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PROBESEVEN - Multi-Processing in PHP at a Glance!

php-logoFew days back had a great experience that got me rejoicing. My development IQ created a spark while working keenly on a client project. Let me introduce a useful concept for the developers to pitch through all the creations. This is all about the multi-processing in PHP.

A Quick Note:

A glance through the concepts of Multi-programming which would help to understand better the process explained in this article.


Engaging a multi-programming system, you would find one or more programs loaded in main memory which is similar to running Excel, Paint, Firefox etc.


Multi-processing refers to executing multiple processes at a same time. In fact, multiprocessing refers to the hardware not software. A computer using more than one CPU (Physical processor) at a time is called multi-processing.


In multi-tasking, a single CPU is involved, but it switches from one task/program/job/process to another most swiftly that it gives the appearance of executing all of the programs at the same time.


Multi-threading is an execution model that allows a single process to have multiple code segments (one process is divided into sub-tasks.) run concurrently within the “context” of that process.

The need for PCNTL functions:

Any modern operation system performs Multi-tasking, which means we can run several programs at the same time. In php, we are using a single process concept and assigning all our work to one process. It will be executed one by one and ultimately takes more time for completion. If we split our one process task into a multi-process task using operating system feature ‘multi-tasking’, we can complete the process in great speed. Using ‘PCNTL’ function, we can do multi-process tasks concept in php.

Multiprocessing in PHP
  1. pcntl_fork — Forks the currently running process
  2. pcntl_waitpid — Waits on or returns the status of a forked child
  3. pcntl_wexitstatus — Returns the return code of a terminated child

The pcntl_fork() function creates a child process that differs from the parent process only in its PID. Both the parent and child process will be exactly the same up until the moment of the fork. Any variables up to that point will be exactly the same in both processes. After forking, changing a variable’s value in one process doesn’t affect the other process though.

When we call pcntl_fork(), it will return one of the three values. They are:

  • -1 - is return on failure.
  • 0 - is returned in the child’s thread of execution.
  • PID - is returned in the parent’s thread of execution.
Example 1:
$pid = pcntl_fork();

switch($pid) {
case -1:
	print "Could not fork!\n";
case 0:
	print "In child!\n";
	print "In parent!\n";


The above script just print out a message in the both parent and child processes.
Example 2:
for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; ++$i) {
	$pid = pcntl_fork();

	if (!$pid) {
		print "In child $i\n";
pcntl_fork_example_2In this script, we started with one process and forked it as five process. In foreach each time, we created one new child process and it did not affect the parent process. Because we exit the child process after the print the message.
Example 3:
for ($i = 1; $i <= 5; ++$i) {
	$pid = pcntl_fork();

	if (!$pid) {
		print "In child $i\n";

while (pcntl_waitpid(0, $status) != -1) {
	$status = pcntl_wexitstatus($status);
	echo "Child $status completed\n";


In this sample, We terminate the child process using exit($i) function and then return the status of a forked child from pcntl_waitpid(). Using pcntl_wexitstatus() function, we can get the return value of child process. pcntl_wexitstatus() function returns the return code as an integer.
Attention Note:
  1. Process Control should not be enabled within a web server environment and unexpected results may happen if any Process Control functions are used within a web server environment.
  2. This extension is not available on Windows platforms.


PROBESEVEN - Ada Lovelace Day

The influence of recognising “Ada Lovelace Day” was a “change for all creative thinkers, a publish for you!”

The day had turned out to be a creative affair with the thoughts that lingered in each of our minds and it all started with the appreciation to Ada Lovelace the first programmer and of course the first women programmer. All the developments in IT and the software revolution has made her a defined achiever and a leader to the tech population.

There was a team talking about all her achievements and quoted the quotes which stayed to line up the inspiration we already had. Questions on the state of the beginning programming, the logics, the results were discussed and shared to enrich the already known stuffs.

Time for all the creatives!


Now was the event that took a turn to bring out all the creative ideas buried in the minds.


Describe your fantasy innovation and being the first in invention.

It says, Come out of reality, think beyond possibility. Present precisely in 120 seconds your dream vision to be the first in any invention or achievement.

