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Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits!

by Subashini.S

Digital Transformation directly implies the complete change in the way the business functions and when in it digital transformation it shifts from the existing mode of data to the complete digitalization. Digital Transformation for any business, Implemented for profits! Will… Continue Reading →

Explore the Hologram Technology!

by Goutham viswanath P

Amazing are the concepts and innovations based on the Hologram technology, it is something that the future gets dominated. Right from the schools to the business platforms hologram is used inventively for exploring. Here is the information shared about this… Continue Reading →

Get a Quick Insight on Google Material Design

by Arun Kumar P

It was just as if I got out of everything I had been doing and jumped into the Material Designing, the fact is it has transformed to enrich the design concepts and it is been a welcoming concept to the… Continue Reading →

Greening the Workplace! Where to Start?

by Karthika S

“What does it mean to Go Green?” is the pretty common question that engages any conversationalist who are keen on environment protection. Well, as a HR the concept of Greening the workplace ignited my interest and so was my exploration… Continue Reading →

Boomerang Concept in Recruitment, Gains a Red Carpet Welcome!

by Vaishnavi Muthu

In the recent days, I came across the concepts of Boomerang Recruitment. One of its theory rather a few of them was impressive, it just got me into the feel of experiencing life again backwards. Hey hold on! But it… Continue Reading →

All New Programmatic Google Video MarketPlace, Partner Select!

by Vijina Jairaj

Google’s Lab is one of the finest place on earth where experiments happen to redefine the future, and yes, perhaps the technological invention. In fact, Google has unleashed several unbelievable techno inverts before like the Google Glass, Self-driving car and… Continue Reading →

For Gmail & Google Apps Free Users: Boost Office Productivity by integrating Google Apps with MS Office Tools without any Third Party Sync tools.

by Muthu Kumar

Well, the world knows, Google and Microsoft are at a war now to give the best app service and increase their market share. I am a big fan of both the worlds : ) A setback for Google losing their… Continue Reading →

Interesting WEB Tools making things go Superfast & Automatic!

by Vijina Jairaj

Smart work or Hard work, Which pays better? Certainly, the smart work!  To act smart, take advantage of brilliant tools already on the web.  Today, we here picked you a hand full of interesting tools which you may missed to… Continue Reading →

Google’s Project Loon

by Saravana Kumar

Project Loon – Day to Day, Many Scientist and Researchers put forth unimaginable experimentation and and contribute to the list of latest inventions now and again. One of the notable recent inventions introduced by Google called GOOGLE LOON(PROJECT LOON) is… Continue Reading →

Latest E commerce Trends World to See in 2014

E-Commerce in revolution, current trend has driven huge profit in the e-commerce sector and this trend is expected to go huge in the upcoming years with space to blend with advanced technology to attract shoppers online. To stay competitive in… Continue Reading →