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PROBESEVEN - Innovative Idea Contest ’2017 – At a Glance!

 Life was ticking away to hit 2017, Time to perform…

Are you a player or spectator? Actually puzzled!
It all started here, as we were grateful for the wonderful happenings in 2016 and with the creativity to march forward was the introduction of the event. We did prepare to hike forward into the new year with all the years of composed motivation, quality of life and work and discover our impact to innovate.

As New Year Celebration blasted and at the dawn of 2017, we did launch a contest to our teams. It was an opportunity to exhibit their innovative ideas. Some may be like the long-awaited moment has now began and it’s time to perform.

It cannot go with a concept or the title and we know the best to be called as the ‘INNOVATIVE IDEA CONTEST’.

It was not just to share ideas and we did not believe in the usual slogan ‘Participation is better than winning’, it was something that each individual possess about the social culture, organization culture and the human synergistic. Quite often as each system gets implemented we give out our opinions and arguments over the betterment. Why not? Use this opportunity to snatch out those hidden thoughts and let you minds free with no more entombs.


The Concept

The concept ‘Innovative Idea’ provoked asking the participants ‘What is your little-big idea to bring a change? With much more focused the thought and innovative ideas were to be presented in the social culture, organization culture and about the human synergistic.

The Innovative idea

In this competitive world, it is no doubt that innovation to anything that has its presence when driven  thoughtfully with innovation leads to success. All of us need success but are we innovative. Most business today are reinventing the business processes rather than following the same pattern. The pool of new concepts and ideas when selected and executed brings the right progress.

The Outcomes

As the launch of the contest,  it was like ‘Get original’ mode among each of the team members. We did come across few early bird submissions from Bala Sundaram, Sandhosh Kumar & Karthik who presented their ideas which was an inspiration for more participants. It is also truly agreed that it is not easy to come up with Innovative ideas which is truly original.

Sooner few more entries flooded in and it has become a tough game to win. It’s all about presenting an innovative idea which keeps dashing your minds every now and then. Most of them tried and enthusiastically participated.

The winner is…

Time for the declaration and as the team was on move and busy innovating for the right reasons, the realization was the rewards will come automatically. We are glad to announce the winner of this event here…


Laurels to the winner added with ample Appreciations!

Your ideas were thought-provoking and would prove to benefit on implementation. The winner brings out the importance of the utilizing the time inventively, adding oxygen flow and most essentially the digital concepts.

We consider the participation of the event is to inspire others and we congratulate all the participants.

This was a platform which created the importance of innovation and knowing that only innovative and original ideas will shake up in any board meets, over the discussion with any groups. Most people as well as business would prefer the originality and creative minds.

We are on move and busy innovating for the precise reasons and rewards will come automatically.



PROBESEVEN - Understanding Big Data and its Tools

Here is an understanding of Big Data and its Tools, Big Data is almost here and it is time to get a good understanding of the happenings in Big Data. Get to know how effectively are the tools, that help, plan, resulting in intelligent Big Data Management.  Big Data is not just the trend or the buzz of the day but it is the happening of most businesses and industries that creates real world values of information to help businesses.


The term Big data that describes any voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, that has the potential to be mined for information.

Big data, characterized by 3V’s
  • Volume, extreme volume of data
  • Variety, excessively wide variety of types of data
  • Velocity, the speed at which the data gets processed.

Although big data does not refer to any definitive quantity, the term is often used when clear-cut petabytes and exabytes of data, such type of data cannot be integrated easily.

Big Data transforms to 4V’s

The fourth ‘V’ that is important for the organization is the ‘Veracity’ which is performed to handle the uncertainty. Huge data in high speed gets stored and the identifying of the incorrect data specially in the automated system is a challenge to make sure that both the data and the analysis are correct.

Because Big Data takes redundant time and costs replete money to load into a traditional relational database for analysis, new access to storing and analyzing data have appeased that rely less on data schema and data quality. Preferably, raw data with extended metadata is aggregated in a data pool, machine learning and artificial intelligence programs use complicated algorithms to look for recursive patterns.

Big data analytics is often blend with cloud computing since the analysis of large data sets in real time requires a platform like Hadoop to store huge data sets in the distributed cloud, MapReduce to parallel , combine and process data from multiple sources.


The demand for big data analytics is big giant, there is currently a lack of data scientists and other analysts have practice working with big data in a distributed and open source environment. In the venture, vendors have responded to this lack by creating Hadoop appliances to avail corporate to take advantage of the semi-structured and unstructured data they mine.

Big data can vary with small data, another emerging term that is often used to characterize data with volume and format that can be easily used for own service.  A commonly quoted dictum is that “Big Data is for Machines, Small Data is for People.”

