In the general term, the E-commerce framework is the overall structure provided for the e-commerce based applications and it provides an environment to build the applicable e-commerce flexible enough to accommodate the requirements. They are generally flexible and adaptable to build virtually the online stores and provides more appropriate web applications.

Specifically, the efficient and effective e-commerce framework allows to change and replace the framework code, it consists of the bootstrap code to initiates the application, they define the general program flow, it consists of the components which are reusable and are organized in the functional domains. This goes for the general e-commerce framework.

Additionally, in the recent years, the e-commerce framework architecture gets stronger and they use better interface and design patterns. To be more specific let us discuss further.

When you talk of dependency, the components are made independent of the objects. The objects are created at a center that brings the actual implementation. More functions are dynamically added to the existing objects. Further, the design pattern is re-usable in a better and improved way.

It is also possible to have the vertical separation of the code from the domains or front-end website to add to the application the required some micro-services. The micro-services are protocols like HTTP etc. that is simpler to deploy, maintain and extend.

OpenCart proves to Outsmart the E-commerce Platform!

OperCart provides powerful Online Store Management with ample extensions and theme selections allowing you to innovatively customize and expand the store functionality with the wide availability of 13000+ modules and themes. The interesting part is that it provides functions and features much more than a general e-commerce platform, proving to be an efficient and unique Open Source Framework.

The flexibility that is much desired for the demanding e-commerce projects, be it B2B or B2C or C2B or C2C is made available. Right from the understanding and implementing the channels be it Omni or multi the e-commerce platform shows the flexibility.

Creates virtual store

In simple words, it must transform digitally and virtually the physical stores of any type and any functions. Such implementations need a lean and agile framework which delivers the promise. The OpenCart framework is solid yet modular and ever-ready to handle the complexities.

Consolidated handling


Just as the admin glances the complete overview in the dashboard that provides an instant supervision of the stores. Right from the orders, transactions, the customer details, the current happenings, the financial aspect, the store performance and much more comes to the instant reference. The organized user management makes it all the simpler to provide and set privileges for different users and groups. All the settings are merely unlimited with categories, products, users, downloads, reviews, etc.

Manage Multi-Store at one point

Simple enough when you think that each store with different attributes can be managed at one point. The stores can be with different themes, assorted products, different specifications for the same products with different prices and with all the probability and challenges can be handled by OpenCart.

Product Differentiation


The nature of product may not be same all the time and may have few specific differentiations. When you require displaying the products which have many options, variables and attributes the flexibility to provide a solution is important and it works best with OpenCart.

Wonder not, it is also possible to provide a customized and tailor fit specification which has been implemented in the image as shown here, when the user provides the required custom-fit for the product the size gets totally customized.

Other Distinguished features:
  • Affiliates – They are generally promoters of the product and in the virtual world there seem to be many tasks in engaging an affiliate. OpenCart provides a built-in solution to handle the affiliates, the set percentage, the payment and banking options.
  • Handling Discounts and Promo Coupons – This is a frequent implementation from the retailers which changes periodically. This feature is built-in OpenCart.
  • Email Campaigns – Without any special integration of the third-party, OpenCart allows you to promote your product automatically to the subscribers of your newsletter.
Shopping Experience

Feel the spirit of shopping with a personal assistant, it allows you to easily find the product with the refined searches, the narrow down filters.

Choose to interact in the preferred language, the multilingual support makes the user feel the experience of the local market yet shopping internationally.

The same is been experienced while choosing to pay with the multi-currency option, making the store feel like every individual’s neighborhood store.

Interactive Payments and Shipments

The choice of payment methods is many as OpenCart comes with the integration of amply payment gateways. More options can be available for easy downloads. It is also possible to set the recurring payments for your customers, this applies for the store to build the EMI options, regular periodic pre-set purchase which applies best to FMCG products.

Further, the choice of shipping methods is also made available in the OpenCart which can be customized for the stores.

Reports, Analytics, and Popularity

OpenCart allows you to set the reports to the level of business intelligence which adds to the growth of the business and provide a quick comparison periodically. The OpenCart site is responsive and certainly looks goods in any devices and with any themes. It provides a built-in SEO, which saves time yet highly effective and competitive. Possible to connect with Google Sitemap and get the presence with listings.

As we draw conclude it can be rightly denoted that OpenCart has the ability to grant our every desire for the e-commerce website. Showing you how much it benefits with abundance in branding, functionality, fulfilling management and great to reach the audience.

Adding up to the trend in revolution the flexibility get enriched as the creative minds expand. The services and the solutions related to the OpenCart can be obtained from the authorized partners, invite you to know more about Our OpenCart Services. Also, get keen to know more about, OpenCart to get on.