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PROBESEVEN - Time Management, The right fit for each individual as good as their personal belonging!

Have you ever wondered that you are pending with stuffs which could be actually done rightly. Most of us at some point of time would have experienced this situation. Put a reason out statement on why you were not been able to do so long, what were the challenges faced for not been able to adhere.

It’s all about the Time Management which I had been talking about. It is one of the desirable skill and that could have no reason to neglect this skill. At the outset you enjoy complete freedom yet you could aim to meet the completion and have more time for betterment. This is one skill that walks along with your daily success and ultimately turns out to be a motivator.

time management2

You may be a proficient planner and what I wish to share here is that time management works different for each one.  Time Management, The right fit for each individual as good as their personal belonging. With the right fit for the individual as unique as their personal belonging which you choose with great interest and attention.

Here is the list which of strategies which would do magic and it works best for me that encourages me to share for your benefit.

Plan your day

The primary things that are available to plan your day would be to make a list and set deadlines.

Make a list

Making a list of things you wish to attain for the day needs to be penned. The idea here is you know the priorities, your capabilities, your SWOT analysis, your schedule. Then quietly list down the list with the idea of making it more practical for you to achieve. Since it is planned for you and by you there could all changes to win over it. Keep it better organised by listing the plan for the day based on personal list, home list and work list.

Set Completion

Well this is no child’s play or a mere show off, if there is a set to completion it is best to stick over it and get the task done absolutely the best possible way. The world changes every minute and the universal strategy is act immediately and instantly.

Act over the schedule

“Your thoughts, conversations and activities need to circle around your task” is the prime idea over the successful time management.

Here I wish to share few points which eases your commitment towards the set goals and promises over massive target achievement. Relatively let us focus more on the task completion and time management which goes hand in hand for the great profits.

Encourage delegation, having control over your responsibility and quality of delivery is one great talent and if you possess this you are all qualified to delegate the task. Try to use this strategy where ever required and you could soon see yourself saving on time.

Lead with Perfection

You might be all set and here is the stage which demands some balance. The clever part of the overall time management comes here which in other words you call it prioritization.

Set the task with the right priority – label each task in terms of ‘Important and Crucial’. Now you would find your list in the order of important and crucial. “The one in the list which is most important and most crucial will be the first task to be attended. Followed by it will be either important and most crucial / crucial and most important.” This strategy will be for the overall betterment in terms of time management and task completion.

time management1

These will help you transform your day successful with more cheer and joy. Yet is another aspect to carry out on daily basis. Yes! it’s Reward yourself.

Celebrate and reward yourself on your task accomplishment and when you do it you will get self-motivated and do give yourself the privilege to draw your day towards happy ending.

PROBESEVEN - The rise of BYOA and BYOM from BYOD!


The days with the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device) is transforming and far reaching to the corporates and IT companies as the BYOA (Bring your own apps).
It proves to make a great sense that they become an integral part of the individual and which defines the person in a better way.
In fact it is not astonishing to hear few eminent  to talk about the BYOM (Bring your own mind) which proves most essential for the enterprise to experience success.

Denied with these will be a charge of the concern as the top talents gets eliminated and so why not? Think it futuristic and join the moment with the spirit of individualism.

BYOD has proven as an acknowledgement to the need of individualism in the work space. This had taken a leap and seen encouragement over BYOA which progresses to bring your own apps to the work place in a way they use personally for their individual collaboration, thinking, tracking and managing stuffs. Although this seem to be undeniable it does not go that easy as it takes the concern of security and consistency.  If need to look into more details the recent enterprise are seamlessly into such concepts encouraging employees for BYOA which also means Build your own app.

The swift transformation are a part of today’s high tech world as the use and penetration of smart mobiles are much greater and it proves to be a multi-fold bloom when compared to the other devices such as desk top and lap top computers including the tablets. The billions of smart phones hitting the market are increasing in percentage and when it is 2017 the other devices like laptops would get stale.

So, when you think of what’s Next? As most companies have enriched their employees with the BYOA extending the ultimate freedom.

