Here is my experience working with the team which lets me share the tips for the successful day at work. This may be relatively the overall success which I call it a ‘Growth Accelerator’. The discoveries on the daily basic refines few adaptable points and the good logic which makes you successful and on accumulation of few or many successful days will indeed increase your aspiration to an unbeatable competitor while gathers rich work experience and better conduct.

May be we can call it the right attitude for a good nutrition at work.

1.   Be Punctual

Arrive to work on time which is the quality that help professional life.

2.   Engage Entirely

Never carry personal commitments to work, focus to involve to the fullest.

3.   Stay Organized

Never ponder over the previous works, plan, analyse and start with the clear goal in an organized manner.

4.   Manage Emotions


This is directly means your moods which has great impact on the work deliveries, practice positive attitude and never let emotions to pull you down. Yes! Work with emotional intelligence.

5.   Quick Team Meet

Possibly with less than a quarter hour you could meet with the team to share their day’s goals, achievement, technology finding and support that is required. This will help you to quick start.

6.   Organized Work space

This does not relatively mean cleaning but stay organized with your workspace which will keep you grab your utilities in seconds and well your system files which need to have a clean desktop, schedule planners to help you avoid waste of time and frustrations.

7.   Plan a Morning Break

This could primarily be to revitalize and energize both physically and mentally but it could also be set as a reminder for the take completions and track your road map for the day.

8.   Work & Evaluation

Work in consistent speed and evaluating the work completion and accomplishments for the day will take your plans further and it would keep you motivated to start off with the new task and new day. Do make the practice of task evaluation daily.

By now you would have done with your half of day schedule and keep the spirit on and go ahead to know what more has to be rightly done to stay successful and popular as best among the peer group.

9.    Review Work done & Following Day schedule

The work that is been in active for the day need to be reviewed for perfection and do make it a practice to deliver the fullest and most concentrated work. Plan for the following day schedule which is an opportunity to accomplish quicker and better.

10.   Meet up with your Boss & Team

This is something indispensable that caters to the perfect completion of the task. You may report to your senior about the status and check with your co-workers on updates and be informed the flow of the project. This practice guides to meet the deadline of the project.

11.   Sort of Clearing the Stack

All your stacked updates, emails, papers give it a revision, sort out the priorities, reply all, accept the solicitations, forward the required ones and of course trash the unwanted. Take few sections to organize the hardcopies and filing where required. This will enrich the following day at work.

12.   End of Day Work

Respond to all queries, updates, emails before you end your day, literally means shutting the computer or leaving the work station.

13.   Set Following Day Priorities

You might have completed for the day but still keeps the plans and to dos ready for the following day which could help meeting with the targets and experience another successful day.

14.   Bid Good Bye

The right attitude would be to end the day bidding a warm good bye to your colleague which will keep the atmosphere enriching and friendly. It may sound like an achieved day and hence do not miss out a proper practice of saying good bye to your colleague.

15.    Encouragement

Build a positive attitude to compliment any one on achievements and do show a gratitude by thanking those who have offered you may be clients. This makes a big difference in the long run and the positive waves spread among each one to makes things working perfectly well and proficiently handled.


 Great go if you had glance through the points and pretty interesting  it might ignite your senses towards better goals and aims. Comment on your experience and thoughts to enrich our readers spread across the globe.