After more than a year, Google unleashed Penguin. On October 17, 2014 Google has rolled out and confirmed Penguin refreshment. Many online marketers, website owners and webmasters have been eagerly waiting for this update. This is the sixth Penguin release from Google, we are considering it as Penguin version 3.0 with an impact on 1% of queries in all languages, Penguin 3.0 is commonly rolled out irrespective of industries and is not limited to any particular business.

Still, the Penguin refreshment is rolling out and expected to continue for a couple of weeks. Penguin is primarily designed for decreasing the ranking in SERP of websites violating Google guidelines. If a website gets affected by Penguin release or update, the website owners or webmaster should take immediate action against the spammy links.

Google commonly considers spammy backlink methods such as the below

• Low quality free Directories, Bookmarking and Article submission websites.
• Reciprocal Links, Paid Links and Sponsored links.
• Links from Outlawed, Punished and Duplicate content websites.
• Irrelevant or unnatural websites links.
• Link schemes methods and Guest blog sites.
• OFF Page black hat technique like stuffing the keyword in anchor text.
• Any link building method which is violating Google guidelines.

Website owner or Webmaster has to cleanup website’s bad backlink profiles using Google disavow tool and wait up for the next penguin release. If the spammy backlinks are perfectly cleaned up in the website, then Google index the site and increases the ranking in it’s upcoming Penguin release.

Quality link building methods for Penguin:

✔ Niche high PR inbound links are highly valuable for any business websites, relevant quality business links give best backlink signals to the websites.
✔ Business website links are beneficial to the websites, to quickly rank in search engine result pages.
✔ The Link building method should be varied from your competitors link building. While building the links, promote the keywords as well as the brand name of the business because your link building method makes it clear your brand to Google.
✔ When promoting the keywords with brand name, website will not affect any Penguin update or refresh.

Many people are confused on the difference between algorithm update and algorithm refreshment from Google. Refreshment is again roll out of the same algorithm which is executed previously, no changes are done in the calculation and signals of the algorithm. The Update is adding new factors and modifying the computing and signals in algorithm. Now about Penguin, Google refresh same signals, it’s not an update.

Though initially it is been declared that 1% of English queries were affected by Penguin 3.0 roll-out, the exact outcome is not yet finalized with the refresh happening here and then. For website owners penalized in this latest update, rectify the penalty by building strong and effective back-links with more of your brand name in the anchor text to overcome all future updates in the search algorithm.