This has triggered another concept whichis buzzing in the IT industry which is the MDM system that justly is Mobile Device Management which is been designed to the security at both ends for the company and the workforces.  The company and the employees are driven by the system which detects the authentication, tracks the policy breaches and also alerts the unauthorised access if any. It protects the overall honesty as the consequences will turn to be costlier when deducted. The recent survey has deducted that the companies deny the use of own devices does not attract top talents which is one prime reason for the companies to get attracted to BYOD. Although the challenges are ample it does prove to be the wake up for the new IT spectrum. On the other hand it also transforms from Bring your own to Build your own which is easily possible to detect the benefits and the barriers in the practical scenario.

Transformation Technology, the end of restrictions!


This concept is simple to handle by the technology companies with their full-fledged talents and the ability to integrate more security that is reliable. It would soon land up in the concept of BYOM bring your own mind keeping you closer to your personal life and this may prove to out ridge the official and professionalism concepts but another reality what is been experienced in the developed countries are that they gain high potential output along with much more dedication and sincerity which supports in their business growth. The waves would quickly spread and expected to be a part of every company universally.

Cool and secure makes it enriching and why not when the concept of work from home gets popular this concept of Bring your own app and bring your own mind gets closely related to the ultimate and comfortable thinking process in their own way. Clearly it is just not bringing your device, apps or mind to work but for using them for the enterprise.

Keep in track for more to come related to the technology advancement and how this concept is been appreciated across the globe. Need your share of ideas and why not drop few words in this comments session.


PROBESEVEN - Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits!

Digital transformation

Digital Transformation directly implies the complete change in the way the business functions and when in it digital transformation it shifts from the existing mode of data to the complete digitalization.

Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits! Will this be a kind to heavy thing to think or adapt, the difficulty to understand the protocols and technology?  

Oh, yep! It may be so for many but the best part of the current scenario is the leverage of simplicity in technology and processes. The shift to the new platform is also consummate and the best implementation can be experienced with today’s technology.

The App world

This cannot be called meaningless and the evolving technology is highly business savvy which keeps you embrace your business all time. It is a known fact that a huge volume are business processes has been taken over by technology and most appropriate would be say the CLOUD.

The progressed concept which I would wish to quote is the XaaS (Anything/Everything as a Service) right from SaaS, Paas, Iaas, DRaaS, DaaS which has been prevailing and today it is more generically quoted application to anything and everything as a service.

This is definitely an inspiration and overwhelming that encourages all the business processes irrespective of its complication to get into digitalization.

Implemented for success & profits

Assertive over switching to the digital platform is the right thought without controversy. It is proven to betterment both internal in the organisation and external with the business stakeholders.

Most business experience swiftness, accuracy, profits and customer satisfaction which shows the measurable success on its best functioning.

The Challenges

The incorporated technology should mean to the success of the organization and well met with the company goals. It would be  measurable when it gets in place rightly as a glib professional.

The overall challenge is the implementation part that needs to take place perfectly without leading to any confusion and breakage. A defined digital transformation should be the goal plan and milestone to adapt.

Advantage over Adaption

When you think to confirm over the digital transformation which normally the companies and organisation would adapt it is quite impressive and would state to suit the business needs of any industry across the globe.

  • Don’t you think a professional and well defined Analytical tool would do a great job in the measuring of the customer reaction and the understanding the requirements based on the behaviour of the customers to make any marketing campaign a grand success.
  • The next big think which is supportive for the business process is the Mobile apps which aids the organisation to connect with their stakeholders and specially the customers as and when they need, in fact an all-round collaboration.
  • Remote working has become a positive trend and as popular as BYOD/CYOD usage. Companies look for platform which collaborates their customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. This gains them lavish time and energy to save on money too.
  • One another aspect to stay on cloud and online is the SEO leverage for match the efforts of sales and marketing. They include the social media which puts together for effectively using the web platform.
The changes experienced

When entering the digitalization it categories into the customer experience and the business success with its effective operations. The balance experienced creates value to the customers and it directly reflects over the ROI and customer satisfaction which are key expectations of any businesses.

It is also a great efficiency over the operations, better bonded customer relationship, better employee morale, share of effective collaboration to meet the vision of the company.

These indications make it more encouraging for many companies and organisations to be a part of the digital world.


