concept

The concept ‘Innovative Idea’ provoked asking the participants ‘What is your little-big idea to bring a change? With much more focused the thought and innovative ideas were to be presented in the social culture, organization culture and about the human synergistic.

The Innovative idea

In this competitive world, it is no doubt that innovation to anything that has its presence when driven  thoughtfully with innovation leads to success. All of us need success but are we innovative. Most business today are reinventing the business processes rather than following the same pattern. The pool of new concepts and ideas when selected and executed brings the right progress.

The Outcomes

As the launch of the contest,  it was like ‘Get original’ mode among each of the team members. We did come across few early bird submissions from Bala Sundaram, Sandhosh Kumar & Karthik who presented their ideas which was an inspiration for more participants. It is also truly agreed that it is not easy to come up with Innovative ideas which is truly original.

Sooner few more entries flooded in and it has become a tough game to win. It’s all about presenting an innovative idea which keeps dashing your minds every now and then. Most of them tried and enthusiastically participated.

The winner is…

Time for the declaration and as the team was on move and busy innovating for the right reasons, the realization was the rewards will come automatically. We are glad to announce the winner of this event here…


Laurels to the winner added with ample Appreciations!

Your ideas were thought-provoking and would prove to benefit on implementation. The winner brings out the importance of the utilizing the time inventively, adding oxygen flow and most essentially the digital concepts.

We consider the participation of the event is to inspire others and we congratulate all the participants.

This was a platform which created the importance of innovation and knowing that only innovative and original ideas will shake up in any board meets, over the discussion with any groups. Most people as well as business would prefer the originality and creative minds.

We are on move and busy innovating for the precise reasons and rewards will come automatically.



PROBESEVEN - Discover the key components of PROBESEVEN Events

Discover the key components of PROBESEVEN Events, Here are the interesting events that are actively participated remedying the two key components – the team spirit and knowledge. You will discover how such events set to be motivated, inspired, and created a change for organizing, innovating and exhibiting the overall talents of each of the individual.


As we consider the events you would also find it to be an enchanting model and the theme that displays the recreation of the mindset with the twinkling flow of keeping the career path half mile ahead of the track. The recently exhibited events that expands continuously with the all new concepts pays to the enrichment and enhancement of the soft skills of each team member.

Would you like to plan a visit today? you are welcome!

The ambitions need not take a special path or any concentrated diversions which leads to the stress and messed up goals. We can prioritize our ambitions in the straight and attuned manner taking it into our daily progress and making the best of every opportunity. The events are one such which creates incredible moments that drives the path to the career fulfillment.

The Junk food day

Have you ever told yourself that “I don’t want to junk my tummy and so would I say no to junk foods” then grabbing only the healthy foods on to your plate? Not all would do this as most times a lack of assertiveness makes you tempted and break the rules. Find the best way to discover strategies for standing up to your healthy decisions.

The event which gives a chance to grab the junk food for just a day and still being aware it is an opportunity for merely a day. The co-ordinators Nagamani and Boominathan enthusiastically lead the event with wonderful presentations and tangling delicious junk snacks that delighted our taste-buds. Doubtlessly, turned to be one of the best by itself and cheers to the organizers.

The Programmers Day

Sooner in mid of September was the programmer day which was brilliantly organized by the co-ordinators ManojKumar and Karthik. Keeping the theme of the event to be informative and thought-provoking the events were organized along with the presentation which detailed about the sprouting of the programmers, the statistics of distribution, the importance, the evolution created and along with sharing of real-time experience. This exchange created a brain storming which ignited the programmer minds to think more and act more.

The practical hands-on was provided to the team which comprised of cracking the code and think-out-of-box. This challenge met by our team alluring in excitement. Having provided another unique concept to the non-tech professionals of our team further added to the overall success of the event.

With much applause and along with the projection the self-confidence and the organizing spirit helped in improving the soft skills.


The HR Day

The fondest and undeniable day of the year! As the team realized that grand success comes when career and passion are in fusion. It is also realistic to having felt that passion is something which we build and the career is what our HR builds for us and it is the best time to show and share the gratitude to the our Human Resource Department.

