It’s the 10th Anniversary and it’s the right time to express gratitude to our stakeholders. The blooming preparations started with the Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude. The 10th Anniversary celebration, winged to more evolution!

Yes! We did know there were many ways of celebration and we wished to use something with togetherness, disconnected with computer and sit back with pen and paper. The day events were planned although the days were short, the team was overwhelmed to get everybody on hook of something interesting.

Here again wish to present the gratitude to all stakeholders.

10 years and Growing Stronger! We are Grateful! Thank you Customers, Patrons, Vendors & Associates. Ample Appreciation expressed for the endless association. Your valuable association and wish, prevails all the challenges faced and geared us up with much more to offer our customers.
As we express our gratitude and appreciation, we are bound to live by it in much better way for years to come. Thank you again!
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The day draped itself in the bright weather of 20th August 2016 at 8.30 hours the team spirit bloomed in unification, each of us blossomed to show appreciation and the grandeur 10th Anniversary Celebration began with the keynote.

The key note again was holding strong in what and how things happened this decade and looking forward for the way to go. An introduction with the remarkable excellence of leadership in PROBESEVEN that a high inspiring thoughts shared.

Glad and happy was the welcome note to the delegates, as the move of the day was a surprise or sounded forgotten, the overwhelmed compering team got us closer to move the day on.

The key again is holding strong in what we are and looking forward the way to go. The story of Probeseven travel was incredible and when you get to know each details and each stages it helped to understand with Power Point Presentation to support the experience presented and it did give a comparison.

The more were felt that every day was the talk about the milestones and am not sure how many people are willing to inculcate in their lives.

The inspiring talk by the management team with the questionnaire session, the interrogators excited and came up with many questions.

p7 anniversary

What we understood?
Finally, we did realize that working with PROBESEVEN is always being a one-step ahead!

With the great responsibility of always doing more for our stakeholders we work towards the well-being of the stakeholders. Focusing on innovation and with the continuous learning which relevantly articulates our sustainability over the competitiveness.

In this inter connected world we adhere to the technological changes and make every business process easier for the each of the industry which addresses to the new reality of the digital world. In our theme over not just working ordinary we hone excellence and adequacy each time and in every way from consulting, operations, processes, sales to delivery among people, processes, infrastructure, technology and systems.

Coming back to celebrations!

Occupying the stage was spectaculars and the moment turned cheerful with the Cake, presented to realize the multi-fold success of turning to 10th year celebration.

Many appreciations to the team members!

Thoughtful and wonderful enough that the bunch were represented by Madesh, Karthika and Goweri Sankari – Congratulated PROBESEVEN in a big way with a Song that Raps the Success. Blowing, Thumping the whole span of the song which was admired and appreciated by all with a great applause. Okay, I should say it is not all but the surprise began all over again as the team on whole presented a wonderful video adding values with sentiments, opinions, happiness, pleasure and contentment, this again was the best of the day events which won great admiration from the team of Management. Great applause and appreciations was extended to each of them.

The break resonated but no difference and the excitement continued.

P7 anniversary 2

Events added fun to the day and as the organizers presented forth a set of events. The team pitched through the Tech-Dumbsharads as quick as pros. The Just-a-minute also took place and made the team add laugher and giggles with wonderfully co-ordinated questions by Jayaraj and Pushparaj.

The Anniversary Prize Distribution:

Something about outdoors that allowed to play and stay fit. Beyond that it is noticed that they are more productive and happier at the end of the gaming and wining experience were shared by Team A congratulating Boominathan the team caption along with BalaSundaram, Madesh, Pushparaj and Vignesh. The indoor game Chess that exhibited each of their talents and over a series of rounds the winner Yogeshwaran was awarded.

Lunch out, Yeah it’s the Team Lunch!

The wonderful ambience of the restaurant described the celebration and as the team relished the buffet at Le Pebble, the day turned to be fruitful.

The Celebration continued…

Back together at the premises where a surprise Movie Streaming was arranged for the team. The movie – Jobs, the American biographical film inspired by the life of Steve Jobs. As the day drew closer to end the team got organized to an outdoor activity of games and yes, more happening and more excitements added for the day stood out to be a perfect celebration and memorable.

Wish to gather soon for more achievements which is a forecast for PROBESEVEN as we breeze through the progress, success and accomplishments each day. 


The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide to the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its  array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure and recognition. 

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