By now many of you would have been aware of our event celebrations that outfitted the globally recognized and prominent days of enriched events. The same can be said to our recent event ‘Macaroon Day’.

Take a look at what really was organized and how the day was recognized. We are sure you would be inspired of our team performance which made a difference in each of our lives.

Discover What? & Why?

3Today we have something interesting for you as the day is been recognized as Macaroon day which the world celebrates. It generally cater to be a mind opener and does create a gateway to some collections and donations.

As a team we did have few fun events on sharing macaroons and few enthralling Tongue Twisters were staged by the team members, along with the laughter we were serious about being philanthropist.


Our team didn’t miss this great day and they created a platform to find out, what was believed to extend a helping hand. The simple installation of the concepts transformed the negatives to positives and we could see a bunch of humanitarians.

Being inspired by the philanthropist Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa our team took the opportunity to raise funds within ourselves for a social cause and the highlight is that all of us participated in contributing a handsome amount that came into reality the following week which led us to the Orphanage Day Visit.

At an Orphanage:

The dawn of the day with heavy heart the contributions were used to the purchase of new indoor games like Carom Boards which were carried to be donated to the children at the orphanage. A travel to reach the orphanage home few miles away was a journey generously taken by the volunteers.

“We raise by giving others”


The donors of Carom Boards, Clothes, School Goodies, Food, money etc., were our team who cherished each individual of the orphanage home. The humble hands accepted our contributions with cheer in heart and minds and frankly the journey back was with life realization that make each one count the number of blessing they possessed. Our enthusiastic co-ordinator Mr. Yuvaraj for the Macaroon Day and our enduring philanthropist Mr. Vignesh and Mr. Jeeva performed commendable during the orphanage visit.

We did feel the spirit of your involvement in reading through this article. Attention! Why not show how you wish to react by penning few lines in our comment section which we would love to read every now and then. We hope this inspired you too.