Today at PROBESEVEN, we enacted a brief seminar session for our associates to stop, think and kindle their interest on the Universal language, “English”, led by Mrs.Subashini, Content Architect of PROBESEVEN pivotal in analysis and modelling content for all sorts of ventures. Though this language is regularly used to communicate, the purpose of this seminar was to understand the nuances and unseen quality of English and apply it for the betterment in each of their profession.

Learning English certainly open door to wealth of information and wherein the scope of gaining knowledge is high. Coming across the days of schooling, we as an individual read across 10,000 words a year but hardly we use around 300 – 400 words in day to day life. This seminar was organized to take a break and go back to the days of education worthwhile with some activities to make the brain recall the words learned. This way, the language skills improve and the ability to communicate with confidence gradually increase.

“I welcome this session about English & Communication that will be helping to understand the importance of Good English Communication in IT industry. It’s essential for software engineers to be good in communication skills & habits. New comers from other language mediums of education has to aggressively improve their English skills to manage communications at their early career days that will benefit their growth later. Though technical skills is a different measure, the reality in IT field, there is an efficiency difference for people with and without this language skills. All the tutorials, documents will be in English only. This will be measured when they want to get promoted, lead a team or handle a client. Even Chinese and Japanese people have started to learn English. It’s that much required now.” says our Director, Mr.MuthuKumar.


Especially in the age of technology, English is a must tool to make yourself equipped with the confidence to communicate over phone, in emails, over video calls, in meetings and wherever your presentation is obligatory and in fact, a solution to forego embarrassment.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs.Subashini and the HR Team for organizing a well-timed seminar benefiting all members of the organization to a great extent.

Views on the Seminar:

“It was an excellent seminar and we’d thoroughly enjoyed attending it. Very much useful and as you said, it triggered the interest on the language English to a greater extent. Hope you conduct more such sessions in the coming days.”

Vijina, Strategic Analyst – Internet Promotions

Thank you for the seminar! This session was very helpful for us, we are enjoyed this session and learned lot of things from this session. A special thanks to Subashini for giving the excellent session. We are most welcome these kind of session for upcoming days.”

Yogeshwaran, Associate Developer – Web

The session we had today was amazing. The way handled to carry over the entire session was really wonderful. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to the HR Team,And, My Special and sincere thanks to Mrs. Subashini for her unbeatable and excellent class. Looking forward for the sessions as like this in the upcoming days.

Kirubanandan K, Associate Programmer – Web

“We had great time attending this seminar and was as useful as it triggered the appetite to know more on the language. My special thanks to Mrs. Subashini.”

Manikandan R, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the amazing session, it was an excellent seminar. Looking forward for the sessions as like this in upcoming days. Special thanks to Subashini for giving excellent class.”

Prabaharan R, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the excellent and useful seminar, equipped with some great thoughts and advices useful for the team.”

Sakthivel P, Associate Developer – Web

“Timely and Useful Session and it was worth listening to the tips and advises to improve oneself on the language, and made us realize the essentials of learning English nonstop to mark excellent growth in our profession. ”

Saravana Kumar B, Associate Developer – Web

Thanks for the useful session ,its really interesting and its give idea about short cuts to Learn english..Thanks to HR Team and Subashini.

Manoj Kumar P, Associate Developer – Web

“It was a great day at PROBESEVEN, a time to take a break in our schedule of works and rethink the ways to improvise our communication skills, certainly useful for the team.”

Jansha D, Associate Developer – Web

“Thanks for the excellent and useful seminar, i hope it would extent upcoming weeks. My Special thanks to Subashini. “
Sakthivel P,  Associate Developer -Web.