Let us seek Ada Lovelace as a role model and think to be the first in something.

Describes your passion, deliverance, IQ and brilliance, exhibit each of your dream innovation.

This was the call for all creatives, “YOU ARE A CREATIVE PERSON, PROBABLY FAR MORE THAN YOU THINK!”

The event had been priviledge which paces the way out of your business with plenty of players, audience and the spirit of journey. A quick view of the topics discussed.

  • Own a time machine and work for social cause,
  • Discover nature wealth for health using technology
  • Innovate and creative tunnels for complete irrigation facility
  • Thought recognition of own self and others.
  • Get back to past to protect against Green Revolution and White Revolution which gives good yield but had contaminated the quality of food and had made the land infertile.
  • Coding in any platform which creates the possibility to convert into other languages automatically.
  • Dynamic setting of body temperature.
  • Robotic control of protecting natural resources.

Every individual idea was an episode which was fast paced and highly inspiring. Out of imagination was the thoughts that would not have worked if not this day. Applause for the co-ordinator of the event Sakthivel.S who actively worked over this event delivery.



“Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.” This clearly states our career and understanding the importance of  guidance for which we seek to Our HR team who most willingly extend their support!

With much gratitude and appreciation the team of PROBESEVEN celebrates and recognizes the HR DAY.

The event started with a gathering of the team along with the warm welcome. An ice-breaking session spelled the idea behind the understanding of the HR role in each individual’s career. It was something like if you always wanted to convey your expectations on the HR, now is the right chance!

The session was taken over with an interesting presentation depicting the ideal HR personnel role and responsibility. The tips to associate your career with the HR for a better acceleration over achievements.


The high point – the most privileged were the team for having the presence of honoured director who guided and mentored with the key strategies for a better career. The enriched attention among all audience which was phenomenal. It all started, “Are you healthy and progressing at work?

Are you a… and the list began. (I would say, this is a source of pride for the team and need to have inputs be a part of us) Yeah! Just a flippant, We shall bring out the next publish with the complete information which will give a grounding in you to turn your career fruitful and successful.

Looking for something more and yes! The team of HR department stretched out share their responsibilities and willingness to make extensive progress for the growth of the concern and the team. It was something like the team had already possessed the ultra-powerful gift – which is our HR team. This showed how exactly will be the progress of each one and to live your best career life with the wholesome personal power.

Few valuable ideas on Professionalism contributed by Mr. Raja Shanmugam was shared that pampered the team to gain right tips and right attitude towards career and work. Special thanks to the organizers of this wonderful event BalaSundaram and Sathish Babu who won a great applause.

Hurrah! The Gateway to any organisation – The HR Department celebrates and gets recognized on this special occasion, The HR Day ‘2015.

PROBESEVEN - Grammar Punctuation Day ‘2015

It has been a high time our team get introduced to the right way of punctuation. “Oh! It’s just a small serene thing to talk about” has been in the minds of many. Being tech-pros the use of special characters are not new but in an altogether different manner.

All of this started with an introduction mail to the team as to get aware and know when and where to use the punctuation.

“How? When? Where? Why?” – To use period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, semi-colon, colon, dash, hyphen, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophe, quotation marks, ellipses and much more. It turned out to be a self-realisation as how each of them had been struggling with the use and law of punctuation and the interest to learn the rules of punctuation has manifested the curiosity. This helped the team to turn out positive and have them assembled on time keeping their interest keen with the learning spirit of the punctuation.


The start of the event:

To justify and compensate to the keen interest of the team all our events are taken forward with better ideas and supported personnel to make the best of the time and results.

The start was an ice breaking session which deliberated each of the team member to notify and understand the psychological game that is been connected to the learning spirits. Sort of the end of the offer period and the respective places were occupied to the fullest giving no way for the others. The bunch of enthusiasts were seen seated optimistically and so were their performance.

The attitude thought provoking instance “Be Better than the Best” was the first phrase given for punctuation which gets predict the attitude and the success was for the majority.
The actions in the event:

The punctuation marks were categorized and all the 14 primary punctuation marks took place for the discussion. Yes! the quick report over the use of the punctuation which serves as a quick reference for the participants was a mere introduction.

