The brand new day at PROBESEVEN, 9th May 2015 was a Learning Day. It was rather a splendid gift of the management that we possessed with massive interest. We understood that learning catered for the whole day.

Until we quenched ample information and knowledge the day continued. We were offered books, references, novels, magazines, tech studies in abundance along with the deep through of the relative websites.


What was more surprising was that we learnt stuffs in common with a detailed presentation and there by more space for individual interest to study, learn, clarify and share. The day also proved that learning interests many and it opened the flood gate to fill our minds with knowledge prosperity.

This powerful prudent programme created unlimited exploration of our potential. It cannot be called a crash course but an act of exploring concepts, working out on the mind fitness to check our awareness and fill the holes of ignorance.

We looked forward to sharing our study in the early evening sessions. Here is what we gained.

  • A perfect presentation of the behaviour science
  • A walk through of the 100 page Tech prediction 2015
  • Massive talk on how to use X code
  • 10 Minutes footage on Hacking Awareness and risk in use of USB
  • If’s and but’s of Personality Development and Role Model
  • Got to know talk on Responsive design and JQuery
  • Catch the new wave on SEO and SMM strategies
  • Cater to the food that serve as medicine
  • More on SAAS concept

The interaction and interface among the team was impressive which showed a promising attitude in many. This great day stands remarkable and it is indeed a rare opportunity for the youth of today with an impressive co-ordination by Mr. P. Subramaniyam. The conclusion was made by the senior members who were also over-whelmed with the basics and the details of the day learning event.