An Understanding
Column-Oriented Databases

Traditional, row-oriented databases are admirable for online transaction large data with high update speeds, but they fall short on query performance as the data volumes excessively grow and as data becomes more unstructured. Column-oriented databases store data on columns, not of of rows, allowing for large data compression and very fast query times. The downside to these databases is that they normally allow only batch updates, having a very slower update time than traditional models.

NoSQL Databases or Schema-less Databases

There are variety of database types that fall into this category, like as key-value stores and document stores, that focus on the storage and accrue of large amount of unstructured, semi-structured, or even structured data. They accomplish performance gains by doing away with some or all the limitations traditionally associated with conventional databases, like as read write consistency, in change for scalability and distributed processing.


It is a programming model that allows for massive data execution scalability against thousands of servers or clusters of servers. Any MapReduce implementation contains two tasks:

  • The “Map” task, that an input dataset is converted into a different set of key/value pairs, or tuples.
  • The “Reduce” task, where several of the outputs of the “Map” task are joined to form a reduced set of tuples.
Explore the Tools

Here are the set of open source tools to support the Big Data implementation. A brief overview gives creates interest to move further.



Hadoop is widely used for implementation of MapReduce, being a total open source environment for handling Big Data.

It is flexible tool that has the ability to work  with multiple data sources, either aggregating multiple sources to do large scale processing, or even reading data from a database in order to run processor intensive machine learning jobs. It has several different applications, but one of the top use cases is for big volumes of continuous changing data, for example location-based data from weather report or traffic sensors, web-based or social media data, or machine-to-machine transaction data.


Hive is a SQL-like integration tool that allows conventional BI applications to run queries against a Hadoop cluster.

It was originally framed and developed by Facebook, but has been made open source, and it’s a higher order level abstraction of the Hadoop framework that can allows any user to make queries against data stored in a Hadoop cloud cluster just as if they were manipulating a conventional data storage. It amplifies the reach of Hadoop, making it more convenient for BI users.



PIG is another integration tool that tries to bring Hadoop closer to the realities of developers and users, like to Hive.

Unlike Hive, however, PIG consists of a “Perl-like” language that allows user for query execution over data stored on a Hadoop cluster cloud, instead of a “SQL” language. PIG was developed by Yahoo!, and, just like Hive, has also made available in open source.



WibiData is an integration of web analytics with Hadoop, that built on top of HBase, which is itself a database layer on top of Hadoop. It allows websites to better performance and work with their user large data, enabling real-time responses to user’s behavior, like as serving personalized content, decisions and recommendations.



PLATFORA the greatest limitation of Hadoop, it is a very low-level implementation of MapReduce, requiring huge developer knowledge to operate.

A full cycle can take hours between preparing, testing and running jobs, eliminating the interactivity that users enjoyed with conventional databases. PLATFORA is an open source platform that turns user’s queries into Hadoop jobs automatically, that creating an abstraction layer that any user can exploit to organize and simplify the datasets stored in Hadoop.



SkyTree is a high-performance machine learning and data analytics platform mainly focus on handling large volume of data (Big Data).
Machine learning is an essential part of Big Data Storage since the huge data volumes make manual exploration, or even conventional automated analysis methods un achievable or too expensive.

Storage Technologies As the data volumes increase, we need for effective and efficient storage techniques. The main evolutions in this are related to data compression and storage virtualization.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you liked the post and hope you would type down few words of ideas and opinions in the comments session which is considered as an acknowledgement.


PROBESEVEN - Discover the key components of PROBESEVEN Events

Discover the key components of PROBESEVEN Events, Here are the interesting events that are actively participated remedying the two key components – the team spirit and knowledge. You will discover how such events set to be motivated, inspired, and created a change for organizing, innovating and exhibiting the overall talents of each of the individual.


As we consider the events you would also find it to be an enchanting model and the theme that displays the recreation of the mindset with the twinkling flow of keeping the career path half mile ahead of the track. The recently exhibited events that expands continuously with the all new concepts pays to the enrichment and enhancement of the soft skills of each team member.

Would you like to plan a visit today? you are welcome!

The ambitions need not take a special path or any concentrated diversions which leads to the stress and messed up goals. We can prioritize our ambitions in the straight and attuned manner taking it into our daily progress and making the best of every opportunity. The events are one such which creates incredible moments that drives the path to the career fulfillment.

The Junk food day

Have you ever told yourself that “I don’t want to junk my tummy and so would I say no to junk foods” then grabbing only the healthy foods on to your plate? Not all would do this as most times a lack of assertiveness makes you tempted and break the rules. Find the best way to discover strategies for standing up to your healthy decisions.

The event which gives a chance to grab the junk food for just a day and still being aware it is an opportunity for merely a day. The co-ordinators Nagamani and Boominathan enthusiastically lead the event with wonderful presentations and tangling delicious junk snacks that delighted our taste-buds. Doubtlessly, turned to be one of the best by itself and cheers to the organizers.

