2015-06-08 - Math Day.cdr

Quite apparent that maths is the desirable skill of any task of any nature. The spirit of playing with numbers is what Maths mean, do you really agree over this? Another question would be is, whether you required a book and pen to work it out or explore maths? Not really again. Sooner, you would realize that maths is what present around us and we live with maths every day, it is not just about notebook workings or the mere numbers to play with.

In modest terms, the above is what each of the team members realized after the events of Maths day which was celebrated on 8th July 2015. Mathematics in simple terms is an activity and challenge which expects the process to be completed to get the desirable results. Like music or any other art Maths takes its own dimensions and need to be explained to enjoy at each point of time.


The Team Involvement

Remarkable was the day that enriched the quench of knowledge as a descriptive presentation was organized to talk about the maths legends and the concepts turning points, the presentation was well researched to gain the attention of the gathering.  The evolution, progress, inventions, scientists, researches and modern mathematics were discussed to heap up the awareness.

It cannot go without practical evaluation and we did have mind maths, speed maths, quick logics, calculations and assessing our brain ability. The practices and work outs felt like the brain gym which saw an enthusiastic participation from one and all.

Memories cherished and so goes the applause to the efficient co-ordinators Subramaniam and Yogeshwaran for the best concept delivery. As always thanks for supporting our blog, please stamp you visit by commenting on this post, we wait for your valuable comments and suggestion.