Decorate with Candy Day & Book Giving Day

Chocolate and candy make an adult become a child, an elixir to life! The candy day which was celebrated in PROBESEVEN, and it was a day of joy and fun. And the event was conducted by Mohan Babu and Shri Hari Ram. The whole PROBESEVEN team made a gigantic human-Lifesize candy and with each member offerings candy and chocolates. the entire day was feast and fun, and finally, at the end of the day, the much-awaited book giving day happened. Where peers exchanged books with each other.

Decorate with Candy Day & Book Giving Day

Client Servicing Day

Client servicing day is the first event for the month of July. And it was conducted by Manoj and Hemanandh. This day is conducted to enrich ourselves with the ever-growing knowledge of servicing clients. This event started with the experience shared by the senior team members, highlighting the ethics, and followed by the subordinates sharing their experience and how to improve their selves to be a better team player.


Drawing Day

This day is the first/last of the month of UPDATE. And this day, was the day where all the Da-Vincis and Picassos of the PROBESEVEN armed with brush and paint teamed up to show-off their creative artistic talent. At the end of the event, both the teams bought the best of their skills, talent and deeper blending of team play, which bought a valuable experience for all members of PROBESEVEN.


Guiney Pig Day

This event is the last event for the month of July, and this is a unique and a spin-off from the rest of the events. The team coordinators Hema and Abishake bought a bunch of Guiney pigs for the event. And the PROBESEVEN team had a wonderful experience caring for and feeding the animal. And finally, an end note, no animals were harmed while coordinating this event!


Tamil New Year Celebration

Tamil New Year is the traditional and the regional festival of the state of Tamil Nadu. It signifies the start of a new and prosperous year. The PROBESEVEN team wore the traditional dhoti for men and saree for women outfit. And the event was not limited to poojas, but indoor traditional games were conducted. The whole day was a pleasant day, with the oil lamp lit atmosphere was really a cherishing experience.