The Programmers Day

Sooner in mid of September was the programmer day which was brilliantly organized by the co-ordinators ManojKumar and Karthik. Keeping the theme of the event to be informative and thought-provoking the events were organized along with the presentation which detailed about the sprouting of the programmers, the statistics of distribution, the importance, the evolution created and along with sharing of real-time experience. This exchange created a brain storming which ignited the programmer minds to think more and act more.

The practical hands-on was provided to the team which comprised of cracking the code and think-out-of-box. This challenge met by our team alluring in excitement. Having provided another unique concept to the non-tech professionals of our team further added to the overall success of the event.

With much applause and along with the projection the self-confidence and the organizing spirit helped in improving the soft skills.


The HR Day

The fondest and undeniable day of the year! As the team realized that grand success comes when career and passion are in fusion. It is also realistic to having felt that passion is something which we build and the career is what our HR builds for us and it is the best time to show and share the gratitude to the our Human Resource Department.

Briefing over the day, the organizers Nagamani and Pandiyarajan provoked the thoughts in the minds of the team. With the prime understanding that the HR team unlocks our potentials and helps us grow right from knowing ourselves. What HR really means for each of the individual came into lights and here are the few shared:

“Successful career is about mastering skills and not about the positions”

“Human Resource Department helps us to re-brand, redefine, reconstitute to the right career path”

“HR team sets you to achieve worthy things with self-developments”.

“Human Resource Team distributes confidence and makes us walk with positioned career”.

So, we did know for sure that…

Our career is built to blossom more, to be more successful,to be more splendid, to be more extraordinary, that every moment guided by our HR Team creates passion for the career and not just the job.

This day turned out to enhance our awareness and gratify the HRs serving across the planet.

Improve your office day

Obviously, this day stands out from the rest. The success of this event was framed in our minds that rebuilt and kept us continuously environment conscious. The team together was fueled and the right spirit of fulfilling potential was driven in each of us. The day was all about the improvement concepts keeping us close with the thought on motivation.

The day co-ordinators Jayaraj and Noorul made a wonderful start and a fulfilling end. The support added by Pandiyarajan who helped merging to the improvement concepts that related to the systems handing.

A quick come up was the show of buzzer quiz that excited the participants. More information on the health improvements, optimized work strategies, productivity tips and much on ergonomics of work place.

We love to share the innovative things happening each day and always. Keep visiting our blog and thanks for the read. Privilege will be ours to have your comments dropped here.


The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

We are located in India at CoimbatoreBangaloreTirupur and USA. Interested in associating with projects Contact us, to become a part of the team get in touch with our HR Professional.


PROBESEVEN - 5 Characteristics of Minimalism in Web Design

The 5 Characteristics of Minimalism in Web Design, what exactly is it? Minimalism is achieved by reducing a style to solely the foremost essential components. This is one of the recent trend yet challenging as to grab the attention with the minimal design. It could sound like expressions of art movement in span of multiple disciplines. Similarly, as different art forms like music and literature but, for website designers it is something tough to master. 


Minimalism may be a vogue that uses pared-down style parts. Minimalism has been a progressively fashionable trend within the web design world. Designers could also be tempted by bolder, feature-rich design which would interact with the user in a better way. Research however, suggests that this is often not the case. Understanding this reality regarding initially impressions will guide you to creating the foremost of that point.

The user area in the websites are to create the utmost interest and hence need to have clean design, it is also important to specialize in each of the elements associated to designing to avoid the distractions of the bells and whistles. Whereas it is going to sound unreasonable, minimalist design offers higher user engagement, higher usability, and attraction that is with a lot of aesthetic.

The Beginning of Minimalist Design

Some web designers incorrectly regard art movement as a primarily aesthetic alternative. They neglect the fact that the final word goals of art movement square measure usability and economy – the flexibility to try to do a lot of with less. To avoid the pitfall of focusing solely on aesthetics, it is wrongly the roots of minimalist style. Whereas, it is going to be a modern trend in web design, the underlying concepts are around for much longer. Minimalist web design began as a natural application of those principles in reaction to a trend of collective complexity in web design. Random animations and Flash intros delayed the user expertise, and a few web designers set that it absolutely was time to come to the less-is-more mentality.

The Minimalist Web-Style

Sometimes, less is also more. It is a principle that today the online designers are a unit progressively returning to understand with the growing use of mobile devices and therefore the complications of responsive style, the art movement is been increasing online. A method utilized in visual art since the beginning of the 20th century, art movement brings further advantages to websites, within the form of quicker loading times and higher compatibility between screen sizes. Its simplicity looks attuned to mobile browsing, while not harming the desktop expertise. It helps here to differentiate the minimalist philosophy from the minimalist aesthetic, though each may be applied to web design.


The minimalist philosophy centers on the thought that you just should style round the content.

In web terms, the designer starts with rough content, then builds simply enough interface for users to spot their goal and navigate to that simply.

