A globally celebrated day by companies to show their employees that they are valued by handing out certificates, or even gift cards, for a job well done. This way of encouragement to employees make them feel appreciated and that they stay more motivated and more inclined to deliver accurate work to boss who values them. Team-_AppreciationEmployee Appreciation Day encourages managers with an opportunity to incite their employees with warm feelings of gratitude, acknowledgement, a sense of camaraderie and pride. Today at PROBESEVEN, the day was celebrated as a way of recognizing all the employees of the company consisting of various activities that the deserved appreciation is shown to their employees.

Team Appreciation DayThe event of Team Appreciation went loud and long with many activities organized for employees to reap the fullest benefit of the day with some interesting moments while the

  • Director personally appreciated every one of the team with an Appreciation Card. To add onto the appreciation, every associate of the team is been acknowledged for their unique capability and their contribution to company which indeed inspired others and boosted their commitment to the organization.
  • Managers thanked their respective team members by handing out an Appreciation Card.
  • Employees publicly exchanged their appreciation within the team and registered their gratefulness on the public board of appreciation with their signature.

Overall, it turned out to be a great day at PROBESEVEN when every employees of the board are honoured for their effort along with a token of Appreciation.

Thanks to our organizers Mrs.Subashini & Mr.Manoj  for volunteering the supreme event.

DSC00142TEAM Appreciation Day is really a day where we can truly recognize and reward one another for our achievements!