The eye-opener here is that you don’t have to walk behind or follow any concept until you embrace the requirement. The requirements here is meant all your business priorities, your goals and vision. This would deliberate the greater impact on the digital operations.

Pretty sure that there are no organisation without an vision, all business will required the mobile convenience, popularity like the better online presence and would require anything that will assist in the success of the business.

When all these potential would promise success then is the power of the digitalisation will positively interact and meet the revolution.

PROBESEVEN - Global Security Option in Jenkins

jenkins_blog poster

A watch out to the software professionals, you may not know about which am turned to discuss. Oh! Yes, I wish to quote that this option does not come in the default configuration, as Jenkins does not insist on any default security check. So, it directly means that the person working on it for the installation need to work on the global security option in Jenkins.
Okay, just as you proceed also check over this, may be you would wish to learn here how to integrate selenium with Jenkins!
Once after the completion of the installation you are advised to integrate the global security option, which works on 2 axes: the security realm using the log in credentials and the authorization strategy which gives you the option to access the permission settings. Cater to the below procedures to work on setting the global security for your projects in Jenkins and understanding the Global Security Option in Jenkins.
Step 1:
Configure Jenkins:
  • Open Command Prompt & follow the following steps to configure Jenkins
  • Go to the particular directory where Jenkins.war is installed & enter the following command java –jar Jenkins.war


  • You will get Jenkins is fully up and running in Command Prompt if Jenkins configured correctly.


  • Open browser go to the given URL – http://localhost:8080/
  • Normally Jenkins uses 8080 port to run.
  • Jenkins Dashboard will be displayed.
Step  2:
Configure Global Security Option:
  • Click on Manage Jenkins Button present in Jenkins dashboard & open Manage Jenkins Page.
  • Select Configure Global Security option present in Manage Jenkins Page.


  • Select Enable Security Checkbox Present in Configure Global Security Page.
  • Click on Jenkins own user database Radio button from Security Realm section & then click on Matrix based security radio button present in Authorization section.



Set Username/Group name:
  • Enter User/Group Name and click on Add Button.
  • For example I have entered Test User in Matrix based security section.
  • Select Permissions to the newly added user & then click on SAVE Button.


Just get started:
  • Jenkins Login Page should be displayed.
  • Click on Create an Account Link to create new user.


  • Enter Username as Test in Signup form & enter all valid details and then click on Signup Button.
  • Test User is successfully Logged in to Jenkins account.


  • Click on Logout Link present at top of the Jenkins dashboard.
  • Jenkins Login Page should be displayed.
  • Whenever you are trying to open Jenkins (http://localhost:8080/) it will ask you for username & password to login.


Success over it or get this:
  • If both Username & Password matches means Jenkins will display dashboard. Otherwise it throws an error message.

Jenkins9Global Security Option in Jenkins is Configured Successfully!

You can now protect your Jenkins data using Global Security option. Stay with peace of mind and make your projects highly secured.
Doubtless, wish to get your comments and let’s discuss more in the comments session. Drop me few words which I would be glad to reply. 


PROBESEVEN - A Know-how: Yii 2.0 Installation via Composer


Hello world of developers! This is something which I worked on recently and would say that it is apt for the requirements.
As most of you would be aware of Yii framework that is suitable for large and complicated web applications, what I wish to add is that it is amazing when I explored that it provides swift development and provides great flexibility with its component based design and up gradation.

Stating this have documented the step by step process of Yii 2.0 Installation via Composer.

Let’s get Started:

It a cool thing to download the composer if you do not possess.

Download composer from getcomposer.org.

On Linux and Mac OS X:  You’ll need to run the following commands.

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

On Windows: You’ll need to download and run Composer-Setup.exe.

To check the composer installation, Type the below code in command prompt



Once you complete the Composer installation, you can head towards the installation of Yii by running the following commands under a Web-accessible folder:

You could compose this package in the system.

composer global require “fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.0.0-beta2″


On completion of the composer, You may proceed to:

Type your Github auth access token key during the installation

Set your xampp htdocs directory in the cmd prompt.

Install Advanced Application Template

You have few options to have installed the advanced application template. Look further for the one that is suitable.

