With the motto to encourage the act of reading and stimulate performance, we at PROBESEVEN conduct quarterly basis assessment compiled with questions of Aptitude which help our employees to test their knowledge and identify the strengths and weaknesses at regular intervals. These scores serves to be reliable predictors to understand their learning curve and knowledge enhanced in a course of time.

We found this as a viable method with the questions allowing employees to focus on competencies critical for success and this time, the assessment was based on verbal and logical aptitude to evaluate the knowledge on English language and skills. Each test will take 30 – 45 minutes to complete, insuring a streamlined testing process. Taking such test often let employees self-analyze the areas how well they perform and the areas they need to improve.

From HR’s point of view:

Keeping employees engaged and motivated is the key to ensure a successful, highly-productive workforce. Fortunately, our team constantly look for opportunities for betterment and we take immense pleasure in organizing such assessments to help each employees identify the areas of improvement and equip oneself in his/her career.

Probeseven Assesment

What the team says

The questions were bravely packed to think enough before answering one. I have had a good experience attempting it. Definitely, it was a good refreshment activity and also an opportunity to test my knowledge on my own.

-          Ganesh, Associate Programmer – Web

Collectively, the assessment had good series of questions in verbal and logical and was interesting to answer. It kindled my curiosity and am looking for more such test from the organization in future.

-          Yogeshwaran, Associate  Developer – Web

That was a thought-provoking idea, I find it really useful to test my knowledge and certainly helped me to spot the level of my logical and verbal skills. Thanks to the HR team.

-          SaravanaKumar, Associate Developer – Web

Qualifying an Aptitude test is normally a criteria for a fresher to get a job. Taking such assessment test often is an excellent idea to keep our logical thinking skills active irrespective of being fresher or experienced.

- Yuvaraj, Associate – Internet Promotions