MondoDB is a leading cross platform NoSQL Database. This NoSQL Database has no table structure. Instead of the traditional and table based database structure it follows document based structure called Binary JSON abbreviated as BSON. Generally Binary JSON documents consist of an ordered list of elements. Each and every element consists of a field name, a type, and a value. This type supports all the basic data types.

Comparison of RDBMS & MONGO

Sample record storage format of Mongo DB:

“_id” : ObjectId("509a8fb2f3f4948bd2f983a0"),
“Org Name” : “PROBESEVEN”
“Type Of Org” : “Web Development”
“Location” : “Tirupur, India”
“Website:” : “”

This most powerful and efficient Mongo DB, widely used in the market, is written in the popular programming language called C++. One of the main reason why this database is widely used is it falls under the Open Source family meaning free.

Mongo DB is loaded with many unique features. One special mention is the “DYNAMIC SCHEMA”, which eliminates the need of defining schema’s previously whereas in the traditional table based SQL structured database it is must to define it earlier.

Mongo DB is so simple and fast. Here, indexing the documents makes search easier. This concept is as like as the Relational Database concepts but the index values are not only numeric values. These values are generated as encrypted values something like ObjectId(509a8fb2f3f4948bd2f983a0).

Advantages of using MongoDB:

  • More Scalable.
  • Rich document based queries.
  • Fast in-place updates over several documents.
  • MapReduce (processing and generating large data sets) for difficult aggregation.
  • Binary data storage.
  • High Availability & more.

Though NOSQL Databases are classified into multiple categories, document based NOSQL databases are notable one.

Terms Difference over MongoDB and RDBMS:

The various SQL Terms with correspondence to Mongo DB terms.

RDBMS Terms MongoDB Terms
Database Database
Table Collection
Row Document or BSON document
Column Field
Index Index
Table joins Embedded documents and linking
Primary key Primary key
Specify any unique column or column combination as primary key. In MongoDB, the primary key is automatically set to the _id field.
Aggregation (e.g. group by) Aggregation pipeline

List of Popular Websites using Mongo DB:



  • LinkedIn -Social networking site. Used to Connect World Level Professionals.
  • Trello – An Open source project Management System used to streamline workflow.
  • SourceForge – Centralized location for free and Open source software development.
  • Github – Social Coding.
  • Ebay – An international most popular online shopping website.
  • Snapdeal – Indian largest online shopping place.
  • Newyork Times – American daily news paper.

MongoDB NoSQL plays a prominent role in Big Data enabling business to be more agile and scalable.  It is thriving globally with over 4 million downloads including many of the world’s popular companies in this list. Of all, the lightening fast performance and flexible database of MongoDB makes it titled a favorite of developers!