In the recent days, I came across the concepts of Boomerang Recruitment. One of its theory rather a few of them was impressive, it just got me into the feel of experiencing life again backwards. Hey hold on! But it was actually as experiencing ten times better. This would mean a laugh, a chuckle or a smile of wonder. No doubt but I was struck positive with the idea and now am experiencing tenfold. Whether or not? The debate stands in a pause as I would say our conversion was highly attuned to the fact that it was sensible to invite the focused and smart ex-employees.

So, now I wish to give anyone an experience that was received ten-fold on Boomerang Recruitment. Here is a short practice to know the insight of the concept.


In simple words, Boomerang Recruitment is hiring back the former employees for better positions. This gets a big hit on few of the many aspects which can be discussed on.

  • Quick Process
  • Cost Effective
  • Familiar Talents
  • Improved Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Healthy Team Building
  • Self-Motivated and Autonomous

Well, among the above benefits you are also in a position of having chosen the right personality trait which aids to be Culturally fit and Autonomous which means the employee would be capable of getting the job done without any assistance and he get on with the execution directly.

Supports better in soft skills:

When you consider the important characteristics of good employee and employment, you would certainly list out points on honesty, hardworking, sincerity, passion, loyalty and dedication. The survey has quoted that these personal traits are present to a greater extend among the Boomerangs. The trust and loyalty can be seen to amplify when associated with the concern again. So, you keep away your hesitations as you would not be put to disappointments.

Why repeat the same recruitment procedure, Think Innovatively?

In the recent scenario, most employers are recognising the value of Boomerang recruitment exclusively for re-hiring those with excellent skills, valuable knowledge and dedication towards the organisation. Preferring boomerangs requires only little time & effort in getting to know about them, known culture and after re-hire they will be back with new skills & strategies to implement in the future business growth. Apart from referrals among top performing employees, it is really tough to find a corporate recruiting strategy with a higher quality of hire than Boomerang recruitment. Wonder not, the boomerang recruitment ranked second in bringing High – Quality resource.

Get on with the acquisition through Boomerangs!

Boomerangs are a high asset, best performers, quality talents through which their past and upgraded skills can be utilized for the betterment of various organisations.  Let us discuss on some benefits of quality hires through Boomerangs,

Hiring boomerangs gives the highest returns on recruiting Investment for an employer. Huge investments can be avoided for training and development of new employee. Boomerangs are much aware of the business core values, policies and platforms already used. Retraining consumes minimal cost, time & efforts. It creates an optimistic effects on morale of existing team if ex-employees are welcomed back. Boomerangs come back with new ideas, technologies to implement, knowledge to guide others. This helps the organisation to grow even better for future planning & implementations. They will be loyal to the organisation, and quickly follow up with the relationship of previous customers/Vendors.

Best of all with Boomerang Recruitment:

In short and best of all is that it has been reported that Boomerang recruitment can save about 30% to 60% less than the normal hiring. Well, sometimes it make look like the employee leaving the company is an unpleasant scenario but for the change of place or any improved reasons relatively gains the company if been in contact and keep pace with the updates. It would rather be a wonderful experience to rehire the same person with enhanced skills. He can be considered being out to gain more skills and ultimately will turn out to be best.  Know some strategies to keep in contact with the former employees.

Send a Smile for your former employees:

Alumni association is an enormous network of professional connections. Alumni are the base for foundation of talent networks. Re-hiring became very easy by recruiting through alumni networks. Social media- to support alumni groups, makes them even better to start the discussions on latest trend/technologies and upgrade them through various corporate alumni groups. Get connected on LinkedIn or Facebook group for alumni and make updates on organisation’s updates and recruitment. Many companies are realizing the credits of bringing back valuable boomerangs. Let’s put forward few ideas to get connected with alumni network,

Implement it to gain better, Plan & Organise alumni event, invite all alumni in an association. Post and keep informed on Organisation’s key products, initiatives, Successes and new job opportunities. Annual newsletter, online searches, webinars, invite for annual events like anniversary, award ceremony are some ways of approaching boomerangs. A dedicated corporate alumni groups, forums, blogs can be published in order to target the alumni.

So, you are now to welcome your Boomerangs, with much positive spirits. Happy Hiring!