Briefing over the day, the organizers Nagamani and Pandiyarajan provoked the thoughts in the minds of the team. With the prime understanding that the HR team unlocks our potentials and helps us grow right from knowing ourselves. What HR really means for each of the individual came into lights and here are the few shared:

“Successful career is about mastering skills and not about the positions”

“Human Resource Department helps us to re-brand, redefine, reconstitute to the right career path”

“HR team sets you to achieve worthy things with self-developments”.

“Human Resource Team distributes confidence and makes us walk with positioned career”.

So, we did know for sure that…

Our career is built to blossom more, to be more successful,to be more splendid, to be more extraordinary, that every moment guided by our HR Team creates passion for the career and not just the job.

This day turned out to enhance our awareness and gratify the HRs serving across the planet.

Improve your office day

Obviously, this day stands out from the rest. The success of this event was framed in our minds that rebuilt and kept us continuously environment conscious. The team together was fueled and the right spirit of fulfilling potential was driven in each of us. The day was all about the improvement concepts keeping us close with the thought on motivation.

The day co-ordinators Jayaraj and Noorul made a wonderful start and a fulfilling end. The support added by Pandiyarajan who helped merging to the improvement concepts that related to the systems handing.

A quick come up was the show of buzzer quiz that excited the participants. More information on the health improvements, optimized work strategies, productivity tips and much on ergonomics of work place.

We love to share the innovative things happening each day and always. Keep visiting our blog and thanks for the read. Privilege will be ours to have your comments dropped here.


The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

We are located in India at CoimbatoreBangaloreTirupur and USA. Interested in associating with projects Contact us, to become a part of the team get in touch with our HR Professional.


PROBESEVEN - Full-fledged momentum right at the first quarter of 2016!

Among the many aspects the team of PROBESEVEN is also excited about events that takes the team in full-fledged momentum right at the start of this New year 2016. Brilliance has been experienced which allows to take to new heights during each of the periodic current year events.

In general, the events which is a meet up with the team was ultimately beneficial in all scenarios even at the tightest of schedules as it showcased leadership, administrative skills, team work, keynote speech, innovation and team building. The common interest among all is the career growth and such events did quite a lot with the flow of inspiration all around.

We find ways to innovative and present the events, while it takes the entity of organizing among the organizers.

The dawn of 2016 and up to this quarter of March-end has seen great many events and particularly it is different from the past. We did have the vibe of information and great beginnings, also a good challenge for the future events.

We might have been looking at the dates but most interesting was the month of January with the Pongal Celebration with paying tribute to the lord and well we did explore the Data Privacy Day.

The limiting aspect of these events were the time but however our enthusiasts worked out to grab few minutes to make it interesting. Our team dynamics Yogeshwaran and Sathish did take this forward and made an interactive session penetration through the layers of security.

By the time the month drew to an end we did happen to look at the dates, more likely the kind of events in the month of February, yes! one in first week, the mid-month event and last week carried more cheers.

We did try something that has never before happened and made every single event with ultimate activities encouraging team participation.

Came the Draw a Doodle day,

Honestly not sure if the team was good to try and willing to doodle in such busy schedule. Happens every now and then and wonder not if it’s the end of the first week. To our surprise our passionate creators Nagamani and Madesh jumped into co-ordination and made this a break-through session of relaxation. It cheered up the team and the competition soar to great heights. The best few took a prominent place in our display boards.

Hold on till we share more about the year quarter, if you have any feedback to share do include in the comments session we love to secure.

Fortunate to celebrate the Book Giving Day!

The team did intend to check on the early bird interest to co-ordinate and our team members Jayaraj & Yogesh choose to organize an innovative and digital exchange of books with the automation concepts, it seemed to relate to our industry and glorious were our team to gift and be gifted. It was like a brush through of library of books from the past, present and future.

Landed with the Floral Decoration Day!

Sounded auspicious and proved to be a day of goal setting, success and got a chance to explore the nature of reality. The most silent event but spread across much happiness and inspiration.