The minimalist aesthetic is that the visual illustration of that philosophy.

Minimalism uses lots of white space or a minimum of uniformly colored space. However, apply your brilliance and select your layouts with care, otherwise your restricted palette of style components can encounter as boring rather than elegance.

Minimalist Composition

Consider the succeeding principal applications of minimalist web design to increase the effectiveness of an interface.

1. Use of Negative Spaces 

In this context of minimal design, negative could be a positive. Negative space is simply the empty area between visual components. A lot of empty area means that a lot of stress on existing components. By removing something that is not necessary to the page’s goal, designers make sure that users have a less demanding and a lot of participating expertise. The foremost difficult quality of execution is the correct use of negative space which is in not removing most that users have to be compelled to search unnecessarily for the options they have and that will defeat the aim of minimalist style. Whereas, negative space is usually conjointly known as white space, it does not have to be compelled to be white. A few sites manage full-color backgrounds to build up blank space.

2. Limited with Contrast Color Palette


Using a clear high-contrast palette provides a website a contemporary and fashionable look. Once there are fewer visual components on a page, the palette will have a larger impact. Moreover, high contrast will facilitate building a website a lot of simple and might direct users to big info or potential actions. This is because the goal of minimalist design is the easy use and productivity.

3. Dramatic Typography

Whether using minimalist principles or not, typography is the key to made web design attractive. In minimalist style, however, dramatic use of typography becomes even a lot powerful resulting with few components on a page. This places a lot of stress on craft selections and when worked out rightly it reaps its own benefit. Selection of the contents should be the best to manage the information share and lead to an action.

4. Cleanness and Simplicity

Simplicity is ironically, a measure to a lot of advanced outline within the context of web design. It is not something regarding the way the website looks but it is about the user’s overall experience interacting with the positioning.

One another issue that simplifies a user’s experience is that the ability to accomplish tasks simply eliminating the distractions. The most important causative issue to present the reasonable simplicity is intuitive page navigation. Simple design does not involve or divert handlers from realizing their ideals. Rather, they mix into the user’s expertise, to gain the focus of the user.

Another way to alter design is to slice reserve ornamental components, like Flash animations. Although Flash was in standard for many years, it tends to bring issues on a page and does not allow adding something within the means of practicality. Under the principles of minimalist design, it is simple one and not a decent plan.

5. Be Clean yet Clear

As with acceptable execution of negative space, designers must be attentive not to eliminate necessary options  when attempting to modify a website. Associative example of this drawback is that the fashionable hamburger menu, wherever central navigation is folded below one menu icon.

There are also instances wherever the hamburger menu gives a suitable selection but for several sites, a noticeable central menu can highly interact with users. If a website  goal is to reveal users to new data or product, eliminating the menu and perform within the interest of simplicity really works against minimalist ideals.

To Conclude: Minimalism for the best user experience


In web design could be most correct to revise the ‘less is more’ saying. ‘Less is more if less will be more of’, because the web design field focuses a lot of on user expertise, designers must to produce the foremost usable and engaging sites probable. Thoroughly applied, minimalist principles will facilitate designers create engaging and effective websites with flat design eliminating textures, limited with contrast colour palette, reduced graphics and elements, provide more negative space, create utmost visual attention with curiosity.

PROBESEVEN - Recognition for Creativity and Novelty!

Creativity and novelty are the mindful practice of our everyday work. We do observe the minutiae of every day work that had unlocked our creativity. A walk through of our recognition for creativity and novelty!


Fostering and promoting innovative concepts that serves our customers an edge over their business and productivity. Driving all the creativity and exercising the grey cells our team bring as observant with the latest happenings of the virtual world, we do succeed to impress our customers with the break-through concepts.

Our team of efficient players in creativity documents the ideas, creativity, designing and forecasting the technology and consistently thinking over the betterment and practicing the mindful observation to take up the creative challenges.

If you get into the routine of what we have been doing will teach you something and would show our competitive spirit. Just as we go about our creative workbook used to sketch the unique concepts would run to pages and it would really mean the inspiration we have in creation of unique, conceptual, trendy, attractive, and attention-grabbing design each time and every time.

The words and motivation we get from our head and officials are the following:

Do not limit yourselves, seek always for new stimuli, maintain an idea journal the so-called mood board and what else look for achieving the most competitive creations and impetus in delivering.

Here is showcasing our recent recognition for our website creations.

Best CSS with a mission to discover, recognize and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful. Best CSS has a high level of acceptance and it attracts recognition worldwide. Click here to view the display.


Design Nominees is an international design and development awards platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios, and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality, and usability. Click here to view the display.


We are certainly heading towards more recognition and would be glad to have you commenting your views and encouragements. The team of PROBESEVEN is appreciated for making this day.

