The beginning of year 2017 at PROBESEVEN Harmonized in Togetherness for Events & Celebrations! The day had many pulled-up concepts which did gain the interest of the team. The active team focused on the yellow theme concept and the decorations started spinning up. As the end of the day the ideas and the planning expanded and possibly changed to perceive the reality.

The year of 2016 accomplishments were not just given but earned every minute, each hour, every day and every month. So, together was the celebration of the dawn of 2017 with a memorable gathering.

The event celebration, Yes, we had ShriHari Ram to co-ordinate and blast the event.

“You would get it by chance but take the chance to describe what you get”

Sounds tricky, isn’t?

We played a nostalgic share of wistful moments and wished each other for the great start of the new year along with a Cake cutting. Another brilliant year started here…


Pongal Celebration

The traditional and the regional festival of India was conceptually celebrated. The day filled with the thanksgiving note to the Sun God known to be a popular harvest festival. With all the traditional things made an auspicious event.

The gathering in the traditional attire added the charm. Pongal was celebrated paying tribute to the Almighty, followed by the events in the concepts of ‘Show your Strength’ on which the organizers Pushparaj and Sakthivel introduced sportive events to the excitement of the team.

Pats and taps filled the air, cheers and aromatic Pongal was served with wishes to achieve countless breakthroughs.

Data Privacy Day

The internationally celebrated Data Privacy Day on January 28th was also recognized at PROBESEVEN. The day event was organized by Karthik and Mohan Babu. The brain-storming session meant to sharing information and ideas for the awareness and knowledge enhancement.

Protection of data being the right of every individual, the discussion was on the security check ups again the vulnerable cyber-attacks etc., tips to checking over the privacy settings, information for the business security, BYOD concepts, document destruction, data breach and the risk management. Privacy on the go, share with care and much more. Along with the organizers, the participants shared few insights over the project security was discussed and even demonstrated. Much more practical inputs over the data protection with a quick demo session make the day event fulfilling.

Book giving Day

The compliment with books expanded the possibility in changing each one on the way they perceived to the benefits of books to reality. Recognizing the day, event organizers Pushparaj and ShriHari Ram made it emphasized to the concept of the book giving which is the secret of taking your life to happiness and the ability to tap the knowledge around us. The consistency when practiced expands the consciousness to share the books and by doing so it created a new reality in the aspect of life and the true excitement is seen to live besides each of them.

It ended like something that one will never be the same if they have been truly involved in this event, the book giving day.

Stayed enthusiastic over the Learning about Books & Authors, Memory Activity based on books and authors of varied centuries applauded the day event.

Floral Decoration Day

The events of the month of February ended with the Floral Decoration Day, it could be called to achieve the countless fulfillment that was focused in this event. The organizer Karthika meant to not settle for less and hence the look back is seen to honestly answer the Wow…as each one entered to see the elegant carpet of flowers welcoming. It turned out to be a glorifying event.

Look for our more conceptual events coming up, what we look for is your comments which would be cherished and keep us moving.

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