It proceeded continuously with the ”If’s, but’s and if so? Why not? With many examples and exercise for the team to crack. Karthika, Yogeshwaran, Monaj Kumar, Arun Kumar, Sakthivel, Karthik Manikandan, Aswin and Jayaraj got the pace as quick runners who were spontaneous with the answers.
The Rewards:

Ample chocolates which were meant to be the earning points for the each individual kept the team on whole on board of discussion and answering. The steam of the tug of war was sensed as it proceeded with the evaluation session.

The busy bees were inquisitors over cracking the questionnaire and keeping in pace with the earned and learned concepts which can never be seen to go wrong. This brain storming session drawn to the end seeking for the overall winners and they were Prabhakaran and Ganesh who were close to the fullest. Many appreciations were deserved by them who were crowned for the event winners.

Congratulations Prabhakaran & Ganesh!

On behalf of the team Prabhakaran extended warm gratitude to the presenter Subashini.S for this interactive session.

Winding up:

The closing was the introduction to the practical use of the punctuation and the various differences over the British and American use of the punctuations. The general rules and the tips to eliminate the normal errors were discussed and dispersed.

PROBESEVEN - Learn How to Integrate Selenium with Jenkins!


Here is a knowledge share of running test scripts via Jenkins. You would now have a brief guidelines and document demo of creating sample test scripts. We would be using Eclipse IDE/Net beans IDE and I have used Eclipse IDE and TestNG in this demo.
Creating Sample Test Script:
  • Use Eclipse IDE/ Net beans IDE.
  • In my demo I have used Eclipse IDE & TestNG.


  • After creating sample script Right Click on the Project à Go To TestNG & click on Convert to TestNG button.
  • testng.xml file is created and stored in Eclipse workspace.

cele1Download Jenkins:

Now, you are required to open browser & go to the given URL – https://jenkins-ci.org/ and follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Latest and greatest (1.630) link as highlighted in below image
  • The latest version of Jenkins is 1.630
  • Jenkins.war file should be downloaded in your default download location.


Configure Jenkins:
  • Open Command Prompt & follow the following steps to configure Jenkins.
  • Go to the particular directory where Jenkins.war is installed & enter the following command java –jar Jenkins.war


You will get Jenkins is fully up and running in Command Prompt if Jenkins configured correctly.


Open Jenkins to view:
  •  Open browser go to the given URL – http://localhost:8080/
  • Normally Jenkins uses 8080 port to run.
  • Jenkins Dashboard will displayed with Welcome to Jenkins! Message


Integrating Selenium with Jenkins:

Step 1: Initially your Eclipse IDE workspace contains following items:

  • bin folder
  • src folder
  • test output folder
  • testng.xml file

Step 2: You need to add new directory called lib which contains all library jar files.

Step 3: Open Command Prompt & Go to the Jenkins Project workspace created by Eclipse IDE. Use the following command to set classpath.


Step 4: Create new Text Document. Open the newly created Text Document and enter following code into it.

java -cp bin;lib/* org.testng.TestNG testng.xml

Step 5: While saving the text document give file name within the double quotes as shown below.


Success! New run windows batch file is created.

Creating New Job in Jenkins:

cele8In order to create a new job in Jenkins you are required to click on create new jobs in Jenkins dashboard.

  • Enter item name as Jenkins Demo, Select Freestyle project radio button & click on OK button.
  • Click on the Advanced button Present in Advanced Project Options & Select Use Custom Workspace checkbox
  • Enter the directory path where eclipse project is saved(Eclipse IDE Workspace where src, bin, lib & testing.xml files are stored)
  • In Build section click on Add build step drop down & select Execute windows batch command.
  • Enter command as run.bat (windows batch file created in workspace)
  • Click on Apply & than Save button
 Project Jenkins Demo is successfully added.
  • Click on Build Now button. New build is successfully created & Build History updated the Build Report
  • Click on Build Report newly generated by Jenkins.
  • Jenkins Console Output is displayed as shown below.
Selenium is now successfully integrated with Jenkins.