The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN in design and innovation brings in recognition. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

We are located in India at CoimbatoreBangaloreTirupur and USA. Interested in associating with projects Contact us, to become a part of the team get in touch with our HR Professional.

PROBESEVEN - Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists!

Pick your Productivity Tool: Prepare To-do lists or Anti-To-do lists! You are the one who should be keen in productivity and destined to inspire your work group. How do you wish to inspire your work group, may be a big question now, you can be surprised to agree with this great productivity tool to support your career. 

 By and large most people just declare themselves to believe that their personal habits and capabilities are what defines their life but give it a pause, then think when you are enlightened with some positive tool you can challenge to adhere and put them to action. Shortly, your will be able to report the finding being positive and how valuable these ideas bring to your personal experience.

Image 1_black

Let me emphasize this is not just for your job or career but it is a personal awareness to your life purpose for a visionary success in all endeavours.

These techniques generate huge positive transformation, gives your ample satisfaction and generates abundance success. Most successful business men have been working on this and which gives them the right holistic mindset and profound success. The concept may be simple but it does inspire many readers and it is important for anyone to possess better process and better performance to deliver good and competitive output, ineffective output gets the team frustrated and in order to avoid these pitfalls comes the essential of improving your efficiency. The great way to start is to create a list in your style. The style which I mean here is the to-do list or anti-to-do list.

Before I get into to explain the difference of both the styles let me brief out the habits of accomplishing people in everything they do. It is no surprise that such people are more productive, more successful and managed stress. Getting to know their habits will inspire you as well.

Productivity Tool 2

Image 2

Most of them are Morning people:  They know what they have to do and rise as early as possible with sustainable working timings.

Good planners in Time Allocation:  Most of them are good planners and they know how long each of the task takes for them to complete and they are able to fix with the specific time to carry out the work.

Efficient to Distract the Distraction:  Strong enough to dust the distractions and focus on the planned work. Your mindset and self-control are simple terms but what here needs to be practiced is the ability to promptly distract the distraction.

Planning with Appropriate Window:  Work with the time limitations, tasks may be pouring and most successful people work to the context of the day. Literally, it means when your day agenda is filled with meetings and project co-ordination which is in priority it becomes impossible to handle the scheduled task and instead of going vain over it they do not plan other tasks in such days.

Work on Momentum and Delegate: It should be considered a pleasure to work in momentum as it gets overwhelmed on the accomplishments. Most of the successful people just don’t wait to complete in a hard day but rather delegate and get the task completed if even under supervision. Here it demands you to be a quick thinker.

Having had a feel of the habits the successful people adhere and with enough motivation I am willing to state the long discussed productivity tools.
  • Adhering to To-do list
  • Adhering to Anti-To-do list

Productivity Tool

To-do list:  Maintaining To-do lists is psychological, derives productivity benefits!

Seamlessly adhering to the To-do list is just not a physical exercise but it takes plenty of planning and has some psychological influence. As the day gets busier and it becomes essential to plan a to-do list. Let me tell you when you start to practice and practicing to create the list your mind starts to summarize the points, it would automatically eliminate the hindrance, it helps you decide upfront the importance of the task and the time consumption.

It also should be clearly understood that the concrete goals whether based on the days, weeks or months has some molecular goals which are the ones that needs to be achieved on the daily basis. The step by step process thinking to meet the objectives makes it sooner for the achievement of the desirable goals.

Anti-To-Do List: Psychological, yet feel the difference instantaneously!

Strategically, this suits the person who is more inclined towards the frustrations when the tasks are left unfinished. Although the ultimate goal is to improve the productivity and stay motivated over the task completion. The planner has the ability to feel accomplished and it is also sneaky when you notice the list left unfinished.

Not being sure that if you are familiar with the concept of Anti-to-do list, which is just the reverse of the to-do list where you would list the jobs completed instead of the list of to be completed tasks.

End of the day you would be glad to see the amount of work accomplished and it would not let you wonder as what the hell has been done for past 8 hours! By implementing this strategy, you would spontaneously feel the difference and would certainly learn to focus on the positives that would help you adhere to your productivity targets.

Celebrate the Win:

Ultimately, moving about with the lists be it ‘To-do’ or ‘Anti-to-do’ it turns out to be significant and would certainly roll out with the best accomplishments. With the promise of wrapping up the day with positivity and celebrating wins, it concludes to say give it a try, not later but now.

Enjoy happy scheduling and accomplishments. Got some inputs or liked this article post your comments which will remain forever cherished.

PROBESEVEN - The 10th Anniversary celebration, winged to more evolution!

It’s the 10th Anniversary and it’s the right time to express gratitude to our stakeholders. The blooming preparations started with the Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude. The 10th Anniversary celebration, winged to more evolution!

Yes! We did know there were many ways of celebration and we wished to use something with togetherness, disconnected with computer and sit back with pen and paper. The day events were planned although the days were short, the team was overwhelmed to get everybody on hook of something interesting.

