A reliable advertiser of your business is just your website. Many new variations of websites in terms of design has arrived such as responsive, parallax and more, yet one criteria is unchanged, yes, the trust factor of the website. The trust factor so-called is actually the trust factor of the business built over the website. Here in this article, we help you recall the six most essentials of website which proliferate the reliability of the visitors.


Reviews or testimonials is central for business success. Fact is that Testimonialany individual would like to spot a review of the material before investing. Hardly, some people ignore the testimonials. Such a valuable element of business is obligatory for any website to increase the trustworthiness and induce visitor to covert as a customer logically. The best page of your website where a testimonial should be is on the homepage. Make your business lively, more with a video testimonial. Your visitor’s are already searching it!


Pretty available page on almost all web pages on the internet but  privacywhy is it should be re-considered? Well, the privacy policy of website is common but the question is how frequent the page is updated. Certainly, this part of the website stays intact and all businesses take no notice of the privacy policy after its creation. Also, many businesses create privacy policies which frighten the readers. Do not ever try to lose the healthy connection you established between the company and the readers by writing strict terms and conditions where you could actually use the magic of mutual convincing words. With all that said, using an up-to-date privacy policy is crucial to increase the credibility of the website among the visitors.


In any medium of business, awards and endorsements play a vital roleAwards and it serves as an impetus to take the business to its next level. Showcase the awards and recognition of your business and highlight right on your homepage to drastically improve the credibility at the first visit. The mode of recognition may vary from businesses to businesses but is available for all. Portray your achievements on the right part of your website which simply takes your sales high.


Contact form is general but learning how to improve the contact contactform can add the trust factor of your business. Real physical address, contact number along with the contact person information gains trust rather than providing a simple one-way contact form with no contact information published. This page, any business can use it to the fullest and should actually design in user’s perspective to understand and include information he/she may actually look for. Next time, be sure to include valid address, a google map, and respective person’s name and contact information.


Though website is a place to list the service/sales you do, it is the Teamplace where you actually speak to the customer. At this point of juncture, adding real photos of the management and their team photographs adds the credibility of your business. You convey your readers that you are real and certain to service what your customers are looking for. Do not hesitate to include photographs in your website, it visually talks to your visitors.


Say for example, if you sell an Email Marketing software, point the Relevancehighlight of your business and also how the software address the current marketing need. Including statistical data will support your data and prove the points are not just a prediction. Relating your content to relevant current facts of the industry increase the credibility of the website greatly.

From small to large businesses, research and handle the website to increase the customer credibility as the customer perceives the business in a similar manner as how the web page is actually perceived and help user reduce the uncertainty of starting a business talk.

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