Have you ever known what’s being discussed after you leave the interview?
Have you ever known the points noted in you by the interviewer?


Few valuable points which the interviewers infer from you without asking you are as follows:
Are you presentable?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

The interviewers notice about the way you present before them. Many qualified candidate miss out their job because of their poor, meaningless & casual presentation in the interview. One of the best attributes is the ability to respond according to the situation. Always remember that the interviewers judge whether or not you could fit the organization for EVERY SINGLE DAY and not only on the day of interview.

Here are some few tips which you can provide the impression to the interviewers that you are the best fit for the organization,

  • Arrive on time
  • Be thankful to the organization for providing you the opportunity
  • Remain positive at all times
  • Give Honest & Relevant answers to the question
  • Don’t talk monotonously
  • Don’t dress or behave too casually
Are you the Job Passionate?

“Nothing great was ever achieved without the Zeal”

The interviewers also determine how enthusiastic and interested you are . Provide the impression to the job providers that you have taken the job seriously by learning about the company, their culture & their services before you appear for the interview. Always be interactive in the interview. The interaction provides an impression that you are more interested & passionate in taking the opportunity & an active personality. This is how your interest level will be observed.

Are you Ethical?

‘Accuracy is the twin brother of honesty’

Even though the resume says in detail about your previous accomplishments, make yourselves present with the real examples that proved expertise in those accomplishments. . Always remember that the interviewer judges whether can you really do not only with what you say but have their own prediction. Don’t always give false promises . Provide accurate information. Be with the attitude of winning the job roles instead of interview.

Are you Consistent?

“Consistent action creates consistent results”

The multiple experiences working in various companies mentioned in the resume provides an impression that you are not stable. So try to establish your stability by providing the service as far as you can in the same organization. Incase of multiple experience, clarify the interviewer with the better explanation and always remember to add references of every organization you are accompanied with. Avoid being a ‘job jumper’.

The trend made the proverb ‘Don’t lie to doctors & lawyers’ change to “Don’t lie to Doctors, Lawyers & the INTERVIEWERS”.