Our spontaneous team members Vishnu Priya and Goweri Sankari created a floor carpet with the most chosen fresh flowers which gave abundance happiness and did some magic using the law of attraction.

Peeped into the month of March 2016 and got all the required motivation!

Although Team appreciation been in practice it runs quiet often and doubtlessly with the proven improvements. Just not the say as we have ample workshops, seminars, project skill developments with are interactions of our project lifestyle design. Our enthusiasts Bala Sundaram and Nagamani did make it astonishing which identified towards personal growth, leaning inspiration and better team building.

This event did give all the possibilities to improve on the focus of self-development, raising spirit for better and bigger achievement.

Keep it a secret.. just sharing a pass-by conversation “What a nice way to motivation, if only we have four such events a year we could be enough adored,  I learnt more than expected and will cherish my dedication to my work forever”.

If you have few minutes to spare I would talk more on how each of us in the team were building up a great platform and how the cool air spread among all.

Here it goes Manoj says, “It was a pleasure being associated with the team and the company, ample appreciations from the known and unknown folks cheered me, it was something more than the most valuable gift. Feeling privilege to say united delivering works to the world class projects”.

Final one for this quarter we landed in Green Plantation Day!

Exploring the path of saving the environment, going green, energy conservation, real life purpose of protecting nature, developing techniques to overcome global warming. The do-gooder Gowtham and Madesh did make it a noteworthy event. It was a mind opener event which carried out brain stroming session.

The team worked on the written statement as to their responsibility to save earth which included ideas like avoiding newspapers, waste no food, terrace farming, plant more trees, conserve energy, drive in cycle if reachable, car pooling, member in social events, encourage no plastics, keep empty the land fills, promote agriculture and much more. Saplings were gifted to the team as a first step to the big mission.

Looking forward to have your reply and comments to hr@probeseven.com , you are also welcome to share your CV for an opportunity with us. Just being aware that though we’ll receive many feedback and CV you could be sure we would send each one a personal reply.

PROBESEVEN - November proves to be a month of knowledge exploration!

The conceptual events did deepen the spirits of the team and motivated each one with the persistent professionalism. The enthusiastic team did prove to excel with competition yet supportive attitude and the wing focused on the HR team for the great many activities and events to fill the month of November 2015. There was seen a quick show up by the HR team with the mind opening and challenging Assessment Test day and the Unique Talent Day. November proved to be an analysis month. It gives plenty of opportunity on the self-evaluation and the understanding of the healthy competition which provoked immense interest among the team.

November proves to be a knowledge exploration month.

This month was a keen vitality of our brains and along with the motivation from the presenter our minds tuned to great interests. You may now be wondering about the events that pushed to this level of interest, we did have an Assessment Test day, the Unique Talent Day & Cake Day. This rather integrated within each self an all new self-realisation.

Assessment Day:

The assessment day just came to us instantaneous just as we moved in to office premises. The online test which catered to match each department was all set with the required credentials. With the count down the test was taken us. Keen over the questions each of them dedicatedly participated to bring out best results. Stayed over interestingly with the aptitude, analytical, logical, technical and verbal questions was brain storming. The time available seemed ample but as they travelled with the questions it gave a push for completion. The HR team hit the day a productive one with the attentive evaluation.

Unique Talent Day:

Show Your talent

A week later we organized the Unique Talent Day which proved to be the platform for each of the individual interest. The team did bring their properties to display the talents and earned the appreciation of all, most of them seemed to be inspired with few others and there were few who showed up their cultural talents.

Cake Day:

cake day

Followed by the Unique Talent Day was the Cake Day, deliberated to appreciate by the lingering taste of the flavoured cakes make the day interesting. Name the flavour and it was presented which can battered to reach out and grab one. These wonderful events were organised by Jayaraj and Karthick with passionate interest and attention. Manoj says, “If it has to been known about the Assessment and test that got scheduled, I was confident enough and I did realize the amount of knowledge it transformed. The updates which were missing on my side got noted and it served a platform for gaining ample knowledge. The unique talent day did help us identify different talents and I was happy to note many hidden talents. Of course, the cake was wonderful and picked my favourite.” “This is not a usual assessment” quotes Saravanan, but I swear it was useful and helped me identify the technology in a better way. The talent day did serve as a mind opener for me. Got the share of my cake in the most suitable hour and cherished the flavour.” I thought started Yogeshwaran stated “Assessment turned to the challenge to my self-confidence as although I started it casually it required massive attention, the verbal segment enriched my vocabulary. It did help in my self-development.” Conservatively says Ganesh utters, “Just thought of catching up, with the assessment on the go but it turned out to be thought-provoking and it served as a platform for technology updates. Would I not been present, I might have missed this knowledge enrichment.” Jayaraj made a point by saying, “It’s been a long time presenting an event and taking up the assessment, I was happy for the opportunity entrusted and worked to give the best. If I have to tell about the assessment it was a kind of think-out-of box questions and I experienced a knowledge gain. Unique talent day event inspired me to broaden the boundary and took challenge to enhance my talents. Cake day was bright and sharing made it a fun event.” What more? New things happening each month and each day, wish to have your comments, add one to have it cherished.

PROBESEVEN - Ada Lovelace Day

The influence of recognising “Ada Lovelace Day” was a “change for all creative thinkers, a publish for you!”

The day had turned out to be a creative affair with the thoughts that lingered in each of our minds and it all started with the appreciation to Ada Lovelace the first programmer and of course the first women programmer. All the developments in IT and the software revolution has made her a defined achiever and a leader to the tech population.

There was a team talking about all her achievements and quoted the quotes which stayed to line up the inspiration we already had. Questions on the state of the beginning programming, the logics, the results were discussed and shared to enrich the already known stuffs.

Time for all the creatives!


Now was the event that took a turn to bring out all the creative ideas buried in the minds.


Describe your fantasy innovation and being the first in invention.

It says, Come out of reality, think beyond possibility. Present precisely in 120 seconds your dream vision to be the first in any invention or achievement.

Let us seek Ada Lovelace as a role model and think to be the first in something.

Describes your passion, deliverance, IQ and brilliance, exhibit each of your dream innovation.

This was the call for all creatives, “YOU ARE A CREATIVE PERSON, PROBABLY FAR MORE THAN YOU THINK!”

The event had been priviledge which paces the way out of your business with plenty of players, audience and the spirit of journey. A quick view of the topics discussed.

  • Own a time machine and work for social cause,
  • Discover nature wealth for health using technology
  • Innovate and creative tunnels for complete irrigation facility
  • Thought recognition of own self and others.
  • Get back to past to protect against Green Revolution and White Revolution which gives good yield but had contaminated the quality of food and had made the land infertile.
  • Coding in any platform which creates the possibility to convert into other languages automatically.
  • Dynamic setting of body temperature.
  • Robotic control of protecting natural resources.

Every individual idea was an episode which was fast paced and highly inspiring. Out of imagination was the thoughts that would not have worked if not this day. Applause for the co-ordinator of the event Sakthivel.S who actively worked over this event delivery.



“Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.” This clearly states our career and understanding the importance of  guidance for which we seek to Our HR team who most willingly extend their support!

With much gratitude and appreciation the team of PROBESEVEN celebrates and recognizes the HR DAY.

The event started with a gathering of the team along with the warm welcome. An ice-breaking session spelled the idea behind the understanding of the HR role in each individual’s career. It was something like if you always wanted to convey your expectations on the HR, now is the right chance!

The session was taken over with an interesting presentation depicting the ideal HR personnel role and responsibility. The tips to associate your career with the HR for a better acceleration over achievements.


The high point – the most privileged were the team for having the presence of honoured director who guided and mentored with the key strategies for a better career. The enriched attention among all audience which was phenomenal. It all started, “Are you healthy and progressing at work?

Are you a… and the list began. (I would say, this is a source of pride for the team and need to have inputs be a part of us) Yeah! Just a flippant, We shall bring out the next publish with the complete information which will give a grounding in you to turn your career fruitful and successful.