To install “advanced application template”, use the following code

composer create-project yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced projAdvanced 2.0.0-beta   

To obtain the up to date amendment:

php composer.phar create-project –prefer-dist –stability=dev yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced /path/to/yii-application

  To obtain the latest and stable during installation:

composer create-project –prefer-dist –stability=dev yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced your_project_name

Install Basic Application Template

Here again you possess few options to install the basic application template, you could pick an option given below.

To install “basic application template”, use the following code

composer create-project yiisoft/yii2-app-basic projBasic 2.0.0-beta  (or)

composer create-project –prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-app-basic basic_project_name  (or)

composer create-project –prefer-dist –stability=dev yiisoft/yii2-app-basic basic_project_name

Folder Structure of Advanced Application Template

After installed ‘advanced application template’, you will get the application like below folder structure.

yii2 advanced application folder structure:


Root directory contains a set of folder.

  • Backend – backend web application.
  • Common – files common to all applications.
  • Console – console application.
  • Environments – environment config.
  • Frontend – frontend web application.

.gitignore contains a list of directories ignored by git version system. Also note that if you need something never get to your source, instead do the following. 

code repository, add it here.

composer.json – Composer config described in detail below.

init – initialization script described in “Composer config described in detail below”.

init.bat – This is same for Windows.

LICENSE.md – license info. You could put your project license here. Especially when you are opensourcing.

README.md – This is the basic info about installing template. Consider replacing it with information about your project and its installation.

requirements.php – This is the Yii requirements checker.

yii – Well, this is console application bootstrap.

yii.bat – Note this is same for Windows.

Getting Started

After you install the application, you have to conduct the following steps to initialize the installed application. You only need to do these once for all.

Yii2 Installation Via Composer


Run command init to initialize the application with a specific environment.

Create a new database and adjust the components[‘db’] configuration in common/config/main-local.php accordingly.

Apply migrations with console command yii migrate. This will create tables needed for the application to work.

Set document roots of your Web server.

Bravo! don’t you think you are successful. Work on it more and get experience the convenience. Also, do not forget to share a comment to state the benefits. 


PROBESEVEN - Convenience Experienced with Internet of Things!

The coolest thing of today which is been widely conversing about and many IT companies actively building strategies are about Internet of Things. This technology is something that the convenience experienced in past can be seen with multi-fold enrichment as of today and will be far more advanced in future.
Internet of things

The question for the layman may be what is it all about and how it could be made possible?

Here is, what exactly IoT means… it refers to the connectivity and and internet, it might mean that connectivity is among humans but wonder not to know it has been expanded and the interactions are made possible even with objects which we encounter in our daily life. The reality today in most cities and the near future of the rest of the places are like ‘Internet Access’ is something that will not mean much as it internet would become omnipresent and available all time, connectivity works beyond humans passing on to objects. A topic was also discussed on Li-Fi which will supplement the understanding but we have traveled to still advanced developments.

When I say this you may realize better as anything that operates electronically and has an on/off action can be communicated remotely which will be a concept of Internet of things.

Generally, convenience in the past was meant something that is available in the neighbourhood and that which can be reached in few minutes. On contrary the convenience today is massively different which is expected is to have them at finger tips for access.

The prevalent implications are encountered in almost all field which does include the regulations, the government, the policies, technology and all others. You are now to get an insight of the implications IoT created for marketing.

It goes extensively to provide high consumer convenience that challenges the marketing to meet their expectation. The connectivity is so high and goes public that the start on this was by a marketing company who provided the products from the vending machine when it was tweeted.

This relevantly getting the data bigger and soon it is expected as the humans get social there can be an expected social interaction between the things.

When the feel of smart homes, smart watch which function with connectivity and streamlines the regular process it is also interesting that the marketers get beyond and more public about their customers. Imagine you move a product say a pair of  goggles to your shopping cart and this choice of yours is been used to influence many and when you seek to buy one, you are naturally taken to the insight of the product. It benefits both ways you seem to obtain the best while the marketer would certainly multiply the volume of sales.

The lights that gets on automatically switched-on the relatively sensing the reaching distance, which is communicated to the AC checks on the temperature, the refrigerator communicates to the car about the short of grocery, the car parks by the grocery store, the car communicates with the friends car in the social network understanding about the traffic and the signals, the road signals communicates with the vehicles which are heading towards the same lane. Yes! much more can happen think your fuel is on warning, designates to the fuel stations immediately.