PROBESEVEN - World-Wide-Web Day

The dominance of WWW in the current day which had makes lives interesting and hence is the day for recognition. This great idea was conceived by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, who started to communicate with colleagues via hyperlinks. Close to a decade was the unimaginable developments and WWW to day contributes to the growing data.  The current scenario has taken us forward in all fields and industries. Each of the existing business and the citizen in a way or the other are dependence of the internet.


Recognizing the importance of the day was our team members Manoj and Gowtham, the co-ordinators of the day who make a noteworthy discussion and awareness sessions. The team actively participation and encountering the facts related to the day. Hands busy to add more info on each of the updates till the current day.

Here are few Questions:

1. Why is Google called “Google”?
2. What was the name of the first GUI Web browser?
3. What was the first web site to feature a banner advertisement?
4. What does the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button do?

Were raised to the team and many instantaneous responses come up with the excitement of clarifying the basis which they come across every few minutes.

The convenience experienced over the web are for quick knowledge, wider access to ample knowledge, resources available anytime and anywhere, instant access to the multimedia and of course the rapid network on the social media.

The astonishing fact is that the swift penetration to the digital world and the WWW integrates in each of our lives in many different ways. The recent analysis over the popularity and engagement of the population in August 2015 makes us think of the future in a great way.


The team activities made the day informative and extra ordinary. Quick concepts, insight of the WWW, the timeline of the developments, the various engagements taking the world in the hands of internet and the importance of WWW tunes our minds to realization on inventions.

More brain storming activities playing with images proceeded to the closing of the session enthusiastically. Thank you for staying with us and why don’t you take up to answer the above questions in our comments session and have your participation displayed.



PROBESEVEN - Meteor-The Better & Swift Platform for Application Development

Meteor_1Something new and innovative is getting closer to use, when you think of writing software it is something that is time consuming and gets tedious. Now is something that provides a great platform and creates application in a new way. This collaborative solution solves most of the problems experienced in development and here is a quick overview of this interesting platform.

Meteor is a new platform for writing fast and efficient web and mobile applications. Meteor uses Pure Javascript for writing applications. Both client and server runs in Javascript.

In Meteor we can integrate database using javascript. It allows to insert,  update, delete any works done in Javascript. Mongo DB is been pre-packaged in Meteor. Hence it eliminates the need to configure the database, every time we create an all-new project the database will be configured automatically.

The great aspect is that it supports MongoDB and SQL Server.

The interesting fact is that Meteor is a cross platform, which we can download and install based on the operating system.

I now show you how to use in windows platform. Click on & Open this link below to download and install,


 Steps to create a new project:

You may follow the following steps in order to create a new project.

Open your Command Prompt (CLI) and follow these instructions.

Create Meteor appname

This line will create a folder appname with four meteor files




                                .meteor (internal meteror file)

There is no need to specify the <link> <script> tag in html file.

In order To excute the project type this

Cd appname             (enter the project directory)


Open your browser  type http://localhost:3000  now our app is running

1 (2)

In html file there are three important sections
  1. Head – head section of the html sent to the client.
  2. Body – regular html file
  3. Template – meteor template file. It can be used by body section and js file.


2Our html file compiled by Meteor spacebar compiler. We can add the logic inside the double curly braces ex: {{#each}}    {{#if}}

Meteor pass data’s to Javascript using helpers. in css file we customize whatever we want.

Finally it deploys our app in free meteor Server.

Meteor provides free testing Server.

Go to our project directory in command prompt and type

meteor deploy myappname.meteor.com

This line will  asks username and password for meteor developer account. Create account in meteor website  https://www.meteor.com/

After submitting username and password our app published in Meteor server. URL will be generated in our app name. View your app.


iStock_000029524850_LargeMore to know:

·         Meteor main features are that you could save the file in browser the page will automatically refreshed.

  • Meteor uses the Node.js and also we integrate Angular js 
  • Jquery, Angular Js these are Client side Javascript Frameworks but meteor is an client and server side framework.
  • One language and one Platform to write web and mobile Application.
  • Meteor Provides Native look and feel to Mobile Applications.
  • Now Meteor supports Android and IOS Applications. We build these apps we need to install the SDK’s for both Platforms

As a developer I am delighted to use this platform which gives a complete framework for the web and mobile applications. Modern interface and quick coding keeps me on great experience which makes me call it a top-tiered one and the best part is it is available as OPEN SOURCE.