Here again wish to present the gratitude to all stakeholders.

10 years and Growing Stronger! We are Grateful! Thank you Customers, Patrons, Vendors & Associates. Ample Appreciation expressed for the endless association. Your valuable association and wish, prevails all the challenges faced and geared us up with much more to offer our customers.
As we express our gratitude and appreciation, we are bound to live by it in much better way for years to come. Thank you again!
P7 anniversary - slider
The day draped itself in the bright weather of 20th August 2016 at 8.30 hours the team spirit bloomed in unification, each of us blossomed to show appreciation and the grandeur 10th Anniversary Celebration began with the keynote.

The key note again was holding strong in what and how things happened this decade and looking forward for the way to go. An introduction with the remarkable excellence of leadership in PROBESEVEN that a high inspiring thoughts shared.

Glad and happy was the welcome note to the delegates, as the move of the day was a surprise or sounded forgotten, the overwhelmed compering team got us closer to move the day on.

The key again is holding strong in what we are and looking forward the way to go. The story of Probeseven travel was incredible and when you get to know each details and each stages it helped to understand with Power Point Presentation to support the experience presented and it did give a comparison.

The more were felt that every day was the talk about the milestones and am not sure how many people are willing to inculcate in their lives.

The inspiring talk by the management team with the questionnaire session, the interrogators excited and came up with many questions.

p7 anniversary

What we understood?
Finally, we did realize that working with PROBESEVEN is always being a one-step ahead!

With the great responsibility of always doing more for our stakeholders we work towards the well-being of the stakeholders. Focusing on innovation and with the continuous learning which relevantly articulates our sustainability over the competitiveness.

In this inter connected world we adhere to the technological changes and make every business process easier for the each of the industry which addresses to the new reality of the digital world. In our theme over not just working ordinary we hone excellence and adequacy each time and in every way from consulting, operations, processes, sales to delivery among people, processes, infrastructure, technology and systems.

Coming back to celebrations!

Occupying the stage was spectaculars and the moment turned cheerful with the Cake, presented to realize the multi-fold success of turning to 10th year celebration.

Many appreciations to the team members!

Thoughtful and wonderful enough that the bunch were represented by Madesh, Karthika and Goweri Sankari – Congratulated PROBESEVEN in a big way with a Song that Raps the Success. Blowing, Thumping the whole span of the song which was admired and appreciated by all with a great applause. Okay, I should say it is not all but the surprise began all over again as the team on whole presented a wonderful video adding values with sentiments, opinions, happiness, pleasure and contentment, this again was the best of the day events which won great admiration from the team of Management. Great applause and appreciations was extended to each of them.

The break resonated but no difference and the excitement continued.

P7 anniversary 2

Events added fun to the day and as the organizers presented forth a set of events. The team pitched through the Tech-Dumbsharads as quick as pros. The Just-a-minute also took place and made the team add laugher and giggles with wonderfully co-ordinated questions by Jayaraj and Pushparaj.

The Anniversary Prize Distribution:

Something about outdoors that allowed to play and stay fit. Beyond that it is noticed that they are more productive and happier at the end of the gaming and wining experience were shared by Team A congratulating Boominathan the team caption along with BalaSundaram, Madesh, Pushparaj and Vignesh. The indoor game Chess that exhibited each of their talents and over a series of rounds the winner Yogeshwaran was awarded.

Lunch out, Yeah it’s the Team Lunch!

The wonderful ambience of the restaurant described the celebration and as the team relished the buffet at Le Pebble, the day turned to be fruitful.

The Celebration continued…

Back together at the premises where a surprise Movie Streaming was arranged for the team. The movie – Jobs, the American biographical film inspired by the life of Steve Jobs. As the day drew closer to end the team got organized to an outdoor activity of games and yes, more happening and more excitements added for the day stood out to be a perfect celebration and memorable.

Wish to gather soon for more achievements which is a forecast for PROBESEVEN as we breeze through the progress, success and accomplishments each day. 


The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

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PROBESEVEN - Months of Incredible Events

Months of Incredible Events – It is great you have been here, pause for few mins and get to know the fresher and newer happenings at PROBESEVEN.  

Incredible Events

It was certainly the months of incredible feel which excites us worth the many events and the value it created for each one is something progressive and positive.  The team on board decided the organisers to hit the events and what was in astonishment, was the surprise upheld till the event got unwrapped. Amazingly, each of the quarter year events were favouring the share and the gain of knowledge. Since then I’ve been waiting to share to all visitors the months of core learning and core exploring. How I could present it is I would tell you to read each of the events described below.

Here is the one and I’ve come up with a better way…

Let me describe the last at first strategy and show you the insight of what exactly happened. I would now compile each of the event with all the info make it thoughtful for you to go through.

Hey, I’m excited to share and also I would stick to the promise to keep it short and crisp.

