The blue balloons on ambient lights made the cozy and auspicious atmosphere, with it we started the PROBESEVEN’s 12th-anniversary celebrations. Headed by Jayaraj and Karthik, plans were made in advance, even though the day’s event were a mystery to others. The whole team was ensembled themselves in white shades.

Here PROBESEVEN takes its pride to thank its employee, and its grateful customers without whom the achievement of moving the great digital mountain has no meaning.

The Mysterious Gameplay

The much-awaited gameplay was commenced once the salute speech ended. Every minute was spent off-limiting-oneself on the computers and routines. There were both team play and solo gameplay which included both brain-storming and challenge.

Striker Pong Throw

Striker pong is not for the faint-hearted! The solo-contestant is given a bag of ten ping pong balls, and are made to throw inside a series of a tumbler.



All the participants are made to sit in a circle and were made to pat their right hand, on the mark of the third word being said by a former participant. This almost sucked the brain juice, since the game was challenging and the opposite of one’s natural habit and instincts.

Budding Buddy Race

The participants were split into a team of two, and each team competes for the other in a running race. Where each member starts the run and spins around the chair to the count of ten, then returns to the origin, where the waiting buddy does the same.

Slay that Balloon Warrior

This was the last to play, and all were formed into two groups and had a balloon tied to their right leg, and the member who gets their balloon slain is deemed defeated and was made to come out of the arena.

Finally, the at the end of the gaming session, we celebrated with a cream-filled white forest cake. Which ended very joyfully and good.

Our Day was Not Enough without a Continual Feast

The afternoon started with us celebrating and feasting at a BBQ joint, having the whole team made to sit close-to-gather while excommunicating the Vegans, we were really in for a mouth-watering treat.