PROBESEVEN - A Successful day at work, let’s call it-The Mantra for Growth Accelerator!

Here is my experience working with the team which lets me share the tips for the successful day at work. This may be relatively the overall success which I call it a ‘Growth Accelerator’. The discoveries on the daily basic refines few adaptable points and the good logic which makes you successful and on accumulation of few or many successful days will indeed increase your aspiration to an unbeatable competitor while gathers rich work experience and better conduct.

May be we can call it the right attitude for a good nutrition at work.

1.   Be Punctual

Arrive to work on time which is the quality that help professional life.

2.   Engage Entirely

Never carry personal commitments to work, focus to involve to the fullest.

3.   Stay Organized

Never ponder over the previous works, plan, analyse and start with the clear goal in an organized manner.

4.   Manage Emotions


This is directly means your moods which has great impact on the work deliveries, practice positive attitude and never let emotions to pull you down. Yes! Work with emotional intelligence.

5.   Quick Team Meet

Possibly with less than a quarter hour you could meet with the team to share their day’s goals, achievement, technology finding and support that is required. This will help you to quick start.

6.   Organized Work space

This does not relatively mean cleaning but stay organized with your workspace which will keep you grab your utilities in seconds and well your system files which need to have a clean desktop, schedule planners to help you avoid waste of time and frustrations.

7.   Plan a Morning Break

This could primarily be to revitalize and energize both physically and mentally but it could also be set as a reminder for the take completions and track your road map for the day.

8.   Work & Evaluation

Work in consistent speed and evaluating the work completion and accomplishments for the day will take your plans further and it would keep you motivated to start off with the new task and new day. Do make the practice of task evaluation daily.

By now you would have done with your half of day schedule and keep the spirit on and go ahead to know what more has to be rightly done to stay successful and popular as best among the peer group.

9.    Review Work done & Following Day schedule

The work that is been in active for the day need to be reviewed for perfection and do make it a practice to deliver the fullest and most concentrated work. Plan for the following day schedule which is an opportunity to accomplish quicker and better.

10.   Meet up with your Boss & Team

This is something indispensable that caters to the perfect completion of the task. You may report to your senior about the status and check with your co-workers on updates and be informed the flow of the project. This practice guides to meet the deadline of the project.

11.   Sort of Clearing the Stack

All your stacked updates, emails, papers give it a revision, sort out the priorities, reply all, accept the solicitations, forward the required ones and of course trash the unwanted. Take few sections to organize the hardcopies and filing where required. This will enrich the following day at work.

12.   End of Day Work

Respond to all queries, updates, emails before you end your day, literally means shutting the computer or leaving the work station.

13.   Set Following Day Priorities

You might have completed for the day but still keeps the plans and to dos ready for the following day which could help meeting with the targets and experience another successful day.

14.   Bid Good Bye

The right attitude would be to end the day bidding a warm good bye to your colleague which will keep the atmosphere enriching and friendly. It may sound like an achieved day and hence do not miss out a proper practice of saying good bye to your colleague.

15.    Encouragement

Build a positive attitude to compliment any one on achievements and do show a gratitude by thanking those who have offered you may be clients. This makes a big difference in the long run and the positive waves spread among each one to makes things working perfectly well and proficiently handled.


 Great go if you had glance through the points and pretty interesting  it might ignite your senses towards better goals and aims. Comment on your experience and thoughts to enrich our readers spread across the globe.

PROBESEVEN - Explore the Hologram Technology!

Amazing are the concepts and innovations based on the Hologram technology, it is something that the future gets dominated. Right from the schools to the business platforms hologram is used inventively for exploring. Here is the information shared about this technology and wonder not that there will be a time when things gets in its 3D shape and animate in front of you.

smiling female boss talking to business team

An Overview:

Hologram denotes to be a physical structure which diffracts light into the image and it refers to the encoded material and the resulting image. The holographic image can be seen in holographic print or through the laser by which the image gets projected in the screen.

Understanding its principles along with its inference a hologram records the difference between the two beams of the coherent light. The composed light will travel on all directions and at equal length. The laser beam gets split into two parts where it called reference beam which strikes to the photographic plate and the other second one strikes and bounces on the plate. This phase interference displays image in three dimensional with the help of the coherent light.

Understanding the Types:


It gets categorized into 2 types which are the Transmission hologram that captures image by transmitting beam of light through it. The laser is the light source which emits and hits the beam splitter into the object beam and the reference beam.

The reflection hologram captures the image by reflecting a beam of light. The reference beam light reflects off a mirror and shines on the photographic plate. The object beam and reference beam meets at the photographic plate and create the interference pattern that records the resulting wave.

Holography: Current and Future Applications


Holography technology stands to be a platform for the innovations in many areas such as medicine, scientific research and other industries.

Some Current Applications:

Holographic interferometry is used by researchers and industry designers to test and design many things example tires and engines, artificial bones and joints.


  • Supermarket and department store scanners use a holographic lens system
  • Holographic Optical Elements are used for navigation by airplane pilots.
  • Medical doctors can use three-dimensional holographic CAT scans to make measurements.
  • Holography are used in advertisements.
Future applications of holography include:


Many researchers believe that holographic televisions will become available within 10 years. Holographic memory is a new optical storage method that can store 1 terabyte of data in a crystal approximately.

The technology that bring the imagination to being, the reality that makes  a difference and proves to be the future of tech-world.  

PROBESEVEN - Get a Quick Insight on Google Material Design


It was just as if I got out of everything I had been doing and jumped into the Material Designing, the fact is it has transformed to enrich the design concepts and it is been a welcoming concept to the creation of winning designs. You will discover what it is, Now!

Material Design being known as a design language which was created by Google and it has its first applied to Google I/O 2014 further with the Android OS.

About Material Design:

This visual language is a concept that aids the designers to design websites and applications in a friendly and more usable manner. Material Design in particular works with the set of principles that gets the target accomplished.


Goals and Principles:

All the principles of good design are applied with innovation that meets across the platforms and devices which includes smart phones to smart TV.

Principles like the basic design theory like the grids, use of space, scale, colour, images and motion should be in guidelines and should not affect the user experience.

Smart Paper

What you see below is the SMART PAPER which takes the shape of the real one and it can be animated meeting the rules of physics.

smart paper


When the flow of objects takes place it defines the motion, while the acceleration and the deceleration of the object replicates the moves in the real world. This attempt transforms and navigates without the surrounding barriers.



Colours are quite important for designing and it is directly related to the psychology of the users. It directly denotes the approach of being fun, loud, friendly  normal and much more. The highlight here is that in Material Design it gives a large palette of vibrant colours.

What is interesting and inspiring is that Google provides complete colour palette which is downloadable which makes it simple.



The recent trend in the typographic layouts are that it is made simpler to understand and it uses intelligent spacing and colours to highlight the font.

Roboto is the standard Android font but has been improvised to meet the requirements where Noto typography works to fill the gaps in Roboto. This is applicable for all major languages.



Better understanding is been implemented with the elevation of the elements that grabs the attention and also add to the interaction of the design.

Understanding the axis which occupies the positions it demonstrated the material design language which has heights and thickness. It is not merely the 3D which manipulates in the Axis-Y but in Material design the Z-axis does its alignment to the plane which means adding elevation.



Icons are one another aspect which is represented in material design, its qualities includes thin lines, crisp edges along with shadows and lightings.



Of course imagery makes it happen to stand out from the usual, it goes with bold images, graphics with vibrant colours.



The guidelines for the layouts in the material design is interesting.

The layout has to be created with the baseline grid and the mathematical structure which defines the placement of elements. It again aims to break down in regions to place icons and the page details.

Common Elements

Here we are with the elements in material design which includes 19 components goes with bottom sheets, buttons, cards, chips, dialogs, dividers, grids, lists, list controls, menus, pickers, progress and activity, sliders, snack bars & toasts, sub-headers, switches, tabs, text fields and tooltips.

Glance at few application inspired by Google Material Design


Here is another example.


It is really encouraging and Thank you for being here a while, hoping you to add your thoughts as comments on this post.