In order to do that I would request you one big thing…which is to go through completely and come up with comments or suggestions to post your views in comments session of this blog.

A BIG, BIG Thanks!

Friends, we had a truly wonderful events for the month of July, you’ll discover how much of dedication towards each detail. A fusion of events called it so, as organized 3 events on the same day. System Admin Day, Parent’s Day and Bay Decoration Day!

Fun, creativity, respect, recognition, consideration and dreams made up the day. Most in the team got irresistible, raised hands vividly for active participation.

Jayaraj and Pandirajan seamlessly let the day events keeping the spirit raising with the moves of the clock.

Awestruck were all … as Pandiarajan mentored with the core elements of the system administration and the happening innovations. Creators are outsmarted by the destroyers as the prevailing trends clings us from keeping and meeting all security nodes. Very informative and descriptive to go with such events. An opportunity to register and secure the promise to our beloved parents, proud and gratified were all to describe their wish and care for their parents. Never will be anything more special to think of what best can be offered to our parents. Wonderfully organized and was enlightened with the wishes received for the engulfment of each of the wish. With no drags and no tears, the bay decoration was organised by Jayaraj. Cool and bubbling was the interest of each team who outsmarted each other in Concept, Creativity, Presentation, Organizing & Participation.

The bay concepts enriched the day,
  • Celebrations which was known for Enthusiastic participation & good presentations,
  • Childhood Memories – the team enlightened and been known as Happy participants & Unique Thinkers,
  • The next was the Bay of Positive Thoughts – enriched with the comments as Professional & Thoughtful and finally comes
  • Minimal Work Space – known as Highly Creative and Artistic.

Cheers to all and we are looking forward for this day again!

Alluring and enthusiastic day was when the World Jump Day was initiated. Taking a break from the professional tasks coming the fun event. Organized by Yogeshwaran and Karthik it took a quick planning and the Pair becomes One event was on floor. Tic Tacs was around as the treasure hunt made it all exhaustive. Legs tied and the moves were by jumps, timer up, brains worked cracking the treasure. Wonderfully triggered event with the fulfilling participation. The team shared more on the environment protection and global warming solutions.

No More, No less was our month of June Events:

Mid of the month was the thread of events the Designers Day followed by the Eat Vegetable Day. We would not slip these events before we take up new ones. The designing team had rocked by shooting out the questions over the prevailing and expected technologies. Titillating to look back from the emergence of the UI and design, while as the travel was sped fast it was unbelievable to discuss over the emerging and future technology.

The pleasure of understanding to work in the designing department was explored and though it was colourful and interesting the details and perfection is any day a challenge and time consuming. Just by using all their tools and outfit one cannot outsmart was clearly demonstrated by Madesh with his hands on animation creation. It takes a lot of creativity and it turned out to endorse the amazing presentation and skills of Nagamani and Madesh. A busy and attentive week passed off as we landed in the Eat Vegetable day event. Quite a contrary to see our team mates Pushparaj and Vignesh Kumar impeccably started off with valid health benefits, the organic foods, terrace farming, the nutrients to brighten ourselves with plenty of energy and enjoy the gifts of nature. Farm fresh preparation of salads, sandwiches and blends which turned to be a relishing treat for the day.

Well, now take few minutes, click on comments present just below the title, add your comments and submit it right away. This way you can be ensured your queries if any would be answered. If you rather not comment over this I would understand to request you once again.


PROBESEVEN - Tremendous strategies on Google Search Results in future!

Google  Future Search ResultsHaving built my career in SEO and as my work demands, been closely probing into the happenings and the behaviour of Google. This makes me say nothing in the world is so stringent, so dynamic, so complicated and so much in use. As I always wonder and keep my thinking towards the newer and better strategies, my experience is something that all the efforts towards working smart on SEO lasts fruitful until the next google update. Tremendous strategies on Google Search Results in future is what I wish to share. 

With the strong emphasize to handle only white-hat strategies, I would call that SEO is working on ‘Smart-Thinking and Hard work’.

According to me and as I wonder, many of you would also be thinking on the future ranking results which Google would deliver. So, the technology has moved to greater heights that gets us with our most expected and rightly matched search results. Think it all over again, it clearly states that each one’s most desired results which means that it is quite obvious that the search results are different and unique for each one.

How is this possible? Puzzled!

It is just as simple as it is, think of searching on Google via your mobile phone, tab, laptop or any computer device you would see Google’s observation on you. It is possible with the camera lens of your device. What does the observation really mean is what needs to be understood?

Pride of future ranking signals Google search:

google blog image

Imagine you search through Google on your phone or any device, Google is observation you whether or not you like the search results or not. It decides to comfort with search results be a ranking signal that Google could use currently, or within the near future.