It becomes a brave world as when the customer is seen to visit the store and bags with nothing, the sense of dissatisfaction is experienced which is automatically sensed and the marketer would work on the remedy to get the customer back. The world of internet would also be soon known as the chip world which lets anyone track on the desired things. There are wonders happening to safeguard the endangered animals as their move is well tracked and it gets automatically communicated to the forest authority for the safety. The trees are embedded with chips which protects them from deforestation and the list is on and on.

Technology is the big thing happening and the impact of IoT will soon become the widely inter-connected universe.



PROBESEVEN - November proves to be a month of knowledge exploration!

The conceptual events did deepen the spirits of the team and motivated each one with the persistent professionalism. The enthusiastic team did prove to excel with competition yet supportive attitude and the wing focused on the HR team for the great many activities and events to fill the month of November 2015. There was seen a quick show up by the HR team with the mind opening and challenging Assessment Test day and the Unique Talent Day. November proved to be an analysis month. It gives plenty of opportunity on the self-evaluation and the understanding of the healthy competition which provoked immense interest among the team.

November proves to be a knowledge exploration month.

This month was a keen vitality of our brains and along with the motivation from the presenter our minds tuned to great interests. You may now be wondering about the events that pushed to this level of interest, we did have an Assessment Test day, the Unique Talent Day & Cake Day. This rather integrated within each self an all new self-realisation.

Assessment Day:

The assessment day just came to us instantaneous just as we moved in to office premises. The online test which catered to match each department was all set with the required credentials. With the count down the test was taken us. Keen over the questions each of them dedicatedly participated to bring out best results. Stayed over interestingly with the aptitude, analytical, logical, technical and verbal questions was brain storming. The time available seemed ample but as they travelled with the questions it gave a push for completion. The HR team hit the day a productive one with the attentive evaluation.

Unique Talent Day:

Show Your talent

A week later we organized the Unique Talent Day which proved to be the platform for each of the individual interest. The team did bring their properties to display the talents and earned the appreciation of all, most of them seemed to be inspired with few others and there were few who showed up their cultural talents.

Cake Day:

cake day

Followed by the Unique Talent Day was the Cake Day, deliberated to appreciate by the lingering taste of the flavoured cakes make the day interesting. Name the flavour and it was presented which can battered to reach out and grab one. These wonderful events were organised by Jayaraj and Karthick with passionate interest and attention. Manoj says, “If it has to been known about the Assessment and test that got scheduled, I was confident enough and I did realize the amount of knowledge it transformed. The updates which were missing on my side got noted and it served a platform for gaining ample knowledge. The unique talent day did help us identify different talents and I was happy to note many hidden talents. Of course, the cake was wonderful and picked my favourite.” “This is not a usual assessment” quotes Saravanan, but I swear it was useful and helped me identify the technology in a better way. The talent day did serve as a mind opener for me. Got the share of my cake in the most suitable hour and cherished the flavour.” I thought started Yogeshwaran stated “Assessment turned to the challenge to my self-confidence as although I started it casually it required massive attention, the verbal segment enriched my vocabulary. It did help in my self-development.” Conservatively says Ganesh utters, “Just thought of catching up, with the assessment on the go but it turned out to be thought-provoking and it served as a platform for technology updates. Would I not been present, I might have missed this knowledge enrichment.” Jayaraj made a point by saying, “It’s been a long time presenting an event and taking up the assessment, I was happy for the opportunity entrusted and worked to give the best. If I have to tell about the assessment it was a kind of think-out-of box questions and I experienced a knowledge gain. Unique talent day event inspired me to broaden the boundary and took challenge to enhance my talents. Cake day was bright and sharing made it a fun event.” What more? New things happening each month and each day, wish to have your comments, add one to have it cherished.


iStock_000061089440_Large - early bird 2&3

There has been always a debate on “Early birds vs Night Owls”. It is a phenomenal approach that seeks the comfort of each individual to gain extended hours at early before the dawn or late after the dusk. 

