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World-Wide-Web Day


The dominance of WWW in the current day which had makes lives interesting and hence is the day for recognition. This great idea was conceived by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, who started to communicate with colleagues via hyperlinks. Close to… Continue Reading →

(No) Junk Food Day


This day 27th August 2015 we got the favourite episode of the year and it’s the Junk food day! We are quiet crazy longing for the favourite junk food wrapped attractively and tastes great for taste buds. Every now and… Continue Reading →

World Jump Day


Today, we were filled with a couple of strategies which kept us participated in the globally recognized day. Although it is one of the prominent event at our office, this year the day was recognized on 20th July which happened… Continue Reading →

Math Day


Quite apparent that maths is the desirable skill of any task of any nature. The spirit of playing with numbers is what Maths mean, do you really agree over this? Another question would be is, whether you required a book… Continue Reading →

Eat Vegetable Day


The dawn of 17th June somehow triggered the interest to survive on fresh vegetables and it was just not a mere co-incidence but the short gathering the previous day and the discussion about the proceedings of the vegetable day made… Continue Reading →

Designers Day Thru Design Dexterity


The day at PROBESEVEN commenced to surprise the team with the pre-organized ambience elevated with the design crafts at the office premises. It was a sort, if you are truly willing and ready to achieve some sort of knowledge and… Continue Reading →

Macaroon Day steered to Orphanage Visit


By now many of you would have been aware of our event celebrations that outfitted the globally recognized and prominent days of enriched events. The same can be said to our recent event ‘Macaroon Day’. Take a look at what… Continue Reading →

Bike to Work Day


Bike here refers to the bicycle! The day, 15th May 2015 was something like leaving behind the comfortable travel, luxury vehicles and sophistication which are accustomed in our daily life. On account of the national bike to work day, we… Continue Reading →

The Learning Day


The brand new day at PROBESEVEN, 9th May 2015 was a Learning Day. It was rather a splendid gift of the management that we possessed with massive interest. We understood that learning catered for the whole day. Until we quenched… Continue Reading →

Vitamin-C Day


The coolest day of the year-25th April 2015 Vitamin C records the most familiar nutrients and a cool one. Straightforwardly recognized source of this nutrients are the citrus fruits. It is a vital antioxidant. In order to make it prominent… Continue Reading →