A recently printed Google application describes technology that might modify the grading and ranking of the question results using the biometric indicators of user comfort or negative engagement with a search result. In other words, Google would track however happy or sad somebody may be with search results. Google uses this kind of machine learning and builds a model based on the comfort level of the user and hence the results of the web page display by allowing it to rank high or bring it lower for the search results. This is highly volatile and it been employed using the front camera on the user phone which represents and influences the search results.

Such intelligent search results and comfort offered to the viewers are mostly based on the biometric parameters of the users which is been extracted by Google and it performs with the camera present in the device. It registers whether or not those might indicate negative engagement by the user with an search result.

For example, somebody searches for “schools in paris” and therefore the high result’s a building they need visited before and didn’t like, inflicting them to frown, which can be captured on their phone’s front camera. That reaction is also seen as a negative signal by the computer program, and will doubtless count against that building ranking as extremely for that question term. The patent tells us that such a reaction could influence search results for multiple searchers.

The various other biometrics that could be tracked includes the following:

• More Facial expressions
• Increased or decreased in blinking rates
• Pupil dilation
• Eye twitching or movements
• Changes in heart rate or body temperature

These actions embrace providing a search result to a user; receiving one or additional biometric parameters of the user and a comfort result and coaching a ranking model utilizing the biometric parameters and therefore the comfort value. Being decisive that one or additional biometric parameters indicate doubtless negative engagement by the user with the primary search result contains detecting. The results could be gathered by using the front camera on a mobile device or in-built webcam on a laptop.

More interesting things to come on the way, let us watch keenly over the constant google updates and new things happening in the web world which are sped-fast to sit back and realize.



PROBESEVEN - A Professional Development Workshop

One-day Professional Development Workshop by Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan, Mastering Mind Academy.

Workshop-professional development

How it all started?  The blossom day of 30th June (Thursday) was a quick gathering with the team and it was like with no clue there was some chatter here and there, all were gathered in few minutes. Heard the general greetings and hope you all are doing well and in just few minutes we were revealed how our professional skills would get transformed and promising to see a smarter soul within us and get lot more from the ….. was a silence.

Yes! it was about hosting a Professional Development Workshop by a profound and eminent personality Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan, Mastering Mind Academy.

It was a privilege offered by the company during which we as a team could have an opportunity to understand ourselves, leverage our intelligence to generate a greater impact on our career and hoping to know the dates was the insight of each minds in the gathering.

Swiftly, was the move from the team and with rather no questions was the hands raised symbolically showing a great interest and acceptance to be a part of the workshop. More than words the body language had greater impact and the eager minds were cherished. Sooner were the team reacted to show interest to know more.

The dates were officially announced for 2nd July 2016 at a prominent venue the meeting hall of Le Pebble. Lavish space and alluring interiors cheered us.

More specifically we would say the interest and the devotion was exceptional towards the event was to the mentoring from Mr.Sivakumar Palaniappan, the Professional Speaker, Author, Career Coach and Corporate Trainer. Highly inspiring are his works towards the society, the students, the job seekers, the young employees, corporate and entrepreneurs. Ample number of workshops and with many accolades made us feel privileged to get associated for a day.

The day of the workshop:

Gathered with fresh minds and bright eyes to seek for the professional development skills and so did the event start by 9.30 am with a quick ice-breaking session. All the pondering noise got settled and keenly concentrated over the presentation. The morning session started with a virtual walk through of the principles and disciplines of the personalities and corporate across the globe, in a meager layman understanding we were driven to know actually what are the possibilities and capabilities we are built upon for the massive achievement.

Keeping the environment cool and composed we were confidently led to the enlighten of the corporate world and the desired professional skills. Most of them were awe-struck so as to have been amazed of their hidden capability and with the regret of not having been used skilfully. This transformation boosted the spirits and the team was looking for more to gain.

Just as we shuffled a couple of times with the seats was the time that took us for a relishing and refreshing lunch at Le Pebble Restaurant. After all the muttering and burbling was over and landed to the floor.

Plenty of information and more questions for clarification we gathered to the second half of the session. Dashing though all new concepts and what was immensely learnt were Time management, ethics, creativity, decision handling, communication, dedication, responsibility, smart thinking and hard work, policy adoption, team work and much more. This gave a clear thinking and there were many who realized and thanked the company for creating such workshops and helping in the career of each individual.


The saying of few personalities brought to light. “I am not here to be average, I am here to be awesome”. Few other felt, “Got to be stubborn about the goals and flexible over the methods”. Yet another group with, “Focus on your goal, don’t look in any direction but ahead”, this in turn meant the productivity killer social connectivity like whatsapp, facebook, twitter. More voices promised over the time management, knowledge enhancement and practically following the techniques learnt.

As initially stated the workshop was something like the infinite in benefits allowing each one to gather as much as they wish. The presenter Mr. Sivakumar proved to excel and had won our huge respects. It was something to feel a best friend in him. The vote of thanks was presented in this note and we are looking forward to most such experiences.