The conceptual events did deepen the spirits of the team and motivated each one with the persistent professionalism. The enthusiastic team did prove to excel with competition yet supportive attitude and the wing focused on the HR team for the great many activities and events to fill the month of November 2015. There was seen a quick show up by the HR team with the mind opening and challenging Assessment Test day and the Unique Talent Day. November proved to be an analysis month. It gives plenty of opportunity on the self-evaluation and the understanding of the healthy competition which provoked immense interest among the team.

November proves to be a knowledge exploration month.

This month was a keen vitality of our brains and along with the motivation from the presenter our minds tuned to great interests. You may now be wondering about the events that pushed to this level of interest, we did have an Assessment Test day, the Unique Talent Day & Cake Day. This rather integrated within each self an all new self-realisation.

Assessment Day:

The assessment day just came to us instantaneous just as we moved in to office premises. The online test which catered to match each department was all set with the required credentials. With the count down the test was taken us. Keen over the questions each of them dedicatedly participated to bring out best results. Stayed over interestingly with the aptitude, analytical, logical, technical and verbal questions was brain storming. The time available seemed ample but as they travelled with the questions it gave a push for completion. The HR team hit the day a productive one with the attentive evaluation.

Unique Talent Day:

Show Your talent

A week later we organized the Unique Talent Day which proved to be the platform for each of the individual interest. The team did bring their properties to display the talents and earned the appreciation of all, most of them seemed to be inspired with few others and there were few who showed up their cultural talents.

Cake Day:

cake day

Followed by the Unique Talent Day was the Cake Day, deliberated to appreciate by the lingering taste of the flavoured cakes make the day interesting. Name the flavour and it was presented which can battered to reach out and grab one. These wonderful events were organised by Jayaraj and Karthick with passionate interest and attention. Manoj says, “If it has to been known about the Assessment and test that got scheduled, I was confident enough and I did realize the amount of knowledge it transformed. The updates which were missing on my side got noted and it served a platform for gaining ample knowledge. The unique talent day did help us identify different talents and I was happy to note many hidden talents. Of course, the cake was wonderful and picked my favourite.” “This is not a usual assessment” quotes Saravanan, but I swear it was useful and helped me identify the technology in a better way. The talent day did serve as a mind opener for me. Got the share of my cake in the most suitable hour and cherished the flavour.” I thought started Yogeshwaran stated “Assessment turned to the challenge to my self-confidence as although I started it casually it required massive attention, the verbal segment enriched my vocabulary. It did help in my self-development.” Conservatively says Ganesh utters, “Just thought of catching up, with the assessment on the go but it turned out to be thought-provoking and it served as a platform for technology updates. Would I not been present, I might have missed this knowledge enrichment.” Jayaraj made a point by saying, “It’s been a long time presenting an event and taking up the assessment, I was happy for the opportunity entrusted and worked to give the best. If I have to tell about the assessment it was a kind of think-out-of box questions and I experienced a knowledge gain. Unique talent day event inspired me to broaden the boundary and took challenge to enhance my talents. Cake day was bright and sharing made it a fun event.” What more? New things happening each month and each day, wish to have your comments, add one to have it cherished.