So far I was a “Night Owl” who did majority of things at night, so that I get extra time to sleep in the mornings. Even I used to get up in the morning only to switch off the alarm to get additional sleep. I loved alarms with snooze options. But the case is different with me now. I gradually turned from “Night Owl” to an “Early Bird” and yes! Early bird sounds not only sweet but with energetic too.

Everyone is provided with the same time frame in the earth i.e. 24 hours a day, but Early birds have little extra time. Not they have more than 24 hours but getting up early makes 24 hours a lengthy one. Here’s some points I put forward to defend me as an “Early Bird”.

1. Fresh Mornings, Fresh Starts

Mornings are always fresh. It’s the start of the day and right from flowers to our mind, everything is fresh. Only fresh mind can think fresh. If you wake up late, you will notice the lost time. Ultimately, you have to fasten your seat belts and rush to finish off that day works with less time.

 2. No Hurry, No Worry

The most irritating and annoying feel in the world is rushing and hurrying to work or to office or anything you have to. Hurrying drains your energy physically and mentally. Getting up early gives you extra time to make yourself relaxed, time to get yourself ready, relaxed and ‘complete’ breakfast, ride at normal speed to office or anywhere. Few worries starts where you have to hurry.

 3. Never get transformed “You be You”

Mornings are only time where you don’t need masks. You will be yourself and you don’t have to fake. First and best friend of you is yourself and spend time for u. Ask yourself what you want and spend little time for you and of course your life is yours.

 4. Prepare to Perform

Every activity needs preparation at first to perform it better. Better preparation needs creativity, fresh mind, fresh body and fresh energy. Interestingly early morning gives you all these as complete. Make a list of things that has to be done by evening.

5. Life wants you to enjoy evenings

No one wants to work evenings when your friends and family expecting your presence to enjoy with them. I always believe in Work-Life balance  which states that “work at morning and life at evening”. As the day runs along you will get tired and you can’t work with same energy as like morning. That’s one another reason for the Sun to settle down to leave you relaxed at evenings and enjoy life. Birds back to nests, friends to your regular hang out place and family members to your home. Finish off your work soon and live your life the way you want at evenings.

 6. Better Sleep, Better Health

Who does not love sleep? Every one need to sleep and the matter is how much time you get to sleep and how deep you sleep. Most of us have a common complaint that “ I am not falling asleep at once i go to bed”. To get sleep you need relaxed mind and a tired body. Early morning works will drain your energy and ultimately you will get tired. The more time you had made you to finish that day work and your mind gets relaxed. Better sleep means you ensure better health. Only deep sleep and good hunger indicates your health is getting along with you in right path. Early sleep ensures early morning get up and vice-versa.

Ring -A -Rosie

 So, what is the wait for? Get up early, have fresh start, don’t get hurry and worry, you become “you”, perform better, enjoy life at evening, get better sleep and get up early next day. This proved to be the success mantra to catch up the day long routines, success endeavours, family fun and friends rejoice.



PROBESEVEN - Improve your Office Day ‘2015


The month of October proved substantial for Improve your office day. The key note delivery about how the time and space at office implies in each of our lives and clearly shows the maximum of day hours are completely spend at the office premises and at work.

Would it not be wonderful? To serve the place with the attitude of recognition and more so the privilege taken to endure happy and energetic times which means an overall success for the life and career. This is completely owned and non-debated while the minds worked on how to and what to deliver to make the day significant.

Get Organised:

One may think why is the task assigned for the day but the realisation has acknowledged by the team. Ample overflowing tray for some, assorted paper work, confused documents in desktop, files that were age old, raided on the stationery requirements and yet was an opportunity to get with all the lost stuffs like the staplers, markers etc. few shuffling of places, re-organising the office furniture and of course welcoming the new assets made it sparkling.

It was something like the nature light has brightened up the space and fresh start was experienced. The walk into the place enriched the spirits of the team and happy was the team.

At the Meet:

A wholesome time is spent at office and this huge time frame keeps us bonded with the company, work station, team mates but how about the others. Getting to know the team on whole with a small get-together which was organized and served a platform to connect with other team players and new comers as well.

A good knowledge share may be an awareness of workplace organising method was discussed to the team. This is a popular 5S strategy holding Japanese words. Quite popular but for those who thinks it is new and first heard.

