A day devoted to instil the habit of reading and emphasize the value of books across the globe, Feb 14th of every year!

When you give someone a book, you don’t give him just paper, ink and glue, you give him the possibility of a whole new life.”

Celebrating International Book Giving Day at PROBESEVEN with an interesting event organized by volunteers. On this day, people around the world gift their children with books, some to friends and some offer books to public all that to create awareness of book reading.

Accordingly, we celebrated it high by exchanging books among ourselves. We shared books of literature, ideas, businesses, technologies, languages and even on arts. This day definitely had kindled the reading interest in every one of our team.

Book Giving Day

Of all the events we celebrate, this International Book Giving Day is something special and the most awaited day here at PROBESEVEN. We are keen on selecting and subscribing to books and magazines from sources round the world to keep us informed of the latest technologies, innovations and urging news surrounded which keeps us stay motivated and help us power our knowledge and of certain supports us in our daily routine of tasks and let the team grow more knowledgeable. While the internet is populated with information and data, these subscriptions to magazines does the job of tailoring the best industry news and tell us the hot trends. We recommend all to take a while and research the best magazine in your arena and be subscribed!

Thanks to the organizers for making the event remarkable while also achieving the purpose of the day!