The coolest thing of today which is been widely conversing about and many IT companies actively building strategies are about Internet of Things. This technology is something that the convenience experienced in past can be seen with multi-fold enrichment as of today and will be far more advanced in future.
Internet of things

The question for the layman may be what is it all about and how it could be made possible?

Here is, what exactly IoT means… it refers to the connectivity and and internet, it might mean that connectivity is among humans but wonder not to know it has been expanded and the interactions are made possible even with objects which we encounter in our daily life. The reality today in most cities and the near future of the rest of the places are like ‘Internet Access’ is something that will not mean much as it internet would become omnipresent and available all time, connectivity works beyond humans passing on to objects. A topic was also discussed on Li-Fi which will supplement the understanding but we have traveled to still advanced developments.

When I say this you may realize better as anything that operates electronically and has an on/off action can be communicated remotely which will be a concept of Internet of things.

Generally, convenience in the past was meant something that is available in the neighbourhood and that which can be reached in few minutes. On contrary the convenience today is massively different which is expected is to have them at finger tips for access.

The prevalent implications are encountered in almost all field which does include the regulations, the government, the policies, technology and all others. You are now to get an insight of the implications IoT created for marketing.

It goes extensively to provide high consumer convenience that challenges the marketing to meet their expectation. The connectivity is so high and goes public that the start on this was by a marketing company who provided the products from the vending machine when it was tweeted.

This relevantly getting the data bigger and soon it is expected as the humans get social there can be an expected social interaction between the things.

When the feel of smart homes, smart watch which function with connectivity and streamlines the regular process it is also interesting that the marketers get beyond and more public about their customers. Imagine you move a product say a pair of  goggles to your shopping cart and this choice of yours is been used to influence many and when you seek to buy one, you are naturally taken to the insight of the product. It benefits both ways you seem to obtain the best while the marketer would certainly multiply the volume of sales.

The lights that gets on automatically switched-on the relatively sensing the reaching distance, which is communicated to the AC checks on the temperature, the refrigerator communicates to the car about the short of grocery, the car parks by the grocery store, the car communicates with the friends car in the social network understanding about the traffic and the signals, the road signals communicates with the vehicles which are heading towards the same lane. Yes! much more can happen think your fuel is on warning, designates to the fuel stations immediately.

It becomes a brave world as when the customer is seen to visit the store and bags with nothing, the sense of dissatisfaction is experienced which is automatically sensed and the marketer would work on the remedy to get the customer back. The world of internet would also be soon known as the chip world which lets anyone track on the desired things. There are wonders happening to safeguard the endangered animals as their move is well tracked and it gets automatically communicated to the forest authority for the safety. The trees are embedded with chips which protects them from deforestation and the list is on and on.

Technology is the big thing happening and the impact of IoT will soon become the widely inter-connected universe.