Think of speed, Think of extended services, Think on saving money it applies to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform provides services as IaaS and PaaS. Azure offers hub of services in storage, cloud computing and networking. In my experience I found there was a new support system which is backed by the legend brand which is said to improve on service, speed and cost. It is been called the “Microsoft Azure”.

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The widespread popularity is the improvement in services that benefits the users with the cloud based services. Azure offers various services like Cloud Platform for Linux, Windows VM.  It supports high Load Balancing which delivers high availability of the instance. It supports Website Hosting in PHP,, Python and Node.js. It does provision SQL Database with Cloud Storage.  Yet, another support and reliability provided are the Backup and Recovery support. It proves to be highly secured and well efficient in disaster recovery management.


Portal Benefits:

When you are a part of the Azure platform you would enjoy easy scalability which can be handled individually. Azure provides access to the registered users via Azure Management portal which is highly user friendly and well guided for assistances and remote services. This portal functions on cross platform and works device independent while it required no installation.

Microsoft Azure offer enhanced security and reliability as the endpoints used restricts the incoming ports and hence one cannot add any incoming ports and they can be added only in the Endpoint. Rather, it is possible to add users and groups to manage the portal and they can be the owners, contributors, backup admin and more.

More to Say:

Few other points on Azure which notifies its advantages and benefits which are the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with 99.95% availability. It also provides 24×7 Tech Support, round the clock service on health monitoring which allows us to post questions in the MSDN forums.

When we talk of so many distinguished features it is quite necessary to keep noted about the cost or pricing and for which I would say it is very economically and affordable. We would be paying only for the level of use and per minute billing is another highlight of this services which is very competitive.

To Sum Up:

Azure runs on a growing Global Network of Microsoft Management Datacenter. The Microsoft totally take care of our every individual services. We can access our services from anywhere across the globe. Overall, Microsoft Azure is very helpful for their customers from Small Scale business to Large Scale business. Feel fortunate to serve yourself and your customers powered with Microsoft Azure!