Looking for something more and yes! The team of HR department stretched out share their responsibilities and willingness to make extensive progress for the growth of the concern and the team. It was something like the team had already possessed the ultra-powerful gift – which is our HR team. This showed how exactly will be the progress of each one and to live your best career life with the wholesome personal power.

Few valuable ideas on Professionalism contributed by Mr. Raja Shanmugam was shared that pampered the team to gain right tips and right attitude towards career and work. Special thanks to the organizers of this wonderful event BalaSundaram and Sathish Babu who won a great applause.

Hurrah! The Gateway to any organisation – The HR Department celebrates and gets recognized on this special occasion, The HR Day ‘2015.

PROBESEVEN - Grammar Punctuation Day ‘2015

It has been a high time our team get introduced to the right way of punctuation. “Oh! It’s just a small serene thing to talk about” has been in the minds of many. Being tech-pros the use of special characters are not new but in an altogether different manner.

All of this started with an introduction mail to the team as to get aware and know when and where to use the punctuation.

“How? When? Where? Why?” – To use period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, semi-colon, colon, dash, hyphen, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophe, quotation marks, ellipses and much more. It turned out to be a self-realisation as how each of them had been struggling with the use and law of punctuation and the interest to learn the rules of punctuation has manifested the curiosity. This helped the team to turn out positive and have them assembled on time keeping their interest keen with the learning spirit of the punctuation.


The start of the event:

To justify and compensate to the keen interest of the team all our events are taken forward with better ideas and supported personnel to make the best of the time and results.

The start was an ice breaking session which deliberated each of the team member to notify and understand the psychological game that is been connected to the learning spirits. Sort of the end of the offer period and the respective places were occupied to the fullest giving no way for the others. The bunch of enthusiasts were seen seated optimistically and so were their performance.

The attitude thought provoking instance “Be Better than the Best” was the first phrase given for punctuation which gets predict the attitude and the success was for the majority.
The actions in the event:

The punctuation marks were categorized and all the 14 primary punctuation marks took place for the discussion. Yes! the quick report over the use of the punctuation which serves as a quick reference for the participants was a mere introduction.

It proceeded continuously with the ”If’s, but’s and if so? Why not? With many examples and exercise for the team to crack. Karthika, Yogeshwaran, Monaj Kumar, Arun Kumar, Sakthivel, Karthik Manikandan, Aswin and Jayaraj got the pace as quick runners who were spontaneous with the answers.
The Rewards:

Ample chocolates which were meant to be the earning points for the each individual kept the team on whole on board of discussion and answering. The steam of the tug of war was sensed as it proceeded with the evaluation session.

The busy bees were inquisitors over cracking the questionnaire and keeping in pace with the earned and learned concepts which can never be seen to go wrong. This brain storming session drawn to the end seeking for the overall winners and they were Prabhakaran and Ganesh who were close to the fullest. Many appreciations were deserved by them who were crowned for the event winners.

Congratulations Prabhakaran & Ganesh!

On behalf of the team Prabhakaran extended warm gratitude to the presenter Subashini.S for this interactive session.

Winding up:

The closing was the introduction to the practical use of the punctuation and the various differences over the British and American use of the punctuations. The general rules and the tips to eliminate the normal errors were discussed and dispersed.

PROBESEVEN - World-Wide-Web Day

The dominance of WWW in the current day which had makes lives interesting and hence is the day for recognition. This great idea was conceived by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, who started to communicate with colleagues via hyperlinks. Close to a decade was the unimaginable developments and WWW to day contributes to the growing data.  The current scenario has taken us forward in all fields and industries. Each of the existing business and the citizen in a way or the other are dependence of the internet.


Recognizing the importance of the day was our team members Manoj and Gowtham, the co-ordinators of the day who make a noteworthy discussion and awareness sessions. The team actively participation and encountering the facts related to the day. Hands busy to add more info on each of the updates till the current day.

Here are few Questions:

1. Why is Google called “Google”?
2. What was the name of the first GUI Web browser?
3. What was the first web site to feature a banner advertisement?
4. What does the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button do?

Were raised to the team and many instantaneous responses come up with the excitement of clarifying the basis which they come across every few minutes.

The convenience experienced over the web are for quick knowledge, wider access to ample knowledge, resources available anytime and anywhere, instant access to the multimedia and of course the rapid network on the social media.

The astonishing fact is that the swift penetration to the digital world and the WWW integrates in each of our lives in many different ways. The recent analysis over the popularity and engagement of the population in August 2015 makes us think of the future in a great way.


The team activities made the day informative and extra ordinary. Quick concepts, insight of the WWW, the timeline of the developments, the various engagements taking the world in the hands of internet and the importance of WWW tunes our minds to realization on inventions.

More brain storming activities playing with images proceeded to the closing of the session enthusiastically. Thank you for staying with us and why don’t you take up to answer the above questions in our comments session and have your participation displayed.



PROBESEVEN - (No) Junk Food Day

This day 27th August 2015 we got the favourite episode of the year and it’s the Junk food day!

We are quiet crazy longing for the favourite junk food wrapped attractively and tastes great for taste buds. Every now and then all of us come across the talk on building health with nutritious foods and avoiding the junk foods.

It is not quite easy or gain control over the tasty, naughty snacks like pizzas, chaat, pav, french fries, rolls, burgers, cakes, packed snacks and much more. The craving for these have to be trashed permanently and hence the day (No-Junk food Day) was organised. The healthy and nutritious meal need to be considered for satisfaction of your cravings rather than the greasier and fattening food.

The team proposed a great initiative to bridge awareness so as to explain the causes, prevention and the remedies as well. Each of the team actively participated providing valuable information on different foods, so as to gain the complete awareness of the health or threat behind the particular food.

Surprising were the information when noted that the food we consume on regular basis does add to the unnecessary calories and some food fail to be nutritious. A great descriptive awareness posed as each of the volunteers can up with proven analysis.

Sometimes, the idea of being healthy, preparing a balanced meal, and snacking on carrot sticks isn’t too appealing. Junk Food Day is all about satisfying your cravings for something naughtier, greasier, and definitely more fattening than the nutritional but not-very-exciting meal you know that you really should be eating.

This awareness should be much intended to each and every one as on the other hand the junk food business gets flourishing and dominating in the food industry. The mission to avoid junk food and discourage the regular consumption we need to set principled rules and make it innovative by creating a slogan to be displayed in your food area.

No sugar-sweetened drinks in the house
Only whole foods brought into the refrigerator
Half of our grain servings will be whole-grains
Whole-grains will be the first ingredient on the nutrition label

Let us create a world free from junk foods and spread the word among our friends and acquaintance. Applause to the day co-coordinators Mr.Manoj, Mr.Saravanan & Mr.Suresh for this overwhelming participation and organising. Wish you could share this and also add your comments in the below comment session for further enrichment.

PROBESEVEN - World Jump Day

Today, we were filled with a couple of strategies which kept us participated in the globally recognized day. Although it is one of the prominent event at our office, this year the day was recognized on 20th July which happened to be on Monday, the start of the week. Frankly, our team were loaded up with tasks and the mission for the week seemed to be running in each one’s minds which resulted in keeping the event crisp that did end up a bit short.

Did it sound like quitting? No, it is not what the talk was about and quitting is something not been there at our end. The guess was right we did enjoy the day with the spirit of ‘Go do a Jump’ the ring or the buzz in our minds.

2015-06-Jump Day.cdr

Wonderful enough! Our co-ordinators Mr. Arun and Mr. Jeeva the thoughtful youths who reached us with the good cause that was created in the activity of jumping. The strategies were 2 different, one which spoke about the orbit rotation of earth and the other was the health benefits over the activity of jumping. Excuse me! Don’t mean it was intended to jump to conclusion. We really worked it out. Interestingly, hurdles were set in various pathways within the office premises which needed to cross with a jump, of course the maze was fully blocked so no way to escape. May be right it was a furious thing few hours in the mornings and believe it, the interest spread and every one would have jumped the floor a dozen or two times.

Applause for the organizers for the thoughtful transformation of the day with enthusiasm. Jump! Jump! Jump! …… As always looking out for your comments and encouragement.