On a recent experience should we say something that served to be a guiding principle or an inspiration to each of the team member, which is doubtlessly the events of the month – March 2017.

Inspirational, Ambitious, Inspiring was the month of March 2017 with the tremendous gifts of motivation and encouragements.

Team Appreciation Day

Each year the day turns out to experience a Peak Performance state and so is this year too. Much inclined with the day to day performance of everyone, their inclination with the projects and the team has provided much experience. The event organizers Bala Sundaram and Madesh worked over the stimulating concepts of mapping each individual with one among their team by taking it forward with an activity.

Each of them had their turn to appreciate the chosen member and team on whole. Not sure if it was a realization to appreciate the best in others would seem to have inherited that talent in yourself. Incredible was the event to see the note of appreciation with the mentioned and personalized certificates. The activity kept going and the team shared their experience of appreciating other and being appreciated.

Hence, was putting yourself in the ultimate peak performance state.

Should we not be grateful for learning the art of appreciation and winning effortlessly with all what we did this day and for this event. The team was excited to receive the appreciation and encouragements from the Director and the heads.

Green Plantation Day

This Green Plantation Day turned to be an outsmarted event. International Concepts of Green Plantation was the theme which doubtlessly was informative. The organizers Jayaraj and ShriHari Ram who were fervent and had interest and aptitude over the green plantation.

It all started as to Rethink and Reforest, the following were the concepts over the innovation discussed in detail with the presentation and explanations.

  • Using IOT for Farms (IOTF) precision farming
  • Grow Lights (pink light) for increasing growth of the plant
  • Multi-storey corporate farming
  • Floating farms, utilized for agriculture and controlling water pollution
  • Straw bale garden, used as a growing medium. Much like raised beds
  • Singapore ash Island, island comprises of ash from burned landfills with lawn and plants to hold it together
  • Precision forestry using UAV
  • Community Afforestation Activity

This happened for sure and the team on whole were provoked to secure and enrich our planet Earth.


The interesting and thought-provoking international concepts which were discussed triggered our interest to become an activist.

Surprising was the day fulfilled to experience the gifts of saplings and seeds came a long way to carry out our participation. The event was cherished and looking forward for more events.

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