  1. Seiri – Keep the workplace clean and not distracted, remove, segregate & dispose.

  2. Seiton -Set handy with things, in order, streamline for smooth workflow.

  3. Seisou -Complete clean and hygienic work station pleasing work place.

  4. Seiketsu -Standardized process of work maintenance, everything in the right way.

  5. Shitsuke -Goal oriented work process, improved performance, training and discipline.

 End of the day! It created a Better Routine!

General say would be like need to feel fresh and natural get outdoor. But, it was the kind experienced for the team inside with brighter ambiance new wall dressing, better lighting and rearranged closer to nature.

It created a better routine and enjoyable at work with the perfect priority setting and delivery. It sounded ridiculous but the mentoring with the good work culture created a perfect work environment.

Seamlessly organised was this event by the co-ordinators  Arun & Prabhakaran who proved to lead the show with the perfect work culture and the environment. Many cheers for this efficient and organised show. Wish to know more, add your comments and we would be glad to respond and stay connected.

PROBESEVEN - Multi-Processing in PHP at a Glance!

php-logoFew days back had a great experience that got me rejoicing. My development IQ created a spark while working keenly on a client project. Let me introduce a useful concept for the developers to pitch through all the creations. This is all about the multi-processing in PHP.

A Quick Note:

A glance through the concepts of Multi-programming which would help to understand better the process explained in this article.


Engaging a multi-programming system, you would find one or more programs loaded in main memory which is similar to running Excel, Paint, Firefox etc.


Multi-processing refers to executing multiple processes at a same time. In fact, multiprocessing refers to the hardware not software. A computer using more than one CPU (Physical processor) at a time is called multi-processing.


In multi-tasking, a single CPU is involved, but it switches from one task/program/job/process to another most swiftly that it gives the appearance of executing all of the programs at the same time.


Multi-threading is an execution model that allows a single process to have multiple code segments (one process is divided into sub-tasks.) run concurrently within the “context” of that process.

The need for PCNTL functions:

Any modern operation system performs Multi-tasking, which means we can run several programs at the same time. In php, we are using a single process concept and assigning all our work to one process. It will be executed one by one and ultimately takes more time for completion. If we split our one process task into a multi-process task using operating system feature ‘multi-tasking’, we can complete the process in great speed. Using ‘PCNTL’ function, we can do multi-process tasks concept in php.

Multiprocessing in PHP
  1. pcntl_fork — Forks the currently running process
  2. pcntl_waitpid — Waits on or returns the status of a forked child
  3. pcntl_wexitstatus — Returns the return code of a terminated child

The pcntl_fork() function creates a child process that differs from the parent process only in its PID. Both the parent and child process will be exactly the same up until the moment of the fork. Any variables up to that point will be exactly the same in both processes. After forking, changing a variable’s value in one process doesn’t affect the other process though.

When we call pcntl_fork(), it will return one of the three values. They are:

  • -1 - is return on failure.
  • 0 - is returned in the child’s thread of execution.
  • PID - is returned in the parent’s thread of execution.
Example 1:
$pid = pcntl_fork();

switch($pid) {
case -1:
	print "Could not fork!\n";
case 0:
	print "In child!\n";
	print "In parent!\n";


The above script just print out a message in the both parent and child processes.
Example 2:
for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; ++$i) {
	$pid = pcntl_fork();

	if (!$pid) {
		print "In child $i\n";
pcntl_fork_example_2In this script, we started with one process and forked it as five process. In foreach each time, we created one new child process and it did not affect the parent process. Because we exit the child process after the print the message.
Example 3:
for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; ++$i) {
	$pid = pcntl_fork();

	if (!$pid) {
		print "In child $i\n";

while (pcntl_waitpid(0, $status) != -1) {
	$status = pcntl_wexitstatus($status);
	echo "Child $status completed\n";


In this sample, We terminate the child process using exit($i) function and then return the status of a forked child from pcntl_waitpid(). Using pcntl_wexitstatus() function, we can get the return value of child process. pcntl_wexitstatus() function returns the return code as an integer.
Attention Note:
  1. Process Control should not be enabled within a web server environment and unexpected results may happen if any Process Control functions are used within a web server environment.
  2. This extension is not available on Windows platforms.