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JavaScript is the essential one to dominate in the web and popular among the full stack developers. JavaScript, the one thing needed to create lively web pages. How does this happen and where would it all get started? The easiest way to start is to get a clear and quick understanding and here we go to achieve the same.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript, a programming language which is an important part of any web application and web pages along with markup language HTML.

JavaScript is popular and adopted by all the Web browsers to create a dynamic and interactive experience for the user. This makes the interesting part and you would be able to use something like control structure, the structure, and validation of data. You could also make it interesting by providing an in-browser database to give a touch of appeal.

JavaScript useful for validating input in a web browser without the need to go to the server and also useful for sending asynchronous requests to the server without refreshing the page.

Applying Javascript

Any web application and web pages developed by HTML is a static one without JavaScript it would be static.

JavaScript can make more interactive and user friendliness. JavaScript helps easy navigation of the web pages and helps designers to guide the user with additional information or guide them through walkthroughs. Some of the Visual effects also can be achieved with JavaScript. JavaScript will be used effectively to create special effects like rollover for images and supports external applications like PDF documents, widgets, etc.

Even though JavaScript is considered as the client-side language, it would be able to communicate with the server in the background without interrupting the user interaction so called Asynchronous.

AJAX and JQuery also used JavaScript, AJAX has asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a major role and JQuery gives the library for predefined JavaScript functions for adding animations and many dynamic features to the web pages.

Some of the dynamic enhancements performed by JavaScript are:

  • Autocomplete in search
  • Loading some part of the page or loading dynamic data onto the page without reloading the page
  • Rollover images (Changes effective on hovering) and drop down menu slides
  • Animating page elements such as fading, resizing or relocating
  • Client-side form validation

Javascript frameworks

The efficiency and popularity of JavaScript have led to many vibrant frameworks and libraries. There are many JavaScript frameworks available and some of the notable JavaScript frameworks are:

javascript framework


JavaScript has emerged in web industry like a boom and if you look at the current web scenario there are no web technologies that are not using JavaScript.

Stack Developersconclusion

JavaScript is the most popular programming used by full stack developers. Keeping it simple, if you look to build a small application with fewer players than it would be best to go with JavaScript. Well, most recent technology and what generally happens anything you build would use JavaScript.

To conclude, JavaScript is highly useful and popular which in coming years design to excel. So let’s start with JavaScript right away.