Your OpenCart Store can also be your complete business platform. You would be able to track sales, transactional activities and streamline the customer engagement. The success of e-commerce store primarily focuses on the improvements in leads, conversion rate, the revenue increase and expense, the enhancement over customer requirements. The tools and the integrations with the OpenCart store to effectively run and engage customers makes the real success.

It is desirable to make your OpenCart Store as your complete business platform and manage the customer engagement, sales conversion strategies, insight of the customer behavior and much more. The quick notification from the dashboard and added to it the push notification will make a difference. These can be based on the events and based on the behavior of the visitors, the time zone, the device or the browser, etc. Such automation will help understand and promote the products for increased sales. Similar to the push notification comes to the offers that pop the exit intent which prompts on bounces, feedback forms after the sales, survey forms for customer inputs, feeds from the specific category or general. All these proves best to the customer engagement, increased leads, better sales conversion rates, structured feedback and better analytical and reports.

Coming back, as popularly known that OpenCart is dexterous and been successful with the e-commerce and this becomes a boundless feature when integrated with CRM which helps you reach out your customers effectively. Similar to the most successful businesses for which a CRM is indispensable.

So, all that needed is to create a CRM with OpenCart integration, it adds to the competency and accelerates the success of the store along which progresses the revenue generation.

Easy Integration:

The integration with a CRM can be a relaxed sync with the e-commerce website, making the store efficient to manage and save the data. The installation process goes simple in a way of choosing a template and adding the products.

Improved Business:

The accelerated sales with the built-in campaigns and with the simulation of the customer relationship the business improves. It is also possible to promote with multi-channel marketing which helps in improving the efficiency of the operations.


Possibility to customize the data as per the business requirement and access to the data is all the easier. It simplifies all the business functions and with the data synchronization, the information generated for the decision making adds to the success.

Stay updated:

Eliminates the manual effort to obtain the information, the updates in the platform gets automatized, for example, the customer details obtained from OpenCart store automatically gets updated into the integrated CRM.

Inventory Synchronization:

Inventory is the key aspect of the e-commerce site and the most challenging aspect as well. The seamless synchronization as the inventory level changes make it efficient. The entry and exit of the stock levels from various vendors, customers, return handling, etc., are made robust.

Orders, Payments & Shipping:

Assimilating a CRM is the optimized solution which helps manage the customer and data in a better way. It does help to support the multiple payment gateways on a single platform, the shipping status and the follow-up visibility for the customers is possible with the integration.

Along with the above, the brilliance is experienced with the built-in error handling system, securing the buffer data, data processing and to increase the operational efficiency. Ultimately it generates the reports for the complete business understanding connecting with all the departments. Much to look forward with the trend in the revolution, the flexibility gets enriched as the business needs and the requirements expand. The services and the solutions related to the OpenCart can be obtained from the authorized partners, invite you to know more about Our OpenCart Services. Also, get keen to know more about, OpenCart to get on.