Google’s Lab is one of the finest place on earth where experiments happen to redefine the future, and yes, perhaps the technological invention. In fact, Google has unleashed several unbelievable techno inverts before like the Google Glass, Self-driving car and Project Loon and many listed in the queue, not to forget all these turning a history in technological era. Thanks to Google for revolutionizing our lifestyle!

What Google Video marketplace is upto?

Though Google earlier introduced “Google Preferred” for video advertising, now arrives again with a new concept, certainly hope to be not a debacle. The other reason for the new idea to emerge is that $6 billion is Googles revenue figure in Video Ads. Let’s look at how Google is monetizing the medium further.


Introduced as Google Partner Select, this most recent Hype on Google is the new programmatic Google video marketplace for brands, letting all marketers all over the world imagine what it adds for business. No wonders, it is something like viral video marketing. Google has been in long term partnership with DoubleClick and this time, the marketplace is an effort to connect the publishers and advertisers.

According to this program, Google let video publishers to determine their video ad sales on an exclusive marketplace for businesses who buy with Google. As of now, Google is concerned on the publishers and are letting only select video publishers to enroll and sell their video clips. Put it simple, it’s neither public nor private, the publishers sell their video and intimate the placements they sell through Partner select and on the other hand, advertisers tell their target audience and budget they look for which Google’s computer automatically find the best match and let the advertiser know. This platform let premium advertisers and sellers conduct reservation based ad sales.

Google Partner Select

What Clikz says is that “This new premium programmatic marketplace will connect a select set of publishers investing in top-quality video with the brands that want to buy against it.

Wondering how it actually works. Of course, several questions arise in mind out of curiosity to know how to get in and sell video especially for video ad creators over there but Google has not disclosed the complete architecture of this marketplace and no other go, we should stand watching to hear Google say by itself.

Here’s the video for your reference, presented by Neal Mohan: