The dawn of 17th June somehow triggered the interest to survive on fresh vegetables and it was just not a mere co-incidence but the short gathering the previous day and the discussion about the proceedings of the vegetable day made a remarkable impression that checked through the positivism in the Eat your Vegetable day proving to be the good start of the healthy life transformation.

The day was going to give you some goodness and watch what went on, it was a team gathering, staying creative, sharing of information, the motivation to stay vegetarian that penetrated to the conscious of each one of us during the live event.


Agreed or disagreed on the innovative discussion over food habits which helped to settle down on the importance of the choice of food which was preferred to be organic. The day went on with massive co-operation.

Here’s the treats.


Fresh vegetable salads were shared, the difference it made was they hand-picked ones that were organic, servings were relished in intervals and seamlessly the benefits were experienced.

So, goes the day was enthusiastic that concluded with a great health awareness.

The enthusiastic co-ordinators for the day Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Sathish Babu worked out strategically to educate, entertain, enhance the day event successfully. Need your comments to keep us motivated, contribute one!