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Global Security Option in Jenkins

by Karthik.NN

A watch out to the software professionals, you may not know about which am turned to discuss. Oh! Yes, I wish to quote that this option does not come in the default configuration, as Jenkins does not insist on any… Continue Reading →

Learn How to Integrate Selenium with Jenkins!

by Karthik.NN

Here is a knowledge share of running test scripts via Jenkins. You would now have a brief guidelines and document demo of creating sample test scripts. We would be using Eclipse IDE/Net beans IDE and I have used Eclipse IDE… Continue Reading →

Meteor-The Better & Swift Platform for Application Development

by Ganesh S

Something new and innovative is getting closer to use, when you think of writing software it is something that is time consuming and gets tedious. Now is something that provides a great platform and creates application in a new way…. Continue Reading →

Automatic Tracking of Network Devices and Inventory

by Sathish Babu S

Discover Network Devices The primary role of the IT professional is to stay organized with the devices and peripherals and if you are a Network Engineer you are responsible to the inventory, status and health of the devices. The familiar… Continue Reading →

STUNNEL – An Overview

by BalaSundaram M

It is quite understood that the security of the data and the application over the cloud is a reliable SSL which communicates between the clients and the services in the encrypted manner. If I have to share about a reliable… Continue Reading →


by Abinayaa Padmanaban

Am running in the track of recruitment, and when my Boss inquired me the smart way of retaining and recruiting the best talents, I could suggest EMPLOYER BRANDING which serves well in a wider perspective. I thought of sharing my… Continue Reading →

RSS Feed for Website – A Brief outlook on where & why RSS is used

by Yogeshwaran PROBESEVEN

What is RSS (Really Simple Syndication)? RSS is a way of tracking the updated news or contents from the websites. It determines a simple way to view the headlines and contents and it can mechanically update. RSS, written in XML,… Continue Reading →


by Abinayaa Padmanaban

Have you ever known what’s being discussed after you leave the interview? Have you ever known the points noted in you by the interviewer?   Few valuable points which the interviewers infer from you without asking